Best Archery Target Reviews: Top 10 Rated in 2024

Why should you spend hundreds of dollars ơn the best archery target rather than using a recycling paper target or a log?

Then we confirm that you should never ignore the archery target – This is among the essential accessories.

The best archery target helps improve the accuracy of shooting and leverage your skills shortly.

In this post, we update you on all basic things about the target, a complete buying guide for the best archery target, plus with Top 10 in the market.

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Understanding Archery Target and Its Terminology

Many people used to think about archery targets as a simple paper stuck on a log until they found out that there are a bunch of targets with different shapes, materials, and sizes.

The target is specific objects 70 meters (or so) away from archers to hold off the arrows (or bolts.)

Specifically, the target is made up of various terminologies.

Here are several keys to take note:

  • Addressing the target
  • Anchor point and aim paradox
  • Bull’s eye
  • Butt
  • Clout
  • Hit
  • Range
  • Target captain and target face

Type Of Archery Target

We must reconfirm here:

Without a proper target, you can not practice the archery the right way!

However, which type of target to choose is based on your shooting level, your purposes of archery (for fun or professional games), your weapon (a simple stick or a lightning-fast compound bow), and your budget.

Currently, there are four types of archery targets for you to consider:

Bag Targets

It is safe to say that bag targets are the most common style of targets in terms of prices and features.

The targets are often crafted with absorbent or synthetic fiberfill materials. Thus, they can quickly stop the arrow without damaging the tips.

However, we only recommend bag targets if you master field points. Avoid the broadheads because they can shred the covering layer of the bag.

Furthermore, bag targets are more suitable for indoor practices.

Firstly, you can hang them in-place rather than carry out the bulky targets all around.

Secondly, remember to keep the bag from rain or moisture. The materials are likely to soak up and deteriorate quickly.

Or, you had better choose a weather-resistant bag target.

Foam Block Targets

Block targets are often more lightweight and portable than bag targets.

The arrow is pinched between layers and stopped by the momentum instead of a strong force. Thus, arrow removal is relatively easy.

In terms of shooting, it requires more skillful techniques, especially the shooting angles. You should turn the block vertically instead of horizontally.

While archery targets are recommended indoors, the foam block targets are for outside practices. You can shoot from ground level or a tree stand.

Just for your note, block targets are less durable, primarily when you shoot mostly broadheads.

3D Practice Targets

Professional hunters or archers like shooting a 3D foam target to get familiar with real-life gaming situations.

The target often copies the virtual look of animal species such as deers, antelopes, or foxes.

With various overlays, you will know exactly where the arrow would hit so that you can target the killing points later.

Those targets are often light to set up quickly. However, the foam core might wear out after repeated uses.

Fortunately, most mid-sections of the 3D targets are replaceable.

Next time, you should bring a 3D archery target out for your shooting practices. Just hang it on a tree stand and target!

Paper Target

Simply put, the target is a sheet of paper with bullseye and circles on it.

This type of target is commonly sold in packs or even easily made at home. Nonetheless, the target is fragile and useless after several shoots.

If you shoot an arrow for fun, you might not need to invest in an expensive foam or 3D target. A cheap paper target will do the game.

However, paying low does not mean you ignore the quality of the target.

The best archery target made of a paper should feature high-density inks, optimized graphics, conceptualized from scope alignment.

Best Bag Target For Archery Practice

1 Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS – Best for Field Point

Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS

Morrell is known as top human-practice shooting tools. And this Double Duty 450 FPS will also not disappoint you.

This target is built for professional field point practicing with various types of bows, including traditional bow, airbows, crossbows, or compound bows.

Very versatile!

Thanks to the double duty feature, which keeps the target stand firmly on the ground, no matter of thousands of shots at a time.

In other words, the Morrell target can stop high-speed hittings quickly and streamline your practice right away.

The bag will not hold the arrows too tightly. You can still take the bolts out without tearing the covering.

What’s more, Double Duty 450 FPS is weatherproof. It helps lengthen the durability of the bag even when you need to move it around frequently for practicing.

The overall weight is only 33 lb, coming along with a square dimension and two tote handlers one another side — this helps to transport the target smartly.

Almost all are good, except for the fact that the target can hardly stop arrows at 450 FPS as advertised. Actually, it works with 400 FPS or so.


2 Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 – Best for The Money

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3

Here comes another Morrell bag target.

This Yellow Jacket Supreme is cheaper than the Double Duty 450 FPS. However, the features are still suitable for all levels of archers.

For example, Jacket Supreme 3 is also designed for versatile bows, especially the high-speed compound bows and crossbows.

The freestanding features ensure that the target stands firmly on the ground, even after a thousand shots.

This bag target features five-hole points with red dots so that you see your destination visually and shoot at different angles.

Inside the target, there is a self-healing material to hold all types of arrows firmly.

Thế target also helps with arrow removal because it does not consist of foam internally.

Arrows can be pulled out fast with a little impact on the bag.

We also like that the target is lightweight and convenient to hang and move around.

Even better, Morrell includes small handlers to carry the bag on hand if needed. Also, there are grommets in the top middle side to hang it on the wall.

However, like the Double Duty, the Supreme is only suitable for field archery.


3 Block Classic Archery Target – The Best for Beginners

As its name might suggest, the Block Classic target is a classic choice for beginners.

Know why?

The target comes in 3 sizes – 18, 20, and 22″. So, you have more choices.

Here we focus on the 2-sided target at 18’’x18’’x13.5″.

Our first impression on the Block Classic is its visible design – large white dots on the black background. For practices, you can aim the target easily.

Also, there are only two shooting sides, so you will not be confused with where to aim at.

On practical tests, we figured out that the target is among the lightest choices on the market. The weight with and without the cover is only 11 lb and 16 lb, respectively.

In terms of construction, this bag is made of foam. It means field tips and broadheads are stopped effectively.

Besides, the patented layer with fiction helps pull out the arrows without force.

The target seems good overall, but there is still a limitation when it comes to FPS bows. The bag features a 300 FPS in 8″ target, which is not so fast.


Best Foam Block Target For Archery Practice

1 Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target – Best Overall

Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target

The Rinehart Targets 18-1 Broadhead Target is designed with every level of archers in mind.

The target is 15″x15″x15″ with multiple target zones on all sides. It can be said that the target is always ready for arrows.

Some archers confirmed that the Rinehart 18-1 could hold nearly 8000 arrows together.

So impressive!

The small size also means you can take the target along whenever you want an outdoor practice. To be exact, the target’s weight is only around 15 lb.

More excitingly, the material is “self-healing.”

You can expect the target to absorb broadheads, expandable arrows, and target points without losing its shape.

However, the target still wears out eventually. Once there is a big hole on any side, it becomes more prominent and more significant for a short while.

The target ends up splitting in half.

To make the most out of this target, we recommend using broadheads to protect the inner side from high hitting speed.

Plus, the target is weather-resistant; to be specific, it is durable against the sun, hostile temperatures, and moisture.

There is a one-year guarantee by the manufacturer that they are open to replace a new target without a hassle.

Overall, the target is helpful because you can shoot quickly from any distance and any angle of field yard.


2 Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target – Best for Budget

Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target

In general, the Block Black Crossbow 4 Sided archery target is made for crossbow archers. It has a high-density core, open-layered compression, as well as 4-sided design.

The most exciting is, all features come at a surprisingly affordable price.

In particular, let’s uncover its features.

First off, the high-density core can stop arrows at a 400 FPS hitting speed. This is thanks to the friction foam.

Not only does it grab the shaft of the arrow quickly, but the heat generated from friction also makes it easy to release the arrows after targeting.

Secondly, the uniform layer compression can stop arrows without force. As a result, it extends the target’s life span.

We also like the 4-sided design. You can shoot with broadheads, field tips, or expandable arrow – the target can almost take it over quickly.

On each side, there are high-contrast graphics in black and white. Your eyes will feel totally comfortable even after long practicing hours.

Please note that the target comes in two different sizes: 16’’x16’’x12” and 20’’x20’’x16”. Pick one that suitable for your shooting purposes.

A small complaint is, there is no feature for compound bows.

From our practical test, you can use this target for both crossbows and compound bows. However, the latter need more exercise, and it comes to pulling out the arrow.


3 Rinehart RhinoBlock – Best Versatile Target

Rinehart RhinoBlock Target

The Rinehart RhinoBlock is another alternative when it comes to the best bag target.

At a glance, you can get that the target features 6 different sides, four of which are conventional zones with 12 dots and 4 dots while the two others feature 3D sculpted animal body.

The target zones are up to 40 for both field tips and broadheads.

Bulky, as the target might look, the actual weight is only 19.6 lb. Also, there is a rope handle for you to carry it all out with a minimized effort.

The patented self-healing foam is another plus.

Even under dozens of strikes and harsh hittings, the cube RhinoBlock still stays in shape. After targeting, you can remove the arrows without the fear of ripped or tearing foam.

The insert core is replaceable, so feel free to change the base if you figure out any defects.

However, you should be aware that the self-healing foam is not replaceable. The only choice when the foam breaks down over time is to buy a completely new Rhino Block – This is quite a disadvantage.


Best 3D Target For Archery Practice

1 GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck – The Best Realistic Construction

 GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core

Most professional lifelike archers prefer 3D targets rather than bags or block targets.

And, many of them recommend GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Target.

In brief, we cover this target in three characteristics: realistic design, durable construction, and large target area.

This 3D target has a shape of the live 250-lb buck in terms of height and weight.

Excitingly, it is not heavy and bulky as you might think. The weight is only 23 lb.

The whole dimension is divided into four large aiming areas, each of which illustrates vital organs of the buck.

By practicing with this target, you will soon improve the accurate aim and killing shots for the next deer season.

The durability is another big plus.

The inner parts of the four sides are covered with PolyFusion technology. When you hit the arrows, they get attached to the layered walls quickly. Meanwhile, the removal case is supported.

Nevertheless, not the whole body is made of foam. If the arrows do not hit the right targeting areas, other parts can be damaged.

The target can withstand repeated shots of field points and back to shape shortly and durable for many years before you need to replace the insert core.

The hollow legs are also a thoughtful addition. They help maintain the stability of the target on the ground.


2 Rinehart Woodland Boar -Versatile 3D Archery Target

Rinehart Woodland Boar 3D Target

At the same price range as the GlenDel Pre-Rut, Rinehart Woodland Board is another right choice.

With a solid self-healing body foam, the target is suitable for both crossbows and compound bows, using different arrows (wood, aluminum, carbon, field points, or broadheads.)

Built-in a brown color, the target looks really vivid as a replica. You will feel like shooting a real wild animal so that you can improve your skill from time to time.

Notably, there is a scoring ring in the middle part of the boar side to help find out the target areas quickly.

The internal locking tubes are included to fix the insert core in place to minimize external impacts. You can even change the inner insert core upon its damage.

Moreover, the foam body protects the target from quick shots, making the Rinehart Woodland more stable and durable.

Even more, the target is exceptionally weather-resistant. Put it under the sun, and the UV damage will not deteriorate the Woodland.

Features are thumb-up. However, some users reported the external paint rubbed off quickly.

Wear-out is unavoidable in case of too frequent practice.

If you come across such a disadvantage shortly after use, you should call the manufacturer for an exchange.


Best Paper Target For Archery Practice

1 Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas – Top-rated Paper Targets

Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas

As we mentioned, if you are practicing for fun rather than for a hunting game or professional competitions, you can go for the cheap paper target.

Take the Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas, for example.

To your surprise, almost every consumer gave this target five stars. It makes sense, thinking of an affordable and high-quality paper sheet.

With around a dozen dollars, you now can order 20 packs of 3 SPOT to use for some time.

With some more dollars, you can even get larger packs from 50 to 200 targets.

Excitingly, those targets are much more durable than other papers, thanks to their heavy-duty archery paper. As a result, they hold up shooting and target pins nicely.

Most importantly, 3 SPOT targets feature a distinct color scheme, including vivid blue, red, and yellow. The ink quality is excellent as you can notice the bull’s eyes from a distance.

To be exact, each color ring edge is 2-4 cm from one another.

Speaking of paper targets, the 3 SPOT is top-quality. However, it is still more fragile than bags, block targets, or 3D targets.

It means the target is vulnerable to water or harsh impacts.


2 Longbow Targets 60 cm / 24 – Best for Professional

Longbow Targets 60 cm / 24

While the 3 SPOT targets are quite primary and recommended as the top-rated for beginners, Longbow Target 60cm/24 ones are for intermediate and professional archers.

Similarly, the Longbow targets are also sold in packs to attach to almost all surfaces.

The printing quality is also outstanding.

Materials are also more premium than standard papers. That’s why this paper target can still withdraw with several arrows and archery tools.

What are the differences?

At a glance, the Longbow has more rings, plus with bull’s eyes. Therefore, the distance between the edge is smaller, making it hard to reach the center points.

The color scheme is also more diverse to mark different scoring levels.

It helps improve the aiming and shooting skills quickly.

More challenging, more fun!

Still, keep the paper from water or moisture if you do not want it to be wet and damp.


Things To Look For Best Archery Target

Choosing the best archery target is not as easy as you might think. In fact, there are various factors to consider for your very next target.

Type of Archery

Many beginners looking for the best archery target are surprised when we ask whether they practice field archery or target archery.

For indoor fun games, these two types of archery are almost similar. However, in outdoor situations, they are significantly different.

In terms of field archery, targets are realistically placed at various distances. Thus, they are often useful to practice for hunting purposes.

This time, you should get a 3D target in the shape of common bucks and animals.

In contrast, target archery is more common in competitions. Targets are 18 to 70 meters away from the archers.

Targets are drawn with concentric circles. The nearer to the center an arrow hits, the better you score.

To practice target shooting, you should go for a bag or block, or paper targets. They stop and remove the arrows better.

Construction and Design

Besides, you should not ignore the construction and design.

As you might already figure out from types of an archery target, paper targets are simple and round. Bag targets are often a rectangle, which is easy to aim and shoot. Foam targets have a cube shape. And, 3D target features the animal’s size and shape.

The more difficult it is to hit the target, the more quickly your shooting skills are improved.

Color is another component to keep in mind. Choose high-quality ink so that you are still able to see the target from a range.

Moreover, colors should be comfortable for your eyes – red, blue, and orange are our recommendations.

Target Size and Density

Where do you want to hang up the targets, indoors, or outdoors?

Estimate the most suitable size accordingly. However, we recommend a more extensive target at the entry-level. They compensate for the out-of-the-way hits.

When your skills are improved, you can go for smaller targets.

About the density, we follow a rule of thumb:

The more density, the harder the arrows can hit and stay at the target. Also, a target should be dense enough to handle the strong hits, especially from compound bows.


The “self-healing” terminology is a misnomer.

Our expectation: the target surface returns to the original shape after shooting so that we can use the target longer.

The fact: No materials of archery targets are entirely able to heal itself. They are, more or less, are directly affected by every shooting.

Ease of Removal

Taking the arrows off the foam or 3D targets is quite easy. Besides, they minimize the damage of the arrows to the target.

However, when you come for paper or bag targets, the head tips usually dig into the target and stay there.

Once you remove those stuck arrows, you might have a more fabulous view and other qualities.


The lifespan of archery targets depends on several factors, including its construction and design, materials, and self-healing features.

More importantly, the type of archery has a significant impact on durability.


It makes sense that the movement of archery targets is essential, particularly when you practice insides and outsides.

The target should be lightweight and small-to-medium high.

What’s more, for outdoor activities, we suggest using a bag and foam targets. These two are quite compact and easy to take all around.

Weather Resistance

The natural factors like rain, snow, moisture are common for archery target.

Without proper weather-resistant functions, the target might be damaged and become in vain shortly.

Thank goodness, weatherproof materials now are more and more common in premium archery targets.


As the top 10 best archery target options are available at your fingertips, you should give each one a try.

Take our buying guide into consideration to ensure that you do not waste money on low-quality targets.

We hope it is helpful!