About Us

My name is David  Ferraro. I have a thirst for amazing escapades, and I made this site as proof of my commitment to an adventurous life.

I established this site to serve as a helping hand to individuals who share some common grounds with me.


I grew up fascinated by the world of wilderness that’s why I’m willing to share the information that I have with people who are also like me: bold and brave.

I am always on the lookout for something exciting, and I share all my insights through this site. I have the vision to make every article I made valuable to each reader.

Through in-depth research and discernment from personal experience, I publish survival gear reviews to assist users in deciding the right equipment for them that is compatible with their particular field and their preferences.

Along with that, how-to articles relating to survival life is also published on a regular basis, consequently expanding the site’s archives of relevant content.

The Survival Life

Talking to you is an adventure enthusiast who has grown up fascinated with the wilderness with a thirst for outdoor ventures and incredible escapades.

The essence of exploiting in the wilderness has captivated me ever since I was a kid. I grew up watching adults making memorable outdoor memories and I often fantasized that someday I’ll do my own adventure and see the least-traveled part of the world: the wilderness.

Along with this perpetual interest in this unique and man-dominated activity is my admiration for its related fields such as preparedness topics, off-grid matters, and of course, survival subjects.

When I thought it was the right time, I consistently dedicated myself and time to gain a lot of insights and experience in outdoor survival activities.

I took lessons and become active in communities that share the same passion with me. I never cease to learn from the people whom I could absorb something.

I didn’t stop there. My hunger for erudition is still hard to satisfy; so, I regularly make readings and in-depth research to expand my knowledge.

I suddenly realized that the information I have would be far more useful if I started to share it. I have info from different resources like podcasts, blogs, books, and most importantly my experience.

I don’t want to deter the continuity of passing information, and so I took the initiative to make a site of my own.

To deepen my commitment to the survival niche, I became inspired into building this website. The goal is to assist people to become more self-dependent and well-informed to face survival situations that exist in the real world, as well as make them familiar with the world of survival gears.

I established The Survival Life from scratch; and since its birth, it never stopped growing as I poured all possible effort to keep this up and running.

This site contains a broad array of topics a survival enthusiast could ever need. There are a lot of how-to articles to start with. There are also various review articles of survival gears that could make any reader more engaged in this field.

I want to make this site valuable to each visitor. The site’s vision is to share quality content and ideas with people who have an interest in this field. The site also aims to convert individuals who aren’t inclined yet in the survival niche as a hope of making them more involved in this exciting and remarkable world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already an expert or a determined beginner in the survival world; you will find this website your second home! Feel free to browse the already existing articles and make sure to come back more often.

There will be more articles published on a regular basis; you wouldn’t want to miss possibly helpful information that might help you in times when you least expect it.

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