Tips From The Homeless On How To Survive On The Street And Car Junkyard

Learning survival skills in cities. It’s a matter of life or death. Urban survival is a set of skills that you need to recognize what is happening in the place where you are and in the world in which you move. You will need these mental and physical abilities to adapt to this place and this world: your most important means of survival.

Disinfection and water search

In the urban survival environment in places where people are full of people, and drinking water is very unhygienic, and the possibility of water pollution is very high, you must learn how to find and disinfect water. When water is contaminated, it is obvious that it is not safe to drink it. Learning how to find drinking water in urban areas like Sandhill Pick and Pull is an important survival skill.

In addition, you can collect rainwater in a box. Since most of the stored water will help in many natural disasters. And rainwater is heaven sent if you’ve had to supply your own water for a long time. The sad truth is that when rainwater is nowhere to be found, streams and rivers that are supposed to provide water are often polluted. In this case, learn how to disinfect and disinfect water.

Learning Medical Skills

When you need to save a life but don’t know the basic medical skills, how serious will it be? When the emergency room is full of other victims of typhoons or wars, how will an illness, a burn, or a simple wound survive?

In this time of chaos and social unrest in the urban environment in which it is located, the possession of medical skills is one of the tools needed to overcome the barrier associated with a lack of medical services and a shortage of medical personnel.

Protecting yourself

Another important skill you should have in an urban environment is learning how you can protect yourself in case an intruder puts you at risk and threats. Learning defense techniques, including martial arts, is a good way to start. You may also bring security items each day, such as pepper spray, a small flashlight, a licensed firearm, and/or a knife.

Trust your instincts and be alert

You may have always heard, “Trust your instincts.” Recognize those instincts of yours and pay attention to them. If you feel that something is wrong, you must move away from this place and return to a safe place. You don’t have to be ashamed to admit that you are scared and want to stay safe.