Best Drop Away Arrow Rest Reviews – Compare & Buying Guide

An arrow rest is simply an accessory for your compound bowto capitalize in to hold your arrow before it is fired. There are different types of arrow rest to choose from to cater every archer’s preferences.

In this article, we will focus on the best drop away arrow rest 2021. We will present to you what makes a drop away arrow rest the perfect type to trust in holding your arrows.

Best Drop Away Arrow Rest Reviews 2024

Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

As you aim to be a full-pledged archer, you will have the need to install accessories on your bow to make it more fashionable, comfortable, and improve balance. Some accessories are must-haves, some are optional.

However, to know the full extent of yourself as an archer/hunter, investing in the right products will give you the best experience as for accuracy, comfort, and stability.

Now that we’re through on the factors to consider when buying drop away arrow rests, here are four different models that are considered as the bests in this type of arrow rest.

Note the advantages and disadvantages and make your appropriate choice.

1 Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

First on our list is this model from Quality Archery Designs. As the price is steep, you also get the highest quality and durability you can hope for.

From purchasing this, you get the satisfaction of an archer should have.

Anyway, this arrow rest is adjustable from the cable strings that you can shorten or lengthen.

The arrow rest is adjustable from two directions: horizontal and vertical.

Indeed, this makes it easier to set up the rest height where the arrow is nocked, and the center shot for good arrow travel.

The material is made of stainless steel that is known for being long-lasting and won’t rust even if you use it in a rainy weather.

The stainless steel also makes the arrow rest lightweight. This is perfect for those hunting and doing target practices.

Good thing for this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and instructions through written manual or DVD. One of its features is that the advanced vibration system that minimizes the vibrations to a bare minimum.

Though there are positive effects of using this arrow rest, some have observed that the clamp that is connected with the cable string is poorly designed.

But it doesn’t affect the overall performance of the arrow rest.

2 Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX

Another model from the same brand, this arrow rest also delivers the same results to the consumers’ expectations.

If you want to reduce friction and increase speed, this one is a must-have for your compound bow.

Never worry about where to rest that spare arrow as this one is a drop away arrow rest.

This means that while you can nock your arrow without it dropping, the rest will drop away as you pull the timing cord when you release the arrow.

Specifically, this provides the best case scenario when you’re out hunting.

From its official information, the cool designing of Ultra-Rest HDX that is a curved capture bar is satisfying when it comes to versatility and compatibility.

It has a noise reduction feature and cubber dampeners. The material is of aluminum and stainless steel that provides the ability to resist rusting that makes this arrow rest longer lasting.

3 Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest

Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest

The design of this arrow rest is unique from the others because of the V shape.

This simplifies the drop away mechanism as you only need to attach the cord to the upper limb of the bow.

The clearance on fletching has no issues, and the rest can make your arrows go faster.

The free floating launcher blade absorbs the shock caused by arrows that mean more stability while the arrow is traveling.

This arrow rest is known to make quite shots when releasing arrows. This means that you won’t scare away your prey off.


4 QAD Pro Series LD Drop Away Arrow Rest

QAD Pro Series LD Drop Away Arrow Rest

The final product on our list is again from Quality Archery Designs.

What you can expect from this arrow rest aside from being on the cheaper side is that it is easier to set up to be your favorite drop away arrow rest.

This one is made of aluminum and stainless steel that is rust proof and is surely durable.

This arrow rest from QAD has a lock down function that prevents the prongs from being back up that it contacts the arrow shaft.

Arrow containment is overall good and the arrow is fully contained throughout the shot cycle. Arrow rest also features noise dampeners to reduce vibrations.

In buying this model, you may need to buy a specific one if you’re a left-handed. It is not ambidextrous.


Functions of Arrow Rests

It also takes place the action of using your finger as a makeshift rest for the arrow before you fire it.

As you can see, you can put an arrow through an arrow set and leave it there for a time until you’re ready to draw the string of the compound bow.

Installing an arrow rest on the grip side of your bow and then correctly aligning its position to the normal arrow travel path eases the burden of repeatedly getting arrows from your quiver.

In fact, an arrow rest improves the flight path of the arrow making your shooting more accurate and more stable as opposed to regular shooting.

Your arrows will remain constant to the release direction without direct contact with the shaft.

There are several types of arrow rests according to the shooter’s shooting style and can range from cheap to high-end prices.

Types of Arrow Rests

There are different arrow rests, and the following are the major ones in the market.

1. Shoot-Thru Arrow Rest

Shoot-Thru Arrow Rest

Also known as prong rest as there are two adjustable prongs situated together with a small gap between them. The arrow is settled in the gap and is softly cradled.

It is called as shoot-thru because when you draw and shoot the arrow, the cock fletch or the part of the arrow that you hold while drawing the string travels in between the prongs.

If the adjustment is right, the feather end of the arrow will pass through without touching the prongs, making it reach the target without its speed being decreased.

The prongs have springs inside and so, when you fire the arrow, they tilt down and then forward to permit for space for the arrow travel.

The cool thing is that after the shot, it goes back to its original position so you can nock another arrow.

It’s easy to install and comes in different designs. But many archers prefer other arrow rests than this type.

One of the disadvantages is that some archers consider the lack of arrow containment a pain.

This means that after nocking, the arrow can fall off as the prongs don’t directly touch the shaft.

2. Containment Arrow Rest

This arrow rest is true to its name as it effectively contains the arrow, so it doesn’t fall off after nocking.

Most young archers use this to focus more on the shooting technique and then adapt the perfect form. There are also experienced hunters that favor this type as they can focus more on watching their prey.

Containment Arrow Rest

It has a simple design, the material that captures the arrow in place is typically made of nylon, foam, or metal.

The arrow rest encircles the arrow through contact at three points and sometimes surrounding the whole shaft depending on the model and brand.

Though it may look like the best arrow rest, there are observed disadvantages with containment arrow rest.

It is said to be the cause of damage on the cock fletch as the arrow travels with no gaps (true for Whisker Biscuit model) unlike with the previously discussed arrow rest type.

It is also claimed to reduce the speed of the arrow slightly because of the touch points.

But the three-point containment arrow rest won’t be a problem if it’s about speed.

3. Drop Away Arrow Rest

This type has been around for years but is steadily gaining popularity right now due to discovered wonders that this arrow rest can offer.

Now, this is a favorite among archers and hunters alike as it is the most advanced arrow rest.

For starters, drop away arrow rest from its name means that after releasing the arrow, it drops away and out of the path of the arrow.

With this, there’s no way of direct contact with the fletch and the shaft when firing.


Unlike shoot-thru arrow rest, drop away arrow rest has larger prongs that can contain the arrow before it is fired without falling off.

Some models have nylon cable connected to the bottom part of the rest and when an arrow is released, the drop away arrow rest gets out of the way when the cable is pulled as with the string.

There are even models that the drop away is initiated through forward inertia and movement of the bow.

As this is an advanced rest, prices could be high but using it repeatedly can gain you faster arrow speed than normal. It also has noise dampening feature for a quieter arrow.

Best-Drop Away-Arrow-Rest

Drop Away Arrow Rest Buying Guide

Now that you learned the advantage of drop away arrow rest move forward on how to choose the right arrow rest for you. We present to you the buying guide on drop away arrow rest.

1. Function

First, know where you intend to use an arrow rest. Is it for hunting or target shooting? It is crucial to know this as to stay on your movements.

For hunting, many would prefer a containment arrow rest due to its maximum tight hold on the arrow, but there also those who use drop away arrow rest due to faster arrows.

As for target shooting, people would prefer lightweight and arrow rests that won’t touch the prongs or anything that may impede its flight upon release.

2. Setting Up

It is easy to install the drop away rest as you gain experience from it. Some drop away arrow rest models are harder to attach than the others, so better to have the person manning the shop to do it for you on your first purchase.

As you know how to do it yourself, you can adjust what needs to be adjusted to match to your inclination for a more comfortable and more accurate shooting.

Things to know about are the arrow containment, cable string, and the prongs for the drop away arrow rest.

3. Performance

Of course, you are intending to buy arrow rest to improve your performance in archery so better maximize it by finding the right model for you.

Drop away arrow rest can give what you’re looking for as it makes no contact with the arrow upon release as it gets out of the way!

Also, you won’t have the helical fletching or the feather end of the arrow be damaged due to prongs and faster arrows!

You will no longer have your arrow dropping when you’re not looking because of the larger prongs that cradle the arrow shaft.

4. Quality

Never miss the quality when buying anything. A drop away arrow rest that you choose must be durable and long lasting with the varying weather outdoors.

Take into consideration the material that the arrow rest must be made of.

Steel or plastic, which is better? Stainless steel is more durable and prevents from rusting from being wet.

5. Price

Though the drop away arrow rest can be as pricey as it could affect your budget, it doesn’t disappoint.

It’s either to your liking if you buy an arrow rest that is medium priced or the high-end ones.


As you’ve taken a lot of consideration on what to buy, now you already have an idea on what’s the best drop away arrow restyou can have with your budget.

Indeed, arrow rests are vital for our compound bows and ourselves too as we aim to improve our archery skills through the comfort, accuracy, and stability they bring.