Top 6 Best Climbing Harness – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

What is the best climbing harness out of the many brands and models introduced to the public?

A climbing harness is one of the items needed for rock climbing and any other activities that require you to use ropes to ensure safety or to offer easy access to something.

Made of nylon webbing or rope, which you need to tie around your waist, a climbing harness is a great investment, especially if climbing is your passion.

You can also find lots of more sophisticated harnesses – most of which are available in various patterns – so you can expect them to provide you with a higher level of security and comfort.

Top 6 Best Climbing Harness Reviews

To give you a clearer idea about the best climbing harness for you, we have gathered five options that are worth checking out.

Make sure that you consider factors, like adjustability, mobility, features, versatility and comfort before making your choice.

1 Petzl Corax Harness – Good for Mountaineering and Rock Climbing

Petzl - CORAX, Versatile and Adjustable Harness

With its all-purpose design, you can expect Petzl Corax Harness to be versatile enough for your rock climbing and mountaineering tasks.

It features a perforated and mesh foam, making the harness fairly breathable. With that feature, you don’t need to worry about experiencing lots of discomfort because of added sweat.

Also, it makes use of foam as a means of padding the webbing strap running around your waist’s circumference.

The dual webbing design used in this harness allows you to distribute your weight efficiently.

However, take note that because this comes with a lot of buckles, you will find it heavier than the other harnesses in the market. The fact that it is heavy also prevents you from moving properly. It can result to less mobility.

But other than that issue, everything about the Petzl Corax Harness is well thought-out. It’s made of a comfortable material and it’s multifunctional.

You can use it for ice and rock climbing, mountaineering and for long multi-pitch trad routes. It has dual front buckles, allowing you to do activities that will keep you fit.

However, just like what’s mentioned earlier, these additional buckles also added to the weight of the harness.

It also features a perforated and mesh foam, making the harness fairly breathable. With that feature, you don’t need to worry about experiencing lots of discomfort because of added sweat.

It also makes use of foam as a means of padding the webbing strap running around your waist’s circumference. Furthermore, the dual webbing design used in this harness allows you to distribute your weight efficiently.

Petzl Corax harness features an unrated haul loop. You can find this loop at the rear, and you can use it to stow things, such as shoes, when doing a multi-pitch climb. Another of its useful features is the gear loop configuration.


  • Versatile and multifunctional – You can use it for a number of activities
  • Compact and durable construction, making you feel at ease when using it for your activities
  • Generally comfortable to use
  • Breathable with its mesh and perforated foam
  • Offered at an inexpensive price
  • Easy to adjust dual buckles


  • Heavier than other harnesses in the market – It’s primarily because of its many buckles.
  • Less mobility

2 Black Diamond Momentum Harness – Ideal for the Budget-Conscious All-Around Climber

Black Diamond Momentum Harness

This harness is manufactured in such a way that you can use it for a number of purposes.

It has essential features that make you climb up and down the rocks safely.

If you’re still a beginner in the activity then you will love this harness as this means that you won’t look for fancier features often offered by the costlier brands.

Black Diamond Momentum Harness is not the fanciest products you can find in this category in the market but it still works well.

Take note, though, that because it is inexpensive, you can’t also expect it to have all the fancy features of its more expensive counterparts.

Also, you will notice that it has smaller gear loops than the others. Furthermore, it is not as versatile and as comfortable as the more highly priced ones.

Despite the mentioned issues, note that Black Diamond Momentum Harness is still a great contender in the market.

Offered at a low price, it works well for the budget-conscious all-around climber. Its gear loops, despite being small, are easy to unclip and clip from.

It has sufficient padding, enough to make you feel comfortable when using it in climbing.

Some of the most useful features of Black Diamond Momentum Harness are bullhorn-shaped waist belt constructed out of dual-core technology, adjustable rear elastic riser, and pre-threaded waist belt buckle that you can easily adjust.


  • Features a solid clasp or buckle once you attach them
  • Comes with loops that are all handy if you want to hang things off
  • Offers enough support and padding, making it comfortable to use
  • Showcases cool color combinations
  • Good for beginners
  • Excellent adjustability


  • Gear loops are a bit small
  • Not as versatile and comfortable as other brands


3 Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness – Ideal for All-Around Female Climbers

Black Diamond Primrose Women's Harness

This harness has some noted issues but note that Black Diamond Primrose Harness still delivers in terms of performance. It is a good choice for all-around female climbers.

The waist belt is based on a dual-core construction, which means that it is a combination of two webbing bands.

This is a good thing because it helps in spreading your weight evenly all throughout the entire belt.

One of its flaws is the fact that its sizing information runs smaller than what is presented.

Not being able to get the right size may also cause its leg straps to feel quite snug while preventing you from making further adjustments.

Its waist belt is also quite painful to use at times because it’s too stiff. You need to tug it to make yourself feel comfortable and avoid pain.

Still, it can deliver what it promises. It features a foam insert, which works in providing enough cushion in case you intend to use it for several hours of climbing.

The leg loops feature the TrakFIT adjuster. This makes it possible for you to do some quick modifications depending on what you’re wearing.

Another thing that you’ll love about this harness is the pressure molded gear loops. Its speed adjust allows you to securely buckle yourself in while climbing up.


  • Has adjustable legs and waist, so you can make the necessary adjustments anytime
  • Constructed with the safety of the user in mind
  • Features a shape that can contour a woman’s body naturally
  • Has four gear loops that you can use in hauling the gear once you’re done with your activity


  • Sizing information is smaller than actual
  • Stiff waist belt, which makes it a bit painful to wear sometimes

4 Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness – For Rock Gyms, Outdoor Programs and Guide Schools

Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness

This harness is a good choice if you are running rock gyms, outdoor programs and guide schools.

It has a one-size, fits-all design, which is a good thing if you want to use it for an entire climbing class or for your whole family.

The fully adjustable leg loops come with speed buckles to increase safety while also minimizing hassle on your part.

While this is a good harness for those who plan to teach people to climb, it’s still not the best choice for entry-level climbers who need a harness, which is more comfortable and durable and has more features.

Aside from not having all the features and the kind of comfort required by entry-level climbers, Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness also has uncomfortable leg loops.

These loops tend to apply more pressure on your legs, making it a bit painful sometimes. The fact that it utilizes a big buckle and webbing also makes it heavier.

Even with the mentioned issues, you’ll still find it a good investment. You can quickly and easily put it on large groups.

It has a pre-threaded quick-adjust buckle on the waist belt. It’s also primarily made of wide nylon webbing.

Furthermore, it has a relatively compact design, making it easier for you to store when not in use as it does not take too much space.


  • Easy and fast to put on and off, making it perfect for climbing schools and gyms
  • Fits almost anyone
  • Compact and does not take too much space
  • Offers a high level of security
  • Affordable & Easy to use


  • Not that comfortable when worn
  • Heavy because of its large buckle and webbing

5 EDELRID – Fraggle II Climbing Harness – Ideal for Young Climbers and Children

   EDELRID Fraggle III Kid’s Full Body Climbing Harness

EDELRID - Fraggle II Children's Climbing Harness

This harness has two easy glider buckles – both of which can help keep children safe.

You can also easily adjust the buckles, so there is no need to worry about not being able to provide kids with maximum comfort.

Another safety feature added into this product is the additional tie-in loop, which you can find at the back.

It features a 3D mesh padding, which aids in maintaining the shape of the harness while also making it easier and faster to wear and take off.

The padding is also designed to provide maximum comfort and support to wearers.

One drawback of EDELRID – Fraggle II Climbing Harness is that its tie-in loops are too small. This can prevent you from shoving a 9-mm rope over them for tie-in.

Also, the harness is quite rigid during the first use but rest assured that it will get softer after several uses.

While there are some drawbacks in this climbing harness, take note that it is still a good choice for children who would like to learn how to climb.

Despite not being that user-friendly, it can still give you enough confidence since you know that your kids are safe when they are on steep terrains.

This is a full body climbing harness, which is capable of holding children up to 88 pounds.


  • Has padded leg loops and shoulder straps, making them more comfortable for children to use
  • Perfectly fits the size of small children as well as older kids
  • Has a few security features
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Has cute and nice colors – Their bright colors will surely entice kids of all ages.


  • Tie-in loops are too small
  • Harness is too rigid during the first few uses


6 Petzl Aspir Climbing Harness – For Those Searching for Multifunctional Harness

Petzl Aspir Climbing Harness

This harness can perform several functions, making it a good investment. It has a reinforced belt at the tie-in point.

This can help you lower the risk of possible accidental breakages. You will also love the fact that you can adjust this harness to suit all climbing requirements.

You can make adjustments on the leg loops so as to increase your comfort level.

Flexible tool loops also come with the product, and you can use these for carrying your equipment with minimal effort.

Petzl Aspir is a multifunctional climbing harness but expect it to have some issues as well. For one, it has heavy buckles that may prevent you from moving with ease at times.

Despite that, you’ll love the fact that it offers several functions in just one product. You can use it for a number of different activities – mountaineering, climbing, hitting up adventure parks, etc.

It also combines a great balance between functionality and comfort. It has padded loops and waist belt, thereby protecting your leg against friction burns and chafing when you are using it for climbing.

Another thing that you will most likely love about Petzl Aspir Climbing Harness is the fact that it has color-coded sizes.

This promotes ease in managing the equipment, especially if you intend to use it for group programs and guide services.


  • Almost everything is adjustable, provide maximum comfort
  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Provides a good fit for people of all ages
  • Padded and breathable waist belt
  • Well-made and secure


  • Cons
  • Quite heavy

How to Choose the Best Climbing Harness: A Short Buying Guide


With the information provided about the different climbing harnesses in the market today, you may be inspired to look for the most suitable one for you.

In that case, make sure to take the following tips into consideration before you make your choice:

Check The Size and Fit

You need to choose a harness, which is of the right size and provides you the most comfortable fit.

Note that even if you pick a harness with the most padding, you can’t still expect it to provide utmost comfort if it’s not appropriate for your body size.

That said, size and fit should come hand in hand in selecting the most comfortable climbing harness for you.

Identify the right fit and size for you by visiting a reliable local gear shop and trying out different models and sizes.





Consider The Gear Loops

Note that one climbing harness is often designed to accommodate a specific form of climbing – ex. ice, sport, trad, etc.

Each one needs different types and amounts of gears, so pick one, which is capable of carrying your gears based on the form of climbing you intend to engage yourself to.​

If you are looking for a harness for sports climbing, for instance, then a more straightforward model with around 2-4 standard gear loops is already ideal.

Trad climbing, on the other hand requires plenty of gear loops. If possible, choose one with a rear haul loop, as well.

If you plan do to ice climbing often, then look for a harness with ice clipper slots.

Spend time thinking about the kind of climbing you will perform more often, and choose a harness which can specifically accommodate the kinds of gear you’ll be using.


Check The Weight

Note that if a harness is heavy, then that means that it also has more padding, gear loops, and extra features.

Padding is useful, though, as it can make you feel more comfortable when wearing it. It is also comfortable enough, especially during the summer season when you need to wear thin clothing.

Make sure that the extra features don’t add too much bulk and weight to the entire harness to ensure that you won’t face extreme discomfort once you start using it.​

Determine Your Budget

Harnesses often cost around $40-$80. You need to set a budget prior to shopping to ensure that you will get a good one without ruining your budget. Note that there is no need for you to spend too much just to get a safe harness.

However, don’t hesitate to purchase more expensive ones as you can also expect them to be tougher and more durable.​

Find Out if There are Safety Features

Note that you’ll be using the harness to keep you safe in an extreme outdoor adventure, such as climbing. That said, you have to determine if the harness you are planning to buy has all the features you need to keep you safe.​


Choosing the right harness does not have to be difficult. With all the information that this article provided, you will be on your way towards picking a harness, which will serve as a safe extension to your body when you are up for an adventure.

Just make sure to pick one after considering all the things you need for your next climbing adventure. This is to ensure that you will be bringing and using a harness, which can make the entire experience more memorable.