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Best Flashlights 2017 - Full Buyer Guide & Reviews

There are many different kinds of flashlights. We look at the different styles of flashlights and give you our recommendations of the top flashlights in that segment.

You want a light always have with you (Every Day Caring Flashlight)? You need a flashlight for tactical or self-defense? So, what is the best flashlight? It is different for everybody. The answer depends on your purpose.

Not Much Time? Choose The Best for Your Purpose…

  • Best Rechargeable Flashlight: SureFire P1R Peacekeeper
  • Best AA Flashlight: Streamlight 88033 ProTacTactical Flashlight
  • Best Brightest Flashlight
  • Best 18650 Flashlight
  • Best Throw Flashlight (Long Range Flashlight)
  • Best Compact Flashlight
  • Best Tactical Flashlight
  • Best Pistol Light
  • Best Police Flashlight
  • Best EDC (Every Day Caring) Flashlight
  • Best Keychain Flashligh
  • Best Penlight
  • Best UV (Ultraviolet) Flashlight

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