Best Rifle Sling 2023 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

It’s hunting season again and you’re probably looking for the best rifle sling that can do the job well. A rifle sling must be robust and strong without sacrificing comfort in the equation.

An ideal one is something that not only works as a mere weapon carrier, but also something that improves your hunting accuracy and target shooting.

A rifle sling is a must-have for every hunter who wants to be a sharpshooter. This equipment ensures you can have a steady and accurate shot every time. It also provides you enough support interface to house your weapon.

What Makes A Good Rifle Sling?


The sling becomes basically useless if it’s not comfortable in the first place. It’s the essence of a rifle sling – to add comfort while you’re in a hunting spree.

A good rifle sling must have wide paddings and be at least two inches thick. That way, you have something that reduces the stress on your shoulder while giving you balance while you’re in motion.


Another way to spot a good rifle sling is to find out what it’s made of. Not all materials are durable and rugged. Look for something that can withstand harsh conditions and any weather condition.

Go for that sling made of extremely superior material. A high density nylon for instance is a certified durable material.


You must be able to adjust your sling in any length necessary. A good sling gives you the ability to adjust it the way you want to. Look for something that you can easily and quickly adjust to various sizes. The more it’s adjustable, the better.

Adjustability also means that the sling can fit multiple body sizes. Look for a sling that you can still use while wearing a body armor.


Another important factor is versatility. The best slings are those which you can use for other purposes. Apart from housing a range of rifles, the sling can also be used as a rope for instance.

Some rifle slings can be used in hoisting and dragging things. If you’re creative enough, you can even use the sling for medical purposes. Its hook must also be large enough to fit other necessary components. A sling with multiple slots is a big plus!

Top 4 Best Rifle Sling on The Market 2024

1 Kaylle 2-Point Rifle Sling – Multi Purpose Sling (Our’s Choice)

Kaylle Rifle Sling

Now this one’s the real deal! This is a lightweight, minimalist sling that you can easily adjust to your desired size.

If you’re looking for that one size that fits all, then this one is your best bet. It’s remarkably sturdy and is truly dependable.

You can be sure this one can last longer than expected because it’s not made with some ordinary materials like other slings do.

It’s composed of high density nylon that can withstand harsh conditions and constant operations.

This two-point gun sling is designed to add or remove tension instantaneously. This gives the user utmost comfort with whatever weapon he wants to carry. The rifle sling itself is versatile and can adapt to work for other purposes.

You can utilize this one as a gun sling, camera bag, and shoulder bag. It can even be used as a safety rope for emergency purposes – it is sturdy enough to handle heavy weights.

This Kaylle Rife Sling is an upgraded version, and more advanced than other. The improved section mainly goes to the metal hook.

Before, the metal hook is too small and can only fit little sizes. This version, on the other hand, comes with a larger hook capable of accommodating more.

Kaylle 2-Point Rifle Sling Upgraded Hook

Overall, the Kaylle Rifle Sling really fits as one of the best rifle slings on the market today. With all the versatility it can offer and the customizable fit that allows you to do practically any application, you have a one-size-fits-all sling that can do virtually everything!

The heavy-duty elastic rope even now has an adjustable length and can be configured for multiple use. The quick adjustment gives you enough window in difficult situations.


2 Allen Baktrak Ambush Gun Sling with Swivels

Allen Baktrak Ambush Gun Sling with Swivels

This one looks pretty standard and has a lot of features to boast for.

For starters, this Allen Baktrak comes with a tread-like system that grips on your shoulder like a pro.

This one is so convenient to use that you can adjust it with just a single hand.

This latest Backtrack tread system offers top-notch comfort a hunter like you deserves.

You may experience a little stiffness at first but you’ll soon get well with it.

It also provides the best non-slip properties to adhere to the ever growing demands of shooters and other consumers. The rubber grippers is very sticky.

Durable and lightweight at the same time, you’ll be surprised this one is tested for up to 300 lbs. Another great aspect is its ability to reduce sling-related noise. This is truly unlike other rubber slings that are bulky and not handy enough.

Aside from being lightweight, this one is also imposingly low-profile. This means you are free to do full range movements whenever you are in the field. This one is designed not to interfere with your operation and will just do its job humbly.

No matter what your shape is, the Baktrak’s flexible construction can accommodate it. The best part is it can conform to your shape even without a padded thick clothing. What more could you ask for?


3 Butler Creek Comfort Stretch Alaskan Magnum Sling with Sewn-In Swivels

Butler Creek Comfort Stretch Alaskan Magnum Sling with Sewn-In Swivels

Now this one looks more professional and way neater than is competitors.

It only comes in black, implying a serious nature and stern thought to the job at hand.

You can tuck your rifle in this dependable system that will always stay on your shoulder.

The Butler Creek offers utmost comfort and can stretch whenever necessary.

An impressive feature of this model includes the ability to reduce the weight that you feel, in a highly significant extent.

It even controls the bounce that is common among neoprene slings. Further, it has a cell neoprene enclosed with a waterproof material. It also has non slip grippers for added performance.

This now truly defines durability and comfort as it combines hard-wearing features and soft elements into this one-of-a-kind stretch sling.

The manufacturer boasts having a patented design – meaning you can’t find anything like this on the market.

It may not be entirely perfect overall but this one is very hard to beat at its price, making this one truly practical and a bang for the buck.

Another thing that will surely astonish you is the fact that slings already include the hardware. So this one is ready to go and better than its counterparts


4 S2Delta 2 Point Rifle Sling

 S2Delta USA Made 2 Point Rifle Sling

Proudly made in the USA, the S2Delta is engineered to deliver what it takes to be a great weapon equipment.

The brand is veteran owned and operated, giving you confidence that the people behind has given stern thought into creating this masterpiece.

This sling design with two inches thick shoulder strap evenly spreads the weight of the load on the user’s shoulder without making the user feel additional weight due to the thick padding.

The end sections that house the weapon are reduced to a single inch. This is not a downside, however. It actually means the sling can give a better interface with your hands in the weapon’s proximity.

Versatility is also something this sling can boast. It’s a two-point sling that comes with modular attachment options which you can link to the sling. All of which can be connected with a quick release buckle.

Another impressive thing about this sling it’s generously adjustable. This is a big factor added to the wide array of weapon interface options. Both the one-inch and two-inch sections can be adjusted.

The one-inch segment comes with an integrated strap that gives your forward hand access for a fast and instant adjustment. On the other hand, the two-inch section offers access for gross adjustment.

Imposingly, the adjustment can accommodate multiple body types and sizes. It can even cater a user wearing a body armor. The adjustment ranges from 41 inches to 60 inches.

Further, a D-ring is also integrated in the sling to fulfill an important purpose – it permits a 1-point option when utilized with a C.L.A.S.H. hook connector or a pigtail.

Overall, the S2Delta is ideal for a user who wants to operate with something that allows him to adjust with just one hand.

This one has modular connections you can easily detach from the main sling. Multiple options also give you the opportunity to accommodate various guns.


Types of Gun Slings

If you wish to own a gun sling then take note of its different types so you’ll know exactly what your choices are. These include:

Single-Point/One-Point Sling

Single-Point/One-Point Sling

One type of gun sling you have to familiarize yourself with is the single-point/one-point sling, which performs well in terms of accommodating various shooting movements and positions while providing proper rifle retention and shooting support.

This type of sling can be used by wrapping it around your body but note that it connects to the rear part of the rifle’s receiver only.

What it does is to prevent you from dropping and losing the rifle and ensuring that you can still move freely to do certain things, like switching your rifle between your non-dominant and dominant side.

One benefit of this sling is that it does not seem to get in the way when manipulating the rifle. It is a perfect choice if you need your rifle to be fully prepared for use all the time.


  • Capable of accommodating a wide range of shooting movements and positions
  • Can offer proper shooting support
  • Promotes freedom of movement


  • The rifle is prone to flopping around when you let it hang with the support of the sling while you use both your hands somewhere else

Two-Point sling


The next type of rifle sling that you can use is the two-point sling. It looks similar to a carry strap.

One major distinction linked to it is that you need to mount it on the rifle’s side. It also usually comes with a quick adjustment mechanism, making it possible for you to carry the rifle across either the back or front of your body in a secure and comfortable manner.

You can wrap this sling around your body and tighten it quickly, thereby providing some sort of support for offhand shooting.

One thing that’s so impressive about the sling is that it lets you hang your rifle without the risk of it flopping loosely. It also improves rifle retention.

Another benefit of the two-point sling is that it provides a quick support ideal for long-range shots.

The fact that you can easily adjust it is also a big advantage as it makes it versatile while supporting the shooter in various roles.


  • Features a quick adjustment mechanism for versatility
  • Does not cause the rifle to flop loosely when you hang it
  • Works well for long-range shots
  • Offers support for offhand shooting


  • Causes some sort of discomfort and tightness when shouldering in case you did not rein the slack and tension found in the sling properly

3-Point Sling

Lastly, you can choose the 3-point rifle sling. You can attach this kind of sling to the rear and front part of your rifle just like how you do it in the two-point sling.

However, take note that one major distinction with the three-point sling is that it utilizes another loop of fabric, which you can use in wrapping it around the shooter.

Just like the two-point sling, the three-point sling is also capable of letting the shooter retain a good level of versatility and retention.

It works well as a combat sling, especially when used in close quarters. Another advantage of this sling is that it helps ensure that your weapon stays within easy reach.

It also provides more control when compared to single-point slings, especially when you are moving hand’s free.

Furthermore, it is beneficial in the sense that it lets you easily transition from rifle to sidearm without having to worry about the risk of fumbling in between weapons.


  • Promotes versatility and retention
  • Performs well as a combat sling
  • Helps ensure that your weapon is within easy reach
  • Promotes ease of transition from your rifle to the sidearm


  • Slightly bulky

Ching Sling

Ching Sling

You can also use the Ching sling. It actually refers to a special kind of shooting sling, which has the principles of the two-point and the hasty slings.

To work, it needs to have three connection points. It is particularly useful when it comes to carrying and aiming. What is good about the Ching sling is that it also comes with a built-in shooting loop.

Such loop is useful in preventing the need to detach the sling’s rear part from the rifle.

The fact that it also makes use of a third sling swivel is also a big advantage as it ensures that the shooting loop remains accessible and open, making it quick to use on the field.

It is also a good choice in the sense that it promotes ease and speed when looping up.

Another thing that most users of Ching sling find beneficial is that it showcases class.


  • Ideal for use when carrying and aiming
  • Lowers the risk of the sling’s rear detaching from your rifle
  • Promotes easy access to the shooting loop
  • Easy and quick to loop up


  • A third stud might still be needed

How to Use a Rifle Sling?

Once you have picked the perfect type of rifle sling for your specific needs, the next thing you have to do is to familiarize yourself with how you should use it. Basically, using the sling involves taking into account the following simple tips:

1. Learn The Proper Way to Carry Your Rifle

The good news is that you can easily do this tip. It just involves putting your offside or non-dominant arm through your chosen sling.

Let the sling draw tightly against your upper arm’s back. You might need to do some adjustments to do this correctly.

It might also be necessary to make adjustments on the length based on what you are presently wearing.

Your goal should also be to ensure that your forearm, which is not on the rifle, is positioned at the right angle with your weapon.

2. Practice Shouldering Your Weapon with Just One Hand

One handed non-shoulder rifle carry using a sling allows great control. Photo © Russ Chastain

If you start carrying your rifle based on the first tip mentioned in this article, controlling it will be much easier for you.

In that case, there is no need for you to utilize your strong or dominant hand as a means of shouldering your weapon or rifle. In fact, you can grasp it using your left hand.

What you have to do is to wrap the rows of your finger around the popper. Try to position it in place, ensuring that the butt stays against the opposite shoulder.

3. Ensure That The Rifle is On The Right side of Your Shoulder

The correct position is putting your rifle or weapon in front of your shoulder so you can easily and quickly bring it to hit your target.

Slip the sling over your non-dominant or weaker arm (in most cases, it’s the left), as well as over your shoulder.

Ensure that you position the gun in front while the sling should be placed behind your shoulder.

4. Learn The Proper Way of Shouldering Your Rifle

This tip requires some practice. One thing that you can do is to transfer the stock’s wrist from your left hand to the right.

Just move your left hand a bit across your body to the right since it’s at that specific part of your weapon. After that, hold the grip area of the weapon using your right hand.

You should then move your left hand to the forearm of the gun while you move your right hand up as well as to the right as a means of shouldering the gun.

Shouldering the rifle that way is crucial in ensuring that your arm won’t move excessively, thereby ensuring that you can free the sling.

5. Pay Attention to The Tension on The Sling

Once the rifle is shouldered from the front carry position, the sling is nicely positioned behind the upper arm to provide sling tension to help improve accuracy. Photo © Russ Chastain

Aside from ensuring that the gun stays in the exact position where it is needed, you also have to pay close attention to the rifle sling as well as its tension. Note that such tension works in stabilizing your aim.

One problem that you might encounter in this tension is that it might cause the gun stock’s flexing to change or produce pressure in between the barrel and the stock.

In this case, you might want to consider getting those light synthetic stocks known for their flexibility.

Aside from ensuring that you strictly observe some safety guidelines and precautions in terms of firearm safety while practicing the right shouldering and carrying techniques, it is also necessary to practice shooting at a certain range with the aid of the tension on the sling.

It’s a major help in improving your familiarity when it comes to firing your rifle correctly. You can also use this in figuring out if there are any issues with accuracy.


Investing in the right best rifle sling is the key towards making the most out of your adventures.

The material must be durable. It must also be comfortable to wear and is versatile enough to be used for emergency situations. Further, it must also be adjustable for utmost convenience.

Just make sure that you are also aware of how to use the sling properly to get the correct aim and improve your accuracy to guarantee better results.