Top 4 Best Throw Flashlights 2023 | Guide & Reviews

Having the best throw flashlight 2021 is considered as one of the most important within the necessary survival gears that you would be recommended to bring along in every overnight outdoor trip.

If you do understand how critical the purpose of a throw flashlight is, I’m pretty sure that it’s worth you some hours digging into the Internet information pool to find yourself one.

Those hours would be saved (my pleasure, you’re welcome.), only 10 minutes from now and you get in hands top 5 best throw flashlights worth considering.

But, HAND ON, What is a Throw Flashlight?

Easy, typing a common key word “flashlights” or “types of flashlights” and wait for the results from the Internet.

  • Scenario 1: You might be drowned out by the variety types of a flashlight, and you randomly get one despite its unappropriated with you.
  • Scenario 2: Still drowned and choose the most expensive one.
  • Scenario 3: Still drowned and give up the search, choose the daddy-flashlight.
  • You could be in the Scenario 4 – Picking one randomly and lucky, it’s suitable! But, seriously, how many of you can be?

Here are some “academic words” for you not to scare the darkness: Compact flashlight, EDC flashlight, Brightest flashlightsRechargeable flashlight, Penlight (Strange hah?), Police Flashlight, 18650 flashlights… to name a few, and throw flashlight (or thrower), of course.

Top 4 Best Throw Flashlights 2024 on The Market

“You cannot have it all” – someone famous said. As you might notice, the name of different types of flashlights says it all.

Remember, to throw a flashlight, the distance matters. Now, I believe you do know how to start – keep in mind those measurements and pick the right one.

As mentioned above, just take 10 minutes reading this piece of words below, you are saving quite a lot of hours digging into the internet.

1 ThruNite® TN42 UT Thrower Flashlight

ThruNite® TN42 UT Thrower Flashlight

ThruNite TN42 (TN32 upgrade) is no doubt a high-powered, portable, and compact flood flashlight model which is designed for flashaholics thanks to its high-quality beam with max output that could be up to 2000 Lumen.

Besides being high-powered, this type is also one of the top-performing flashlights with a maximum distance range of up to 1550 meters.

Furthermore, it also employs dual on-body switching for rapid shifting between two flashing models (beam types) and four brightness levels.

And, really lightweight. It’s just enough – everything you need.

A minor complaint is when the flashlight is in the holster the unit can be turned on inadvertently. To try to prevent this, make sure the on/off button is facing the belt loop where it’s the thickest and least likely to be activated accidentally.


  • Streamline body design.
  • Long throw – 1550 meters.
  • Ultimate bright with 2000 Lumen output.
  • Offer a variety of models from high to low lumen output.


  • Twist setting when switching modes make it less convenient.

2 Fenix Flashlights TK61 1000-Lumen Flashlight

Fenix Flashlights TK61 1000-Lumen Flashlight

Fenix Flashlights TK61 is quite a flashlight for outdoor search application at extended area thanks to its driving a searing up to 1000 lumen which offers an impressive 824 meters range.

Included in the pack of Fenix are 4 3400 mAh 18650 rechargeable batteries that deliver a performance of nearly 5 hours continuously.

NiteCore TM36 includes an ultra-high performance NBP52 battery pack to double the runtime.

Furthermore, the multi-output (switching between different lumens) are easy to use.

A good intensity of light though little wide spill (a good thing for some – a bad for others).


  • Bring a maximum 1000 lumen output from rechargeable 18650 Li-on batteries (not included).
  • Up to 824 meters to diminish beam light.
  • Friendly interface user with dual switch system – provide an easy control of 4 levels of light, strobe and SOS.
  • Well-design of buttons system along the flashlight body.


  • Handle design is a little girthy.

3 ACEBeam K70 CREE XHP35 Hi LED Flashlight

ACEBeam K70 CREE XHP35 Hi LED Flashlight

The new King of Throw Flashlights Species – seriously.

This BEASTY would cause you to impress at first sight with Max output up to 2600 Lumens (see?!) and Throwing up to 1,300 meters (see?!).

ACEBeam K70 is designed with LED: Cree XHP35 High Intensity LED with a lifespan of 10+years of run time.

The body designs as a magnetic ring for users to choose between 6 levels of brightness and 1 strobe.

Also, this one is a value-for-money one and can easily meet any demand like hunting, searching, securing…etc with its powerfulness and versatility.

In comparison with other types as well as in term of consideration over the features, this ACE Beam K70 King is quite big in size and quite limited in portable ability rather than others.


  • High Lumens – 2600 – and wide range throwing – 1300 Meters.
  • Structure with Aircraft grade aluminum body combined with a streamlined body design.
  • Temperature controlled light output intelligently for user safety.
  • Quite lightweight (only 590gr excluded batteries)


  • Quite big in size (206mm length x 88mm head diameter x 50mm tube diameter)
  • Non-adjustable focal length.



I did plan to save this best for last. You already have something in mind to look for a throw flashlight and I believe you understand why this bundle is something that matters.

This bundle includes:

  • 01 Nitecore P12GT 1000 Lumens Flashlight Torch.
  • 01 NiteCORE nl189 3400mAh rechargeable 18650 Battery.
  • 02 EdisonBright Cr123A Lithium Batteries.

The Notecore P12GT itself is a longer throwing comparing with its previous type. Up to 1000 lumens in nearly 1-hour runtime.

Flashlight does however get hot while in use, also the bundle isn’t included the charger for the rechargeable batteries – a little pricey though.

Battery type support is either one 18650 or two CR123A (Yah, that’s why!).

Your light can be turned on for momentary or constant illumination with a tactical tail cap, while convenient side switches easily toggle through brightness levels or special modes of strobe, SOS, or beacon.

The Bundle, in another way, provides you a double runtime for your powerful throw flashlight.


  • The bundle is something you need to buy one time to save many things (time, combo-offer)
  • Small body structure and quite lightweight (just slight over 90grams a bit!)
  • Impact resistant to 1.5meters.


  • Flashlight gets hot while in use.

What Make Throw Flashlight Different From Others?

Beam Distance

Throw Flashlights are well-known for their long beam distance. Yes, the longer the beam is, the better the throw flashlights are.

(Light beam describes how far the light could go before its bright is diminishing, FYI, just in case)

But it’s only half of a story. The other half depends on your case – why and what you are using it?

If only for taking care of your yard, a shorter beam will more probably suffice.

It’s not the area; it’s the distance that matters.

Throw flashlight don’t necessarily illuminate the closer area, it throws out the concentrated beam of lights to make clear far away objects.

That’s Why Throw Flashlight Can Be Used For:

Survival: Sometimes, it’s sure better to have a wider and longer help signal, rather than a brighter but shorter distance.

Tactical Purpose: Throw flashlights are also named as a tactical/military flashlight in some case. It makes sure you can watch over a wide range of areas, to contact by light signals with distant mates and also because of survival purpose above.

Self-defense: Get you some more seconds by making someone temporarily blind. Ever you been in a dark room with the sudden light turned on; you would know how disorienting a bright light could cause.

If you are in an open space, some seconds would be perfect for running away. If you are in a trapped area, some seconds give you the advantage to attack first.

So, you might wonder, how to determine the longest beam flashlight?

The most common way to determine the throw of flashlights is going outside and lighting the flashlight at something you already know the distance – for example, the building next door.

The longest throw flashlight distance recorded is 1,550 meters – from your hand-holding.

Best Throw Flashlight

Lumen Output

Lumen output is also a key factor because it relates to the bright ability. Sure, brighter is better.

In other words, lumens let you decide quickly the amount of light you want to buy.

If you are a “Watt” fan, so here is the basic rule: to replace a 100-watt (W) incandescent bulb, choose a flashlight giving you about 1600 lumens.

If you are not, just simply remember Lumens – higher is better.

(The brightest flashlight claims to shine with 16,000 lumens. FYI)

Lifetime (or Runtime / Battery Time…)

The hours that throw flashlight could boast before dying out.

Battery Type

Battery Type

When you are about to purchase a flashlight, the first and foremost thing to consider would be the battery types.

Various batteries and their runtime are out there which also depend on usage.

It can be AA batteries, AAA batteries, Cr123aa batteries, or 18650 batteries.

Choosing which types rely on the individual and routine research and look for can help to identify the battery type suited you best.

For example, having rechargeable batteries is expensive at first but can save your electricity bills.

Some also consider to other elements such as:

Bulb Type

Personally, I don’t think this is quite an impact and not necessary to consider since the majority of flashlights nowadays use LED bulbs because of their long lifespan and way more efficiency, productivity, and value for money than the incandescent bulb.

Beam Types

Again, depends on which activities you want to monitor or conduct, choose the appropriate one among spot type and flood type.

Spot (or focused, “spotlight”)

A single beam condensed into a spotlight to penetrate a long distance.

Flood (fixed one):

A single wide beam is useful for general tasks in camp or while walking.

If you are unsure yet what to choose, choose the adjustable one – adjust between those two.


Water Resistance

Here too. Not even a big deal. Most flashlight models, not to mention thrower, allows a temporary time in the water (around 30mins) and up to 4 hours.

I don’t think you need more, seriously.

Impact Resistance

Normally, most of the current flashlight within the market claims not to be broken from 1.5 meters drop.

But to be honest, when I read those numbers and “impact certification test” I usually shrug my shoulders and talk to myself: “who knows?”

I do think the best solution is not to drop it.

Design Structure

The design is more appreciative and made with aluminum standard metal which is suitable for all the demands.

It’s a newer and stronger design that doesn’t break quickly like the common ones. It is also made with stainless steel to avoid breaks (they said it’s tested!).

Still, has something else you want from a flashlight?

This is the highest-end-looking flashlight and also the most recommended one by Tv mechanics, car mechanics, and many households to tackle power failure.

The company’s motto is achievable very soon with extraordinary flashlight quality and service.


Choose wisely – the best throw flashlight that meets your demands and satisfies your pocket is somewhere waiting for you to discover.

Over the years, there has been a significant improvement in the design and operation of throw flashlights. It’s becoming farther and better than before.