Best Bow Case: Top 9 Hard & Soft Bow Case

Why do we recommend using best bow case? It may look like a simple accessory, but its function is much more than that!

If you have a costly bow, you will want to protect it as good as possible. So, let a bow case help you.


What type of bow case should you choose? What factors should you consider?

Do not be impatient!

We will show you the highly-rated bow cases and buying guide as well.

Bow Case Types

Hard Bow Case

Let’s see what benefits a hard bow case can bring you. It gives your bows and gear inside more protection, thanks to the rigid material, usually ABS plastic lined with a foam padding for absorbing impact.

Also, for that reason, it is suitable for travel – you know your bows may suffer from damage, bumps, and falls without a case.

It is also weather-proof – dust or moisture cannot go through the shell of the case.


Hard cases are often bulkier and more expensive. Because they are less pliable, it provides less space than soft ones. They are short of exterior containers or pouches for storing more items.

Soft Bow Case

In contrast, soft bow cases are cheaper, more pliable, and easier to store or conform to the shape of your bow. You can put in more accessories than you do with hard cases. Its weight, shape, and straps make it hassle-free to carry or transport.

They are also weather-resistant, but it cannot surpass hard cases. It can get wet and moistured because you know, the fabric material is saturated.

What about the disadvantages?

They are not as durable as hard cases and provide less protection for your bow and gears inside.

The tradeoff depends on you and how many items you want to bring on a shooting.

Best Hard Bow Case

1 Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

The first entry today is a hard case for the compact bow from Plano.

Thanks to the thick wall construction, it is so durable and sturdy. The latches are solid and tightly closed as well, and the whole case is more compact than many other models.

Let’s see what is inside this hardshell case!

The case has adequate space for bows, arrows, or sights. You will find a specially designed holder under the lid for extra storage. This is an ideal place to keep arm guards, bow limbs, and arrows.

The high-density foam, together with the patented PillarLock system, can protect all your equipment from accidents or bumps. No matter how wild your ride is, everything will have excellent interior protection!

The exterior measurements of the case are about 19 inches long and 43 inches tall, so we think it can fit most parallel limb bows you have.

Oh, here is another feature you may like – it is airline approved. So, get ready for your hunt abroad.

However, the material could be thicker, and the handle does not seem to match up perfectly when the case is closed, so it may feel a bit uncomfortable.

It costs you only a low price to own this top-of-the-line model. So, it is ideal for those who do not want to spend much money on a bow case.


2 Plano Protector Ultra Compact Bow Case

Plano Protector Ultra Compact Bow Case

Another Plano case on this list!

If you have already purchased the National Archery in the Schools Program Genesis series bow, we have good news for you – it fits that bow perfectly. Schools also require these cases to be airline approved and lockable. And this one has all of these features!

With the thick-wall construction, crush-resistant PillarLock system, and the Sur-Lok arrow storage, this case will give your bow and arrows excellent protection. The plastic molded frame is sufficient for protecting the case from drops and bumps in storage and transport.

The high-density foam pad has proper thickness and quality. The nylon velcro straps and durable latches  also work well for holding the bow in place.

And the molded-in handle helps you to carry the case without difficulty.

It can accommodate a compound bow and up to six arrows under the lid, but we know many cases can hold more than that.

Your gear and accessories will be safely stowed and protected in the Plano Ultra Compact Bow Case, and your bow will be in perfect working condition.


3 Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow Case

Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow Case

Like the two Plano cases above, this one also comes with a hard, crush-resistant shell and the PillarLock system for ensuring that your bow will go nowhere without your knowledge.

For more protection, it is equipped with twin-stage, spring-loaded, lockable latches with padlock tabs and Dri-Loc rubber seal for weather-proof function. Your case will be safe from water and dust.

For ensuring all of your arrows will fit, there is elastomeric arrow storage that can hold both standard and carbon fiber arrows. Meanwhile, the case allows for full quiver storage of in-line or off-set quivers.

Also, the heavy-duty pinned hinges and additional tie-down strap can secure your bows and quivers better.

Above all, this one is airline-approved so that you can take it anywhere without worrying about anything.

So you see, this case excels in both design and functionality – it is the one you desire.

But there is one thing we do not like about it – it is not big enough for fitting large-sized bows.


4 SKB 2SKB-4117 Hunter Series Bow Case

SKB 2SKB-4117 Hunter Series Bow Case

Why need to select a bulky clunky case while there are many lightweight ones with all the protection you need. SKB Hunter Series bow case is the one like that.

With the weight of just 11 pounds plus a comfortable handle, you can carry or transport the case with ease.

The case provides a large storage space for all your equipment – it can hold up to 12 arrows.

However, it seems to fit only standard-sized bows. So, if you own larger ones, you should consider another option.

The rigid ABS shell with stylish embossing, together with an eight-point interlocking stacking system, provides basal support to the lid. Plus, dust, debris, and moisture have no chance to get inside, thanks to the lockable draw-bolt metal latches that offers a secure and tight fit.

It is perfect for the appropriate bow maintenance, right?

What do we have on the inside?

The plush-lined EPS inserts and polyethylene foam will provide the highest impact resistance to your bows.

Are you worry about potential defects?

The case comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, which covers all defects in craftsmanship or materials.

Although this exterior looks nothing special, the interior is nicely designed to hold as many bows as possible and provide maximum protection.


5 Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC Safe Shot Bow Case

Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC Safe Shot Bow Case

If you are looking for the highest protection for your bows and arrows, you will need this Safe Shot Bow Case Flambeau.

For crush-resistance and impact defense, the case has rugged plastic shell construction plus an internal lid and two support columns.

Also, the built-in pillar structure for durable support is imposing.

Let us show you another advantage of this Flambeau case – it is quite a big one so that you can put any compound bow with any size in it.

Inside the case is a thick layer of convoluted foam for protecting your compound bow and sight. Under the lid is a rubber racking system that can hold a total of 12 arrows.

For extra security, the set of hook and loop tie-down straps will keep everything in place.

Another feature is that it is highly portable. It comes with four lock holes and four latches for safe storage and transportation. Want to carry your bow everywhere you go? The ergonomic integrated handle can help you.

However, some users complain that the Velcro straps are installed with screws to posts in the case. Therefore, the metal screw heads are exposed, possibly scratching your bow limbs.


Best Soft Bow Case

1 Allen Company Gear Fit X

Allen Company Gear Fit X Soft Bow Case

Why should you choose this Fit X soft bow case from Allen Company?

First of all, the case has so many pockets to use. Thanks to ten accessory pockets built into the bag, you will not leave behind any item you need for shooting, especially some low-priority gear.

This bag is made of durable canvas material so that it can prevent abrasion well. Do not worry about its durability.

Here is an advantage that soft bow cases have over hard ones – there are two ways of carrying your case. If both of your hands are too busy to carry it, you can clip the padded shoulder strap in place.

The strap offers a big grip on the strap so that you will not feel the bag slide off your shoulder while you are walking.

About the bow, this bag can fits bows up to 35 inches axle to axle. There is a soft interior lining for better protection and interior tie-down straps for keeping the bow secure.

We wish it could be a little more robust with more padding or some removable pillar blocks for more protection.

But with the average price, extra storage, and other convenience features, you will love this case.


2 Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case

Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case

Do you see this bow case has a unique design?

The outside of this case features Mossy Oak’s signature break-up infinity pattern plus a sleek black trim.

Moreover, thanks to the tree trunk and leaf design, the bag can blend in with the green and brown colors of nature and help you camouflage in the wild. So, you can take it with your hunting.

But this feature is a con as well. If you leave the bag outside, you may forget where you have put it – be careful!

The built quality is great, too. The case uses high-quality fabric material, which is not super hard like a shell but durable enough to protect everything inside.

The case also has a standard size so that it can fit a wide range of bow sizes.

But we need to say, do not expect something too fancy. You will get no internal pockets or compartments and have to prepare a separate case for arrows, though there is space for a few small accessories. It is just a simple, sleek, streamlined soft case that is the most ideal for transportation.

For helping you to carry the case with ease, it comes with two short fabric handles.


3 Barnett 17083 Padded Crossbow Case

Barnett 17083 Padded Crossbow Case

If you are finding a case for your crossbow, you may want to consider the Barnett 17083.

It has excellent construction quality and is made of reinforced nylon with foam fillers inside for extra padding to your case. So, it will last for a long time without any problem.

Unlike the Mossy Oak compound bow case, this one offers additional compartments, providing generous space and sufficient protection for your quiver, accessories, and gears.

You will have quick access to these shooting and hunting accessories thanks to easy opening.

Transporting this case is also a piece of cake. It comes with padded shoulder straps so that it will not feel heavy at all. You can either wear it on your back or pick it up with ease.

About measurements, the case is 10.63 inches wide and 7.5 inches high. However, it seems too big for some crossbows. Because of this enormous size, the bow, especially the small one, may not get adequate protection.

We know the case has a reasonable price and ample storage. But if you own a larger crossbow, you should think of another choice.


4 Southland Archery Supply SAS Take-Down Recurve Case

This is the last soft bow case, also the final product on this list. This case fro Southland Archery Supply is specially designed for take-down recurve bows.

The construction and material quality are excellent. There is also soft inner material to protect your equipment from scratches.

The product is not as heavy and bulky as many other models – you can carry the case without feeling exhausted.

It features an arrow tube holder in the back. The straps on the outside help to hold the arrow tube more securely. However, you need to purchase arrow tubes separately.

Plus, there are four pouches. Two outside zippered pocket is for storing the limb and riser. Meanwhile, the other two inside pockets are large enough for holding bow accessories, like arm guards, stringer, finger tabs, gloves, or bowstrings.

But it would be much better if the riser pockets were a little larger and there was more padding.

Overall, with a fair price, you will get the good-quality bow case that can fit the entire take-down recurve bow, a SAS 3-tube quiver with 12 arrows, and other accessories.


Important Criteria For Choosing A Bow Case

Bow cases come with various designs and sizes, so you need to be conscious and focus on these following features to find the right one.

Here they are!


Hard case or soft case? We are not on either side. Each type of case has its pros and cons.

If you desire more protection and do not want to worry about the abuse the case will take, a hard case will work. It is entirely made of hard or rigid material. This case type is also airline approved.

What about soft cases? They are made of fabric like polyester, nylon, or any other similar material. Soft case users tend to want extra space for storage.

Especially, they are a budget option compared to hard ones. Some people even have more than one soft case because they can purchase two or three with the price of one hard case.

Of course, you have to accept a downside that the protection of a hard case surpasses.

Although the soft cases we have chosen on this list cannot be tough like hard ones, they still provide adequate protection and will not make you disappointed.


Why do you need to care about the size of the case? Because it determines whether you feel comfortable when carrying the case around or not.

The case can be compact or very long, depending on the type of bow you have. The size also depends on whether you always accept to take down your crossbow or recurve bow before putting it into the case.


You know how important space is, especially for those who need to carry a lot of ammo. So, make sure the case provides enough room for all of your gear without any wasted space.

Another problem is that you need to make sure the capacity meet the security measures guideline of most airlines if you want to travel abroad. You will not want to have your equipment confiscated or flight delays.


Your case and bows will go through a long and tough journey, of course.

Read reviews before buying and choose a case that is as robust as possible. You do not want a case that quickly falls apart after a couple uses.

If you prefer backwoods and rocky streams, you’d better go with a hard case. In contrast, if you are careful and tend to take things easy, a soft case will be suitable for you.

However, durability is a serious matter of soft cases. When soft ones first appeared, they used the same fabric type as camping equipment, such as a tent. But do not worry – the material then has been much improved for more durability without losing flexibility.


Finally, remember to find the case having the highest compatibility with your accessories, such as bow modifications, arrow add-ons, and quivers. The more space for storage is better.

Some cases may offer generous extra space, while others only have limited area for accessories. Some products even have a poor design and bad padding on the inside. Therefore, the length of the bows and arrows is limited.

On this list, we have tried to avoid incompatibility as much as possible.

When you buy a bow case, do not examine the exterior only. You must check the inside carefully to make sure the specs meet your current bow and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need To Store My Bow?

For protection, of course! Nobody cares about your bow more than you do.

An excellent case can make sure your bow will not get damaged when you stow it in the back of your truck and travel for hunting.

How Can I Choose A Case For My Youth Bow?

A youth bow is usually smaller than the adult version, and it does not have an extra length that prevents it from fitting a case. So, do not worry too much.

You just need to pay attention to the dimensions and specifications from the manufacturer, and you will know the allowed sizes that fit the case.

When you already have information about the product, you will be more confident in your decision.

How Important Is Arrow Storage?

Arrows can easily bend, or even worse, break. Sometimes you may lose them while shooting.

Lack of arrows is so troublesome when you are not near any place that provides the items you need. So, do not underestimate the benefits of arrow storage.

Not only arrows but also other accessories need to be stored in the same case instead of separate ones.


So, have you decided which one is the best bow case for you yet?

Because choosing the right one is not difficult anymore! We hope our article will help you to have the necessary information about this product.

Thank you for reading and have a fun shooting.