Lamzac Hangout Reviews: Why You Must Have One?

Want something cool to rest on when going outdoors?

Hammocks and chairs are old-school. Inflatable air lounger is the new rule!

Don’t get left behind. Read this article and learn more about the best inflatable air loungers! This Lamzac hangout reviews will be your guide in choosing your first air lounger.

Lamzac Hangout Reviews

When going outdoors, isn’t it great to have something you can set up anywhere, anytime?

Inflatable air loungers are the ideal solution. Not only that it’s portable, but it’s also actually more comfortable than traditional chairs and hammocks! What’s more exciting is you can also use it right inside your home.

Check out our reviews for the top four air loungers in the market.

1 Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge Bag

Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge Bag Hammock Air Sofa and Pool Float

Chillbo Baggins has made lots of buzzes for the past months as their inflatable air lounge has specific characteristics that campers and beach lovers love. Like most air loungers of today, you can enjoy comfort anywhere.

And with the Chillbo Baggins’ air lounger, you don’t need to bring folding chairs, hammocks, bean bags, picnic blankets, or pool floaters when out for a vacation. For starters, we recommend this air lounger to serve as the perfect alternative.

The air lounger screams comfort and versatility. Not only for camping, but you can also use the air lounger to float on a pool or beach. With elastic anchor loops, you can secure the lounger on solid ground, so you won’t be affected by the tides when it’s the windiest.

There are also large pockets intended for your personal stuff like sunglasses, sunblock lotion, keys, and others.

Inflating the Chillbo Baggins Air Lounger is as easy as scooping two mouthfuls of air and placing it in front of you. Watch it inflate until it reaches its maximum size and voila; you can enjoy a time of relaxation.

It stays inflated for several hours and would deflate slowly until it is foldable inside the accompanying carrying bag with shoulder strap.

Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounger is made of lightweight and durable ripstop nylon. The material used is almost impossible to puncture; it can take on rough terrain anytime. Just don’t poke it with a knife or anything with a very sharp, pointed edge.

We figured other air loungers make noise when you change your positions to the point of annoyance, but you won’t feel that with Chillbo Baggins.

It has a maximum loaded capacity of 400 lbs., so at most, three of you and your friends can enjoy floating on this lounger especially on a pool.

The product has exhibited excellent performance. But one thing that could be observed is that small children tend to sink at the center when laying down because the air lounger is so squishy.

The air lounger comes in seven stylish designs that you can pick to suit your preferences.


2 WindPouch Inflatable Air Chair and Hammock

WindPouch Inflatable Air Chair Hammock

WindPouch Inflatable Hammock is probably one of the best air loungers that you could find because of their unmatched durability, reliability, and quality.

It’s the perfect choice for any terrain and can even handle the roughest surfaces. Not only for land use, but WindPouch also got you covered if you want to float on the sea or pool.

We found out the best feature of WindPouch is the material used to make the hammock; quite robust and resistant to tear and wear.

Through the polyurethane-coated diamond lattice ripstop nylon, the hammock is basically waterproof, dirt proof, and can resist ultraviolet rays. This only means you can enjoy this one just anywhere you like.

Other than the ripstop nylon, WindPouch also uses PVC as a plastic inner lining that serves as an extra barrier and functions as a leak-resistant seal.

We also figured filling up the WindPouch with air is not difficult at all. It utilizes dual sleeve openings for a quicker inflation. To do that, first, open the top sleeve while covering the bottom sleeve.

Through the top sleeve, the air flows inside the lounger when you do a forward movement. Don’t do any swishing sideways but keep the movement forward for quick inflation.

Stop filling when the top sleeve has enough air but still has remaining space. Flip the WindPouch over and do the same process.

Once your air hammock is 75% or more inflated, roll the end of the sleeves tightly multiple times. Pull the rolled up sleeves towards you and secure with a buckle. To deflate, unroll the end of the sleeves and open them. Deflation will then take place.

Though the exterior layer is very comfortable and secure, the tubing material inside can be thin and fragile. It may not be able to take much abuse. The buckle that joins both ends could have been more durable, so it won’t pop off when people bounce on the hammock.

WindPouch is easy to maintain as just wiping the inflated surface with a damp cloth. It’s not recommended to place it in a washing machine unless set in low tumble and you use cold water when it’s deflated.

Accessories that you get when you buy WindPouch include: a carrying case using the same material as the hammock, a two-in-one carabiner and bottle opener, an anodized aluminum stake and securing loop for a ground anchor, side pockets for small things.


3 Hikenture 3nd Generation Inflatable Lounger

Hikenture 2nd Generation Inflatable Lounger Hangout

From the manufacturer’s name alone, you get the impression that their inflatable air lounger is designed mainly for outdoor use like easy lounging, hang outing at the pool, and camping. This air lounger serves lots of purposes and can be used on any terrain.

Unlike other inflatable loungers, this one inflates in 15 seconds minimum because of the single-assisted opening seal.

Just a few steps here and there is enough to inflate it partially and place it on the ground to continue inflating. Once full, close the opening and roll the end sleeve about three to five times and lock with the securing buckle.

Three adult men can use the lounger at the same time as it has a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs. The lounger starts to release air slowly the moment you lay on it but it doesn’t deflate fully until 10 hours later. In short, this air lounger can be a substitute to your bed especially if you didn’t bring a sleeping bag.

Your comfort is optimized because of the material used that is waterproof and durable which is nylon.

We found the stitching could have been sturdier because the seams appear to be pretty weak which causes some air to escape.

This air lounger from Hikenture comes in different types you can choose depending on your taste. All of them have three elastic pockets of different sizes wherein you can store things from gadgets to water tumblers.

When you buy this air lounger, you get an accompanying storage bag and a stake for anchoring when it’s windy outside.

Advantages of Inflatable Air Loungers

Inflatable Couch for Camping, Unique Sunshade Design Inflatable Chairs for Beach Chair Camping Chair Portable Hammock Inflatable Sofa

There are a few choice words alternately used other than air loungers, like pool loungers, hammocks, and air sofas.

Inflatable air loungers are substitutes to the most comfortable sofas found in our homes.

They mean to give you flexibility and a distinct relaxing sensation wherein you’d think you’ll never have to leave this comfort zone.

1. Comfortable

Compared to lawn chairs, beach loungers, foldable chairs, etc., a few of the many reasons why inflatable loungers are popular are that they are lightweight, portable, and affordable.

Instead of lying down on hard and cold surfaces like wood or metal, with inflatable loungers, you’d feel like you are on a sofa that as comfortable and soft as the real one.

2. Surface

Most loungers cover the vertical length of an adult, and so, they are also ideal alternative to beds. When camping, one inflatable hammock is more than enough to be your sofa-bed.

The surface is not sticky nor sweaty as common in pool floaters. But instead, the silky exterior is made of nylon.

An inflatable lounger is waterproof so that it won’t deflate when exposed to the water surface.

3. Versatility

All inflatable hammocks are lightweight. That’s why people love them because when they’re not in use, they are foldable and can be stashed in a small bag. Setting it up anywhere as long as there’s enough space.

The inflatable hammock has a width of 4-8 feet, depending on how many persons can fit in it. For the length, most hammocks measure from 5-7 feet depending on your height.

4. Easy Setup

When you use an inflatable air lounger, you don’t need extra equipment like pumps to inflate it with air. Just blow two mouthfuls of air into the opening or run a few meters so that the air will be scooped into the opening directly.

You don’t need extra effort to fill the lounger because you just have to wait while the opening sucks air and inflates.

When it reaches a considerable size, just plug a stopper into the opening and / or fold the end sleeves and secure with a buckle.

If you intend to sleep on your lounger at night, fill it with air again before sleeping because most loungers have automatic expiration time ranging from four to eight hours depending on quality.

The air is slowly released until the lounger comes back to its deflated state.


Inflatable Air Loungers Buying Guide

As easy to use as they may be, there are some important factors for you to consider so that you get the product that matches your preferences and budget.

1. Type

The type of air lounger you should buy must depend on where you use it. Some of the loungers designed for camping have specialized covers to take on the rough terrain which would probably be rock, dirt, sand, or gravel.

It must be known that those loungers for smooth surfaces like grass won’t be compatible with rough and uneven terrains.

But most loungers that you can buy are multi-functional. That means that they can be used on pools as floaters or sofa-beds.

2. Size

In choosing an inflatable hammock, you should consider your height for the length and how many people side by side will use it.

It’s not a good idea to buy an extra-large air hammock because your body will sink and it would be hard to get up.

3. Weight Capacity

Though air loungers are light, they are surely durable and can take on several hundred pounds of weight depending on the number of persons.

If you buy an air lounger that can only take one person, you will risk it to easy tearing and premature damage if two or three people use it at the same time.

Air loungers are designed to have long lifespans, and you don’t want to damage it just because you didn’t factor in the maximum load capacity.

4. Additional Storage

Some hammocks have built-in storages on them so you can stock small stuff like water tumblers, flashlights, cell phones, etc.

Additional storages are a significant advantage for inflatable air loungers, so you don’t need to get up often just to fetch your stuff. So see to it that your prospective buy has it!

5. Maintenance

Since the inflatable loungers are made of reinforced nylon, you can easily clean one with soap and water whether it is inflated or not.

But remember not to put it in a dryer as you could ruin the product because the nylon needs careful handling! After rinsing, just let it air dry.

Another thing is not to place the lounger near sharp objects that could puncture. Even if it’s made of durable nylon, it is not puncture-proof.

Loungers made for camping are heavy duty and can handle abuse from gravel and rocks but never to sharp edges and points.


Now that you have learned about Lamzac hangout reviews in this article, you have the gist of what inflatable air lounger to look for that matches your needs and preferences.

Maximizing the comfort and usability are two of the top functions of a lounger, and now you’re more than ready to laze around wherever outdoors or indoors.