8 Best Crossbow Bolts for Hunting

The question from news hunter: What is essential with the shot?

Being the hunter, precision is the important things that must be considered. In case, the bolts are curved; it can not be the accurate hit. Simply, you can be hurt when using a low-quality bolt.

Therefore, a right arrow helps you get the best performance from a crossbow or take an exactly shot to the target.

Also, this article will explain the type of crossbow bolts in the market and help you buy one for your needs.

Top 8 Best Crossbow Bolts in 2024

1 Tenpoint Evo-X Center Punch – Best for Beer Hunting

 Tenpoint Evo-X Center Punch Carbon Crossbow

First thing first, we introduce the precise bolts from the Tenpoint brand. In fact, this brand is one of the famous crossbows producers in the market; they always provide dependable and high-value product time over.

With the improvements in quality, this unit has an outstandingly accurate ability — the presence of 84-grain insert per arrow and 0.01 strangeness that offer maximal exactness.

The unit is 20 inches in length and 445-grains in weight; it also includes a 100-grain field tip. Weighting more than 400 grains, heavyweight bolts are best for hunting the most massive game.

The weight has an advantage, as well as a disadvantage. They often highly retain kinetic energy that creates high target penetration and is also the best in-flight stability, which makes them less likely to deflect in windy conditions.

However, this unit quickly loses the trajectory and dropping rapidly when you are hunting at adverse weather.

Moreover, Omni nock design with six micro-grooves that reject any problem about reload. This feature also is helpful when the speed of the crossbow is too high, or the angle of the string is so steep.

As you see, this unit has excellent preciseness at 20 yards. If you are hunting in unfavorable weather, the Evo-X Center Punch is a good selection. It is ideal for stringent hides targets such as elk and bear.


2 Tenpoint Pro-V22- Best for Deer Hunting

Tenpoint Pro-V22 22-Inch Carbon Crossbow Arrows

Next is another crossbow bolt from Tenpoint that you cannot ignore. Pro-V22 is constructed by carbon fiber with many advantaged features. If you are looking for some powerful model, this item will.

The unit design for high precision is proved by the ability to keep 2.25-inch groups from the 50-yard range.

More specifically, Pro-V22 equipped with a 24-grain aluminum insert and gives 10.5% F.O.C. Omni nock seems to be an integral part of Tenpoint crossbow; six micro-grooves can reject the typical trouble capture or moon nocks.

Besides, the strangeness of the model is 0.03 and 420 standard weight. It also provides B.T.V. vane colors that are orange and green.

These are 22 inches bolts that mean you much consider whether it will fit with your crossbow. Although most of the 22-inches bolts fly slower than short bolts, this type has high inertia for a robust shot.

Moreover, these are supplied six-pack and 100-grain field tips for practice.

In short, Tenpoint Pro-V22 is powerful bolts which give the high accurateness and huge damage target; it is the best bolts for deer hunting.


3 Easton Fmj – Best Weight Bolts

Easton Fmj 20" Bolt 3" Vn Mn 6P

When your hunting needs big-time results and higher knockdown power, Easton Fmj is the item that you must be considered. Let’s discover it with us!

First, the power of this unit comes from the composition. Easton Fmj composes of carbon fiber and equips a full metal jacket, which surely gives you hitting performances.

Actually, when it equips nock and 125-grain at the head, the overall weight can up to 500 grain. This gadget is of utmost weighty bolts for perfect penetration.

If you think the standard carbon material does not enough for your game, this item will service the value you need. However, your crossbow requires equivalent power when going with this item.

The model possesses high strength carbon density. You can expect the tenacity product that can be used repeatedly without breakdown structure.

To be specific, Easton Fmj has a straightness limit of 003 inches. It also is 20 inches in length and 13.7 GPI weight.

Including 100-grain field tips for training, light nock, this gadget seems a reasonable price with its value.

In fact, the model has an impressive penetration regardless of a hard target. Definitely, you can accurately shot even in 60-yard space.

Overall, this crossbow bolts from Easton Fmj is totally worth your investment. It offers great help in vast space and hard targets.


4 Carbon Express PileDriver – Best for Biggest Game

 Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Next on the list is drastic shafts from Carbon Express. Let check it out!

At first glance, the model looks professional for a serious hunter with black and green tones in the body.

However, it does not include a lighted nock. If you hunt at night, you must upgrade one.

Let’s begin with the material.

These are carbon arrows with high perfection. At 442 grains weight, this model is a bit heavier than a criterion arrow.

That why it called is “PileDriver” because the heavyweight can create a high level of penetration to any target.

Looking at the facts, Carbon Express PileDriver has an advanced design that ensures the spine consistency. We also appreciate the accurateness of this shafts model in 50 yards space.

The arrow equips Half-moon nock and four vanes that proper most of the crossbow in the market. If you are wavering over the size of this model, you can compare it with your current item or asking customer service.

With the PileDriver model, there’s no target you can’t knock. It also is an ideal arrow for deer hunting and the biggest game.


5 BARNETT 16075


If you find the heavy bolts are not always excellent, then you will undoubtedly be satisfied with BARNETT mode 16075.

This crossbow bolt is the lightweight arrow for a beginner. It is constructed by light carbon material; the unit provides impressive long-lasting.

Also, it includes five packs and 100-grain field tips for practice. Anything else?

Equipping half-moon nocks, the Barnett 16075 can quickly reload without any problem. They are proper with some conventional crossbow such as Ghost 350, Wildcat C-5, Penetrator, and Jackal device.

In case you do not find the name same your device, you can contact Barnett service, they will be useful.

Don’t worry about your impairments in this trade. Barnett has excellent service. A five-year restricted guarantee is also included with these arrows.

Many customers ask us about the performance of the model.

The Barnett 16075 don’t let us down about the strength. To be fair, this product has settled accuracy and target penetration. The reviews for these shafts are excellent as well.

Overall, Barnett 16075 mode is solid carbon bolts for multiple uses. If you are finding a suitable arrow that has a stable quality to begin your game, this model is not a bad deal.

6 Carbon Express Maxima R.E.D. Fletched – Best Straightness Bolt

Carbon Express Maxima R.E.D. Fletched

This is also an awesome product from Carbon Express brand. It does take too much cost and can suitably for hunting in woods. Sound good? Check it out!

Carbon Express is a famous brand; they always give a high-quality product. Archery is one of their fortes.

From this brand, the model also has high perfection but still is an inexpensive product. It is the reason why Carbon Express Maxima is favor.

More specifically, the improvement in the spine technology delivers impressive flexibility in the body and thick at the ends. Finally, this feature helps you increase the accuracy of each shot.

And it does not stop there.

These are constructed by full carbon fiber for more flexion. Besides, the distinctive design allows the weight forward of the center that presents stability and penetration for the arrow.

The next impressive point in this model is the straightness. The arrow straightness is laser checked and just has +/-0.0025 inches tolerance zone.

These arrows have two versions with blazer vanes and standard inserts. Make sure you choose the right size for your needs.

To sum up, Carbon Express Maxima gives you more value than the price when it has spine technology and a micro tolerance zone. If you need the accuracy of each shot, these items can help.

7 Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Fletched Carbon Arrow – Best Accuracy Bolt

Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Fletched Carbon Arrow

These are very famous crossbow arrow in many world championships in the last four years. If you are a serious hunter and demand the performance, you should get a Black Eagle Executioner arrow.

First of all, the model use Spine Matched Grouped Together Technology. This feature ensures the consistency for the device. Also, the spine deviation ±0.01 is low.

More specifically, this item uses a brass insert for optimal F.O.C. crazy accuracy without reduce of speed or kinetic energy. This is the reason why it calls a deadly arrow in any competition.

These have six-pack each box that comes with flat and moon nocks. Don’t worry if you ever had a bad experience with another nock. All of the nocks are design to correct fit without glue.

Moreover, all of 20″ and 22″ length Arrows will be supply with 3″ Bohning X Vanesand and 18″ length type will be furnished with 2″ Blazer Vanes.

Wanned! Black Eagle Executioner provides a diversified of size types. These have four criterion types with different straightness. Be careful; you pick one for your crossbow.

In shorts, Black Eagle Executioner is a suitable product if you find the absolute accuracy in your device.

8 BloodSport 20-Inch Crossbow Bolts – Best Lightweight Bolts

BloodSport 20-Inch Crossbow Bolts

To finish our list of the best crossbow bolts on the market, we would like to introduce to you a model from BloodSport shafts.

First, the model is simple bolts with a hunter because it can works in most of the crossbows, even traditional 150 lbs devices. Also, if you want to custom the weight, you can change the broadheads or field tips to fit your needs.

To be specific, the item has standard 20 inches in length. Although it does not has field points, it provides both brass inserts and half-moon nocks.

When having a spine deviation of +/- 0.003, it can run well with 350 fps. Moreover, with 4-inch vanes each arrow that helps your shot maintain with strict flight consistency.

How about the durable of the product?

Don’t worry too much about this. This carbon shaft doesn’t let you down. Constructing by carbon fiber, the product gives them quite durable for repeatedly loaded.

Besides, at an overall weight of 325 grains per bolts, these are the lightweight arrow for the close-range targets. This type can better transfers energy to the limbs, then increase the speed. However, it quickly deviates from orbit by the wind.

The Essential Aspects You Must Consider when Choosing Crossbow Bolts


First thing first, the vital factor you must take a look at is materials. These are three types of material of crossbow bolts below:


With the new hunter, the aluminum arrow seems to be a reasonable choice because it usually has a lower price than another material. Nevertheless, these arrows can be bent easily and less durable for repeatedly loaded.


The arrow constructed by fiberglass looks to be of the highest long-lasting utilizes because absorbing shocks when used. However, when it comes to the bending limit, the arrow can cause injury to you when it pieces to several shards.

Carbon fiber

This is a common material that uses in the most famous brand. As you know, carbon fiber arrow also allows for more bend. Therefore, it has highly durable for regularly loaded.

In addition, this type tends to be stronger and gives deeper penetration. This model is recommended for hunting.

Bolt Weight

The second element when choosing the proper Shaft is the weightiness. Such as the traditional Shaft, the weight of crossbow bolts is surveyed by GPI (grain per inch).

Simply, the lightweight bolts can fly fastest and maintain with the straight line (Of course, you shot is in perfect condition).

Besides, the heavy bolts can amazedly retain kinetic energy, then creating the deadly shot.

These are three types of bolts for different demands. When choosing your bolts, you need to take a closer look at picking one.

Lightweight Shaft (less than 350 grains)

Lightweight arrow often used for training, and it is familiar with new hunters. Using this type, you can have the fastest and precisest shot.

On the other hand, the lightweight unit effortlessly is blown off by the wind and lessen accuracy.

Standard-Weight Shaft (350-400 grains)

This type is not a bad deal when you want to balance the speed and kinetic energy. In fact, the amount of standard-weight item fit with crossbow manufacturer’s requirements. Choosing this type like a safe selection when it lessens the risk cause bow damage.

Heavyweight Arrow (more than 400 grains)

The heavyweight Shaft is the idea when you join the big hunting. It perfectly preserves kinetic energy, then creating the biggest damage for your target.

Nevertheless, this type is often dropping swiftly at longer ranges. Therefore, when using the heavy arrow, you need some shooting skills to has a deadly shot.

Bolt length

Most of the crossbow bolt has 16-24 inches in length. The shorter arrow frequently fly faster when it has the same spine and GPI.

The length of the item also necessitates fitting with the length of your crossbow. Then the nock can contact the string and put at the end of the rail.

The suitability of the arrow decides whether it will work accurately when discharged. Therefore, checking the information of your crossbow demand is necessary.

Bolt diameter

Bolt diameter is critical, a factor that you cannot ignore. The strong penetration not only comes from the material and weighs of bolts, but the small diameter also provides deadly performance.

The smaller the diameter, the greater the wind these cut down. It increases the durable as well.

The Spine

These have two degrees of the spine: dynamic and static

Simply, the stiffness of the arrow is static. The higher the static spine of the Shaft, the more ability to bending.

The blended impact on stability and accuracy. Therefore, you should choose the brand which improves spine technology.

Bolt Nocks

The suitable nock not only transfers maximum energy but also protects you from injury.

Usually, the nock will fit with the amount of crossbow. Nevertheless, you can recheck the information to make sure it will work well with your device.

These are three traditional types of nock: flat, half-moon, and Half-moon Hybrid. Also, the lighted nock recently improved products that useful in dark conditions.

In addition, a half-moon hybrid is recommended for hunting and lighted nock when you hunt at night.


The fletchings are an essential part of a stable flight trajectory. Typically, you don’t need to worry about this part because the manufacturer often provides the replacement fletchings.

Bolt Heads

Target points and broadheads are two kinds of bolt heads.

Target Points

More specifically, these equip a pointed tip without sharp corners, so this type just damages the target rather than create a deadly shot.

If you are the newbie, field points are the best selection for training and some competition. In case using for the bigger game, it will let you down.


These bolt heads have three options: expandable blade, fixed blade, and removable blade. Moreover, broadheads are usually used in bigger hunting when it possesses a sharp edge.


Can you use longer bolts crossbow?

Of course, you can use any type of crossbow bolts as long as it perfectly fits with your device.

Also, the longer the Shaft, the more it will be blend on the shot, so you should recheck the straightness before hunting with them. Typically, the 20″ length of the item is recommended.

What is the difference between crossbow bolts and arrows?

The crossbow bolts and arrows have distinct differences in length and weight. Usually, the measure of cross bolts is 16-22 inches, while the typical length of the arrow is 27-32 inches. The bolt is heavier too.

What are the best material for crossbow bolt?

In our opinion, carbon fiber seems the best material for the crossbow. It gives impressive penetration and long-lasting use. The carbon bolts often prove the superiority in the biggest game.


So we have transpired all of the best types of crossbow bolts in the market, how to choose the right item for you, and answered the most typical questions.

Thank you for reading!