How Far Can A Crossbow Shoot?

How far can a crossbow shoot? Are you a beginner archer? Or are you a hunter getting familiar with the crossbow?

If yes, then you have found in the right place. This article will provide the best tips for those who are new to the archery, especially when you are going to use a crossbow. What do you do before using a thing?

It’s to find out more and research about that thing. After reading this, you will know how far you can shoot a crossbow, or actually, the effective range of your crossbow in distinct environment.

Let’s see the best tips you should know about the crossbow’s range.

How Far Can a Crossbow Shoot?

Depending on Different Kinds of Crossbows

There are many kinds of crossbows in the market now, but there are two main types: recurve and compound, which can be considered as “classic” and “modern”.

Why do I call recurve crossbow the “classic” one? Because it was invented hundreds of years ago in ancient China and used popularly in ancient warfare.

It has a simple and basic shape, with the “prod” (like a bow) assembled horizontally on a straight long wood frame (called “tiller”).

To shoot a recurve crossbow, pull the draw to the locking point and keep it there. Carefully put the arrow into the slot, aim the target and pull the trigger.

Compound crossbow works the same way as the normal one, but it’s more modern and comfortable with cables and pulleys.

With these parts, you don’t have to use much force to pull the string, the arrow lays firmly in the slot, and it’s easier and safer for people.

Of course, the speed of arrow from a classic and modern crossbow is different. Due to draw weight and heavy bolt, you cannot shoot a recurve crossbow at high speed.

On the contrast, a compound crossbow can launch an arrow at a velocity of 400 FPS (feet per second) thanks to its lightweight draw, pulleys, and cables.

Nowadays, there are types of compound crossbows with 300 – 400 FPS speed and having many supplement equipment.

If you are practicing shooting on a fixed target, a recurve crossbow is the right choice.

But if you are about to become an animal hunter, you should seriously consider the modern crossbow with many utilities.

Depending on The Target

Or we could say this issue is about the maximum effective range of shooting.

When you are hunting for animals, the effective range is different from when you practice with a stand-still target. Let’s get deeper into this.

Immobile Targets

An ordinary crossbow can shoot at a speed of 300+ FPS and works well with a stationary target at about 500-yard distance.

The important thing here is that the target cannot move so that you can practice again and again without worries. This target is also easy for the arrow to get through completely.

If you are a regular archer training with the unmoving object, a 350+ FPS crossbow, and a 190-yard distance would be suitable for you.

However, you should remember that shooting at the central point of the target many times is not a simple thing to do.

If you are trying to shoot more precisely, take a short distance first, such as 50 – 60 yards before practicing at a higher level.

Moving Targets: Animals

If you want to hunt for animals, you’d better know how to shoot a moving target. You cannot expect an adult deer to stand still, and you shoot the crossbow as many times as you want.

They are living creatures, moreover, they’ve got the speed and can run. So, how far can a crossbow shoot to kill animals?

You can use a 350+ FPS or 400+ FPS to go hunting, but the effective range is different. 350+ FPS works effectively for the target within 60 to 90 yards if you are an intermediate hunter.

Can we use this crossbow to shoot a deer at a distance of 100 yards? Of course, we can, but this case requires more precision and skills of the hunter.

Shooting at the body of the target within 90 yards is powerful enough to knock it down. However, if you want to shoot from a longer distance, you must aim for the artery or crucial organs such as heart, liver, etc.

As it is mentioned above, shooting at the animals is difficult and challenging. As a moral hunter, you don’t want to see your target hurt or bleeding but not dead yet.

There is one more thing to note in this part: speed, velocity, and power of the arrow decrease slowly after 35 yards.

What does this mean? It means the bolt will drop and direct downward by distance. Thus, the ideal range for perfect shots is within 35 yards to the target.

Depending on The Environment

This factor should not count for the stationary targets, but it does a little effect when you practice in a vast area on a windy day.

Indeed, you must estimate the wind’s force and direction to aim for the target. For a short distance from 30 to 60 yards with a 300+ FPS crossbow, the weather is not the matter with you.

For living creatures, you will find it difficult to hunt for them in a dense wood. Your arrow may be stuck or blocked by branches, trees, and bush.

The actual range of the crossbow may be shorter than we expect. For this reason, you should be well-prepared and only act when you have a clear shot.

Final Words

Above are the best tips you should know when estimating and calculating how far a crossbow can shoot.

Many factors are impacting the range of the arrow, but you should only consider the maximum effective range of your crossbow.

Do you have any difficulties in practicing with the crossbow? Share your ideas now for more support!