Best Neck Knife for Self-Defense

Easy to carry, easy to access, easily to be concealed. These are the top advantages to own a neck knife.

You could not agree more with me, could you?

But sooner or later you realize that it is not as easy as ABC when it comes to purchasing a neck knife in the market.

Picking up the best neck knife is a tough job due to the variety of choices.

Under that circumstance, this article is going to reveal the best knife you can buy on the market.

For your ease and convenience, the below list shows 8 Editor’s choices along with their pros and cons so you can decide what is best for you.

8 Best Neck Knife 2024 Reviews

Before you get to the list, please keep in mind that what may work for one person might not work for another one.

There are tons of factor to be considered before buying a neck knife.

The editor’s standard considerations are sheath, blade material, weight, and knife shape which will be discussed more deeply at the end.

Below is the table that shows the top 8 best neck knife. I checked them meticulously to ensure they are worthy to spend your money.

Now that we have everything out of the way, let’s take a look at the topic of discussion we have on our hand, today, we will be on the quest of finding the best neck knife that is available in the market for you to buy

In case you are wondering why this list is being posted, that is because the market is saturated at the moment, and every other company is releasing plenty lines of neck knife for big demand.

While it may seem like a walk on the beach for survival experts, for people who do not have a lot of knowledge about these tactical tools, things can somewhat painful.

In order to make sure that happens less, you are reading the buying guide to picking the best neck knife in the market.

To keep things fair and stable, we have included unique notices after the products’ names.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at the best neck knife.

1 Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife Fixed Blade – Excellent Choice for Self-defense

Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife Fixed Blade

KA-BAR collaborates with the Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) to a line of quality fighting knife years ago.

Hence, you can be sure that this is a knife to get your hands on. Imagine your primary weapon may be compromised in combat.

That being said, your enemy grabs your holstered gun, or your gun is out of bullets.

This scenario is when TDI Law Enforcement knife takes part in.

You can draw this knife easily and carry it on both right and left position of the hip or the neck.

To be honest, this is extremely useful for close combat when the situation makes it difficult for you to reach out for primary weapon.

The high-quality sheath provides many carry orientations. It is too comfortable that you may forget you are carrying it.

Its whole length is 5 5/8 inches including 2 5/16-inches blade length.

The blade material is AUS 8A Stainless Steel which is an excellent choice if you are looking for a good quality knife.

Although it may not perform as well as high-end tool steel (of course), it offers a reasonable performance in the under-$50 budget list.

The 15-degree angle just feels right.

However, the handle’s shape may make you uncomfortable doing some tasks if you decide to use it as an EDC knife, not to mention the short blade.

As stated previously, the design makes it effortless to draw that either you or other people can access it in a quick way.

To avoid this situation, you may want to conceal it rather than exposing it.


  • Best for self-defense
  • Easily to access like lightning fast
  • ​Comfortable wearing
  • ​High-quality sheath
  • Non-reflective black coated sharp blade


  • Easy to be drawn by other if you are not aware of your surrounding
  • Handle’s shape may be a bit awkward for some tasks
  • Some people think the blade is not long enough.


2 ESEE Knives Izula II Knife with Molded Sheath and Belt Clip Plate – Top Premium Pick

ESEE Knives Izula II Knife

Have you heard of bullet ant? It is famous for the powerful sting, and Izula is its Peruvian name.

The Izula knife is doing a great job to deliver its “powerful sting.”

A black molded sheath gives you top level of retention. You can stop worrying that your knife will fall out of the sheath.

As a trade back, you need a thumb pressure when you want to release the blade.

Weighing 3.2 oz is sure a bit more weight than other products, but it does not matter to be used as a neck knife.

In addition, a 2.63 inches blade length allows for… again, the top level of concealability.

The high quality 1095 Carbon offers you easy re-sharpening. With this intention, this material does not perform well if not maintained.

Make sure you maintain the blade in the schedule if you to avoid rust and corrosion.

Its finish is excellent. Everything fits together well, included the well-shaped handle complete with canvas Micarta handle scales.

Lifetime Warranty with a no-questions-asked policy. It is made in the USA. Man! You will be happy to have one.

The only thing may stop you is the price. Well, you get what you pay for, right?


  • Made in the USA
  • Fantastic build quality
  • ​Sharp and sturdy blade, thank outstanding 1095 steel
  • ​Delivered with belt clip
  • Lifetime Warranty, no-question-asked.
  • Impressive retention of the sheath


  • High price
  • Need maintenance for the blade


3 Cold Steel Secret Edge Knife – Best Affordable Neck Knife


Cold Steel is definitely a quite brand in the knife industry. They have been offering a consistent output of affordable yet quality tools.

The sheath fits its goal perfectly which offers you strong retention as well as speedy drawing.

Japanese AUS 8A Stainless is the blade material in order to increase cutting power and superior penetration.

According to many reviews, it performs impressively across a number of tasks.

You can cut yourself or other without even noticing because the blade is so thin. For this reason, you have to be careful when you re-sharpen it.

The ultra-thin, flat G-10 Griv-Ex Style handle incorporating three holes of the product not only reduces the overall weight but also gives aggressively textured surface.

Henceforth, the knife sits firmly in your palm.

This knife is highly concealable, rail thin and very light. As a result, you can conceal it under clothing without raising people’s eyebrows.


  • Reliable blade material
  • Good concealability and light weight
  • Reliable retention
  • Entry-level price


  • Some people find the blade is too thin
  • Need carefully sharpened due to thin metal


4 SOG Snarl Fixed Blade JB01K-CP – Choice for Discrete Knife Carrier

SOG Snarl Fixed Blade JB01K-CP

Another well-known brand gets in the list; it is SOG so you can trust the quality designed by Brous Blades.

The Snarl is the choice for discrete knife carrier.

First of all, the knife is secured in sheath perfectly which is a black molded Kydex sheath with black stainless clip and will not fall out on its own.

If you wear it on the belt, you have to do a horizontal drawing.

Then again, there are reviews that it requires more force than usual to draw.

It is a one piece satin finish 9Cr13MoV stainless construction with finger coil.

In details, it features length of 4.3 inches, blade length of 2.3 inches, blade thickness of 0.25 inches.

Because of the thin design, it can feel flimsy at times and snapping; no doubt is on your nerves.

By all means, it is the best knife for concealment for either neck or belt.

It is minuscule and can slip on and off your fingers for cutting, opening boxes, self-defense.


  • Good concealability
  • Easy to grasp and use


  • Bottom edge is thin with snapping potential
  • The clip may not hold securely on the belt.


5 Kershaw 4008X Dune Neck Knife – A neck “sword”

Kershaw 4008X Dune Neck Knife

Yes! You read it: A neck “sword.” It is one of the products that live up for the Kershaw brand.

The molded sheath is designed well that you can wear around the neck by a lanyard.

It is absolutely comfortable and concealable on your neck and under your shirt. It never prints through your clothes.

On the other hand; you can carry it as an IWB knife too.

You can find people do think it is too long to be a neck knife. After all, the only imperfection you can meet is from the small handle.

The knife has full tang structure (such a tough steel) made from 3Cr13 steel with a black oxide finish which works wonderfully in tasks.

Length is 3.8 inch for the blade and 7.7 inches for the whole piece. It only weights 2.5 oz.


  • Excellent quality from 3Cr13 steel
  • Great tang construction
  • Coming sharp right out of the box


  • Small handle may disturb if you have large hands
  • Its length may discomfort those who likes short blade (not me).


6 SOG Instinct Fixed Blade NB1012-CP – Best Neck Knife for IWB or Reserve

SOG Instinct Fixed Blade NB1012-CP

Compact, economical is how the writer describes this knife. The design looks bad-ass. Furthermore, its sheath pushes the versatility to a high level.

The sheath allows a tight retention that lowers the chance of slipping the knife while the clip adds the ability to orient the 360-degree sheath.

It is all in the clip since you can switch to the inside for concealable position and outside for exterior carry. The clip holds so tight that there is no way it will fall from the belt.

In short words, you can adjust the sheath in any angle you want.

What a pity to have a flaw here! The retention in the sheath is stronger than the retention of the clip, so when you pull the knife the sheath comes with it.

It is a straight, fixed 4.9″ 5Cr15Mov steel blade which you can reply on cutting. Weighting only 0.15 lb. It is the second lightest knife in the lists.


  • 360 degree adjustable and convenient clip
  • Solid design
  • Lightweight


  • Retention of the clip is not strong enough
  • Plastic sheath


7 Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck Knife

Becker Necker Neck Knife

This knife is on the list for its perfectly robust design, affordability and an excellent level of customizability.

The sheath is one the most important standard in your buying decision which noted early.

The Becker Necker did a wonderful job here.

The material comes from injection-molded, glass-filler nylon is very strong, durable and fastens the blade stiffly.

In case you want to mount your knife with a TDI metal belt clip, this sheath meets the need.

Next, to discuss, it is made from 1095 Cro-Van high carbon steel which results in super sharp, tough and time-proven blade.

Ka-Bar epoxy-coated the blade to help it resist rust in an intense situation.

The 3 1/3 inch blade is as large as some hunting knives, but not large enough to make you feel uncomfortable wearing around the neck with the included paracord lanyard.

It is heavier than others with 4 oz, but the performance blurs this disadvantage.


  • Made from 1095 Cro-Van Steel
  • Versatile everyday carry style blade
  • Compatible with TDI metal belt clip
  • Quality sheath


  • Again, quite a problem for large hands
  • Heavier than most neck knives


8 Stone River Gear Ceramic Neck Knife – Cool Ceramic Knife

Stone River Gear Ceramic Neck Knife with Tanto Style Blade

You should read some title reviews for this knife: “Who knew a ceramic knife could be so cool?”, “Just as expected”, “Five Stars!”, “Cut glass. Incredible”.

Now you know what you are going to read after this.

The Kydex sheath has six metal grommets that may activate a metal detector.

It holds the blade securely as long as you put the knife in normally.

That is why you need to give a tug to get the knife free. Alternately, it can be pushed off with the thumb if you’re trying to be stealthy.

The ceramic blade is sharp and gorgeous. With almost no pressure, you can cut a line on the surface of a mirror.

One thing to remember, it is ceramic. Do not drop it if you do not ask for a damaged edge.

It is so light that you can wear around your neck all day comfortably.

Different from all the positive point, the para cord may irritate your skin.

That is not a problem at all when you replace with alternative para cords.


  • Extremely sharp
  • Cool looking
  • Kydex sheath does its job perfectly
  • Lightweight for EDC


  • Para cord may irritate your skin (itchy)


Best Neck Knife Buying Guide

People start carrying knives everyday nowadays. The ease and convenience at your fingers at any time is a big plus to do that.

In the light of that, neck knives step in as a versatile tool.

As promised, this is a buying guide to explain why we chose the above products based on four standards: sheath, material, weight, shape.


There’s definitely something comforting about having a blade on you always. You mainly wear your knife on your neck, not your boot, hips, etc.

For easy drawing, the blade always points up. If the sheath does not provide tight retention, your knife will likely to fall off with every move you make.

For this reason, it is a must to pick a knife with a quality sheath that keeps the knife in place in spite of lots of movement.

How to test carefully? Go on a run or hike with your knife to see if the sheath is good or not.

On the flipside, during critical situations such as self-defense, animal encounter, you want a knife that is easy to yank out.

You may struggle with that and found yourself fiddling with the sheath using both hands.

This is a consequence of favoring sheaths with strong retention. The writer recommends Kydex sheaths for this standard.


Talking about sharpness, the material of a knife tells you right away. In the market, there are two general variants: carbon steel and stainless steel.

You easily sharpen the carbon steel blade since there are often more prone to rust.

In contrast, the stainless steel variants are not as good at edge retention but have much higher corrosion resistance.

Remember, all materials need to be re-sharpened. You can not use the blade forever without re-sharpening.


Seriously. Who wants to carry a burden on the neck? Neck knives are not cumbersome, and that makes them awesome.

It is a bother to carry something heavily dangling from cord draped around your neck.

It is up to your strength. There are guys who can wear with their 16.oz hunting knives around, but there are fellows who can not.

You should try a knife for at least two weeks on your neck since our body are built to adapt new challenge.

After two weeks, you get more comfortable with the knife, keep it. If you still find it a burden, get rid of it.


At this point, it depends on you. What do you expect in the knife for your purpose? What will you be using it for?

Everyday carrying (EDC)? Camping? Self-defense? You do not want to buy a dull knife to carry all day or a thin short knife to assist camping activity.

Small, short shape are good for self-defense. Bowie shape is good all-around.

However, you need a drop point blade for more precise execution such as preparing food, wooding. How about long shape? Which scene do you think it fits in?

There is no denying that buying a neck knife have become sort of a necessity for a lot of people, some do it just for EDC, while others do for other tasks.

A Bonus Advice

However, there is one important thing a lot of individuals do not know. Buying a good neck knife does not necessarily mean that you can use it in the right way.

Sure, a neck knife might help you in some ways, but you may depend on it too much that you forget to learn how to use it in the proper way.

There are alternative skills to replace a neck knife.

For example, a bare-hand fighter can knock out a regular person carrying a knife in self-defense.

You have to train to use your knife productively to exploit its full potential in either self-defense or contemporary tasks every day.

There are also situations which turn using neck knife to a bad tool to use. You get the idea right?

With that out of the way, that doesn’t mean that neck knives are just gimmicky because they are not.

Thanks to their light weight, sharpness, versatility that are suitable for many individuals.

That’s why the market is so saturated with neck knives, there are just too many options for the average person to choose from, and while it is certainly a good thing, it also makes a customer really, really confused.


Now you have the list and the advice. As long as you trust us (we know you do), pick one on our list that meets your need and be glad later.

Otherwise, you learned what the best neck knife is about, right? Do not hesitate. Get your neck knife now.

It is not an easy task. That is when lists like these play their role.

Do keep in mind that there is no perfect product. What is on the list now may be replaced in the future with better products.

Remember to come back to check again.