When Should You Carry Arrows In The Nocked Position?

There are a lot of queries revolving around the world of hunting. And we try our best to update readers and publish articles on a regular basis to impart knowledge to people who are willing to learn.

The question we are going to answer today is when should you carry arrows in the nocked position?

That matter could be categorized under a more general subject which is Safety in Bow Shooting. So here are tips on how to shoot bows safely.

Safety In Bow Shooting

Just like bullets, arrows are also devastating and undeniably deadly. In the responsible hands, a bow and arrow could mean fun and exciting experience.

In a careless hand, however, a bow and arrow could define harm and accidents.

Safety In Bow Shooting

Releasing the Arrow

Always release an arrow if and only if the path to your target and the path beyond is clear. As understandable as it may seem, a lot of archers still give to occasional temptations to shoot targets even if the path to it is obstructed for the simple assumption that they can do it.

You’ll never know what could suddenly block the arrow’s path if you don’t check the field first. Relatively, you can’t be a hundred percent sure you’ll be hitting that turkey; you could accidentally strike a fellow hunter on the opposite side of the field.

Don’t Send Arrows Beyond The Horizon

A follow-up to the tip above, do not just shoot arrows over the horizon for your own pleasure. It’s for the simple fact that you’ll never know what you’ll hit. Always see to it that something will stop your arrow should you miss hitting a target.

Shooting over the horizon could mean danger to a fellow hunter. Furthermore, there’s also a chance of illegally hitting a prohibited game. Even if you didn’t mean it, it’s still an offense.

Don’t Shoot Straight Up

Don’t shoot straight up

Shooting straight up could send the arrow back at an amplified velocity.

Even if it’s for fun, physics won’t care, and gravity will still send your arrow back to earth at a more astounding force.

A falling arrow from being shot straight up has enough power to penetrate a human skull and kill a person instantly.

Do not Shoot Arrows to Another Person

One of the golden rules of archery is “don’t be too confident in shooting arrows.” Never attempt to shoot an arrow in the broad direction of a fellow person. Arrows can suddenly be deflected without you expecting it.

Certain factors could deflect an arrow, and you can’t be too sure your arrow will land where you intend it to be. For instance, an unseen, little twig is enough to veer an arrow off course.

Acknowledge Other Precautions

To prevent having a severe injury, utilize a haul line to raise a bow and quiver to a tree stand.

Carrying Arrows in a Nocked Position

Now when should you carry arrows in the nocked position? Another golden rule of archery is NEVER to draw your arrow or knock your arrow if someone else is in front of you.

Carry arrows in nocked position if and only if you are approaching the game with added consideration as stated in the first tip mentioned above.

The fundamental safety rules you can apply in firearm shooting can also govern the world of archery. Though it’s kind of rare to witness accidents happening to bowhunters, they do happen.

So it is your important responsibility, as an archer, to follow the rules above and try to incorporate all of them whenever you do archery, especially outdoors.

Nocking An Arrow

Assess where your target is and stand at a right angle to it. Do this while your feet are apart at shoulder width. Make sure you have a robust posture and is feeling comfortable at the same time.

You can also make a slightly open stance by sliding your front foot back a little (if you are more comfortable this way).

The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow

When you are right-handed, the cock feather will point to the left when you knock the arrow and raise the bow. When you nock the arrow, you should position it about ¼ inch above the rest on the bow handle.

To make things easier, a nocking point is crimped onto the bowstring; it’s a small brass band used to mark the right nock position.

Here’s How to Nock the Arrow:

  1. If you’re a right-handed shooter, hold the arrow between your right hand’s index finger and thumb. Consequently, a left-handed shooter can do the same with his left hand.
  2. For a right-handed shooter again, hold the bow parallel to the ground at about the height of your waist using your left hand. The string should be towards the body.
  3.  On the bow’s arrow rest, carefully lay the arrow shaft.
  4. While ensuring the cock feather points up, align the slot in the nock with the string. Do this while the bow is still parallel to the ground, as mentioned in the second step.
  5. Now pull the arrow back to the point the string snaps into the slot, making it ready to be fired.

Drawing and Anchoring

It’s important to grasp the bow handle resolutely through your left hand. However, do not squeeze it; just firm enough.

How to Measure Draw Length?

Now simultaneously draw the string to your anchor point while raising your bow until your arm becomes parallel with the ground.

Make sure your bow arm is straight. The anchor point can be any spot – chin, cheekbone, or corner of the mouth.

Determining your best anchor point requires practice. You might want to check The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow to delve deeper into the matter.


Now the answer to the question when should you carry arrows in the nocked position has been answered; it will do more good to learn more information to expand your knowledge in archery.

Always keep in mind all the tips you have learned and incorporate them in real-life archery. Happy hunting!