Best Gun Magnet Mount for Concealed Your Weapon

The best gun magnet is something that can strongly hold your firearm and comes with a lot of perks at the same time.

Are you looking for a reliable way to store your handgun in the car or at home?

Want to always be ready to defend yourself in case of emergency?

Gone are the days of keeping your gun in your drawer or safe.

Gun magnets offer an advanced way of storing your weapon while simultaneously making it accessible all the time.

Can a Magnet Damage a Gun?

Can a Magnet Damage a Gun
How many gun owners think gun magnets hurt their guns?

Gun magnets offer lots of unique ways to secure and conceal your firearm conveniently with instant access.

More people are choosing to mount their guns with magnets because of all the options they open up for storing your firearms around the house.

Before you buy one, though, you might be asking yourself if they are safe for your gun.

After all, aren’t guns made out of metal? And don’t magnets affect guns?

Well, don’t worry about that. Magnets designed for holding guns are perfectly safe for use.

Why Using a Gun Magnet is Safe?

It is correct that magnets will affect the function of steel and can eventually magnetize it, causing other particles to stick. With guns, however, this is not a concern.

Typically, magnetization is seen with very powerful magnets such as the rare earth types which are used in industrial applications.

Magnets designed for gun use are very secure for holding your gun, but they are not powerful enough to affect all the way inside your gun.

Magnets must have more power to penetrate deeper into steel, and a typical gun magnet just doesn’t have enough force to affect any of the internal parts.

That’s not to say that you don’t run some small risk of magnetizing parts of your gun.

If your gun is steel (not stainless), it’s possible the outside may become very slightly magnetized and pick up very small bits of metal.

This does not affect the function otherwise. The only time this would be an issue is if you were working inside of a metal shop that made very fine metal powder or shavings, and also left your gun laying around (such as on a table) at the shop.

Why Using a Gun Magnet is Safe

Since you’re probably not doing that, you will be just fine. Magnets have been used for many years to support rifles and shotguns inside of gun safes and racks, with no ill effects.

Gun magnets will not negatively impact your ammo either. Most components of ammo are completely non-magnetic.

Brass cases, copper and lead bullets, gunpowder, and primers are all non-magnetic.

Steel cases and bullets containing steel (such as surplus military ammunition) may be slightly attracted to a magnet if placed directly on it, but the effect of a gun magnet will be far too weak to cause this.

Top 5 Best Gun Magnet on The Market 2024

1 RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount – HQ & Powerful Gun Magnet (Our Choose)

RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount

Are you tired of other gun mounts that are not powerful enough to hold your weapon?

Me too, i try some other before stop at Rymmes gun magnet.

I put this magnet in the first place because I really, really like it.

Unlike other, it was designed to keep with only 2 screws, that’s enough. I do not want to drill much into my car.

This is most powerful gun magnet on the market. Amazingly, it can hold up to 45 pounds of firearms – the highest rate on the list!

With this power, you can install almost all gun models and types – from smaller handguns to bigger like shotguns, revolvers, pistols, magazines, and even rifles.

It’s almost impossible to think of any weapon this gun magnet can’t hold. But i recommended using 2 pack side by side for heavier weapon.

I using one in my car, and two for my rifle on the wall. Please careful not get the two mounts stuck to each other, I carelessly put my fingers between two magnet. It hurts!

This Gun Magnet using a premium neodymium magnet composed with the highest quality soft rubber coating available.

The unit can hold your weapon firmly, giving you utmost confidence they won’t easily fall over or be displaced without your permission.

The rubber used for coating the powerful magnets have a safe texture that will never scratch your weapon.

It has a simple, compact, bar with rounded edges design which is pretty much how a good gun magnet should be. The design makes it possible to easily conceal your weapon anywhere you want.

You can safely tuck your weapon in this easy storage and always be ready to defend yourself in case of emergency.

Further, this one offers a concealed shelter for almost all brands; including the Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Springfield, Colt, Glock, Heckler & Koch, Kel Tec, and so much more.

Overall, this RYMMES possesses everything you could ask for in any gun magnet.

The best thing about this one is simplicity. It’s designed as a low-key system yet highly effective in concealing a gun.

They also provide lifetime guarantee with 100% satisfied service. That enough to explain why I recommend it to everyone i know.


2 GERO Tactical Quick Draw Gun Magnet


This one’s a promising magnet that has a lot to boast.

With the Tactical gun magnet, you can always be ready should the occasion arise.

Now you can keep your family safe with a gun magnet that you can install virtually anywhere but highly accessible at the same time.

This magnet can accommodate any gun from a humble rifle to a bigger shotgun. Space the magnet in any way necessary for it to hold your firearm.

The impressive thing is – it can hold up to 25 pounds of weapon. You can be confident your weapon won’t drop easily without your consent.

Another thing you’ll like about this gun magnet is you can use it safely even in a moving vehicle. It’s still safe to use during harsh car movements, making your weapon always set for action.

The magnet size is large enough that you can conveniently mount your gun in any position. You can get your gun to do your routine check then put it back quickly.

With the Tactical gun magnet, you can now showcase your guns in the most stylish way possible. Gone are days of bulky racks and shelves that consume too much space in your display case wall.

This product makes it possible to present your weapon with minimal space without sacrificing class.

Gun racks are bulky and undeniably more expensive. Treat yourself and your gun a more practical and better way of storing it with this rifle and shotgun magnet pack. You can save hundreds of dollars when you prefer this approach.


3 CoJo Gun Magnet

CoJo Gun Magnet

Now this one comes with a patented design.

The CoJo gun magnet offers better containment with versatility in mind.

The manufacturer boasts this one as the only magnet that uniquely works for vehicle applications and hunting situations due to its distinct design.

This one is V-shaped – the magnet holds your pistol, rifle, or shotgun in an upright position. The design is safe so there’s no point in worrying any accidental gun discharge.

The V-shape design offers a very sophisticated way of presenting your firearm. Nothing is more stylish than showing your gun in an upright position. It gives the impression of something that is always ready and up to the task.

This CoJo makes sure you have something that you can easily access in times of need. The design promotes a more convenient and faster way of access compared to its counterparts.

The magnet can contain the gun absolutely anywhere and it effectively prevents your weapon from falling over when you are hunting or doing your required activity.

Further, the CoJo gun magnet gives you more options in terms of gun placement.

This one can be mounted in duck blinds, deer stands, offices, homes, UTVs, vehicles, and even boats!

One thing that makes this gun magnet unique is the loop on every side of the magnet. The purpose of these loops is to allow the user to mount the unit in a tree.

You simply have to strap and wrap the gun magnet around the tree. This significantly adds versatility as you can now have something to use while you are hunting from a tree.

In addition, the same loops give you the option of using the unit as a tool belt around the waist.

The unique patented design is the solution to your hunting needs. All it takes is the right creativity and knowledge in utilizing this tool aside from mainly being a gun magnet.


4 PRO SAFE Gun Magnet Mount


This product is composed of multiple powerful neodymium magnets scattered evenly on a distinctive, wider surface area that will safely hold your gun.

The new magnet design allows perpendicular gun positioning that you can depend on even while on a car traversing on a bumpy road.

This one can cater virtually all types and models of guns.

This gun magnet can securely grasp your gun with utmost strength. You can never experience your gun accidentally sliding or slipping while you are driving.

The product guarantees your firearm will never spin, move, or fall in all types of mounting applications.

The design also makes it possible to have an extra space so you can mount additional items such as gun magazines, right on the same platform.

Moreover, this gun magnet can fit the shape of any weapon, giving you total freedom of whatever weapon you want to mount as long as it won’t exceed its capacity – up to 40 lbs.

This magnetic gun holder also defines convenience by allowing you to mount your weapon in any position you desire.

Note: A loaded pistol will do well on a single magnet. But you will need two magnets if you want to store a shotgun.

5 Hexa-Gun Magnet


The Hexa-Gun Magnet got its name from its unique shape.

This is one of the strongest ‘raised’ magnets that can hold up to 30 lbs of any weapon or metallic substance.

The manufacturer even featured a picture with the product holding a 31lb piece of cylindrical string in an upside down position!

This one is crafted with a dual hexagonal-shaped raised design that comes with dual magnets inside.

The magnets are powerful neodymium that offers advanced magnetic contact and strength.

This type of magnets are powerful enough to keep your firearm stable and keeps it from unintentional spinning.

With this Hexa-Gun, you can be confident your weapon won’t drop accidentally. Your firearm will be held steady and nothing can make it fall from the magnet unless done on purpose.

Even with a side mount, you can easily grip the butt of the gun thanks to the distinct raised hexagonal shape design.

This feature comes quite handy in emergency situations, making it the most important aspect of the product.

In times of emergency, you would sure want to access your gun right away and it can only be possible when you are able to get a grip on the butt of your gun. Thus, allowing you to instantly pull it off from the magnet.

You can install this gun magnet absolutely anywhere – wall, desk, bed frame, bed leg, inside your safe, on top of your desk, and also somewhere in your car.

The mounting screws are already included so the unit can be installed right away with the use of a few tools.

What makes things better is you can mount your weapon both in perpendicular and parallel position.

Overall, the Hexa-Gun Magnet is yet another remarkable gun magnet that brings innovation through a robust raised design, powered by two powerful magnets inside. The most attractive aspect is the affordable price.


How to Choose the Gun Magnet

Here are some of the things to look out for when you’re planning to buy a gun magnet. These factors should be evident in the product you are going to buy.

How to Choose the Gun Magnet


Rating is the capacity of the gun magnet. The fundamental rule states, “the higher the better.”

This means you should look out for something that can effectively hold your firearm without you worrying about stability issues.

It must be strong enough to keep your gun steady regardless of its position. A good gun magnet is something that can hold a heavy firearm.


There are lots of advancements in gun magnets nowadays. Some model now comes with a raised design, claiming it’s a better way to access your weapon.

There are also some V-shape gun magnets that makes it possible to display your gun upright or in perpendicular mode.

However, the simplest designs always standout. Look for something minimalist and compact.

It’s the perfect way of concealing your gun while having the right style at the same time.


Your gun magnet must be something that can be mounted anywhere you deemed strategic. It must be able to mount on the wall, under your desk, or simply in your display case.

How to Choose the Gun Magnet

A great gun magnet is able to fulfill three purposes – hide, organize, and display.

It must be small enough that you can easily conceal it anywhere along with the gun completely undetected.

It must also be something that organizes your guns pretty well.

A compact design, for instance, is almost invisible in the background when you put it on the wall along with a gun.

That way you can organize your guns in a wall and they’ll look as if they’re just floating right there.

It must also be stylish or presentable enough if you want it for display purposes.

The Definitive Guide to Concealed Your Gun with Magnet

One of the best features of the gun magnet is the ability to securely and easily conceal your firearm in a variety of places where nobody would ever think to look.

It makes possible many unique positions to have a firearm immediately accessible to you. Think about all of the places you may be during the day.

You could be any of those places when somebody decides to commit a crime against you, and you won’t get the advantage of choosing the best place for it to happen.

That’s why you should be prepared for it anywhere.

We’ve created a definitive guide to some of the places you can take advantage of this, and how to start thinking of creative mounting places on your own

Hide a Gun in a Car with a Gun Magnet

Most of us spend a lot of time in a car every day, maybe even a couple of hours.

Commuting to work, running errands, going to visit friends, we use our cars to take us everywhere.

It’s also a common place for robberies, car-jacking, road rage, and other attacks.

We want to have a firearm on us, but carrying in the car is uncomfortable and other places may be insecure.

A magnet may be placed in several places for immediate, discreet access.


One popular position is directly in front of the driver, underneath the steering wheel.

This position is hidden from all outside points of view, but is readily available for the strong hand draw.

The firearm can be reached immediately, and can also slowly be drawn discreetly if a threat is seen approaching.

Conversely, a car magnet may be placed low down on the driver’s side door.

This also conceals the firearm and keeps it accessible, but still allows the strong hand to access the steering wheel and all the other necessary controls to escape a bad situation.

Finally, a magnet can be positioned inside a center console or glove box. Firearms are often kept here anyways, but unsecured.

In these positions, the firearm will be completely out of sight because it will be enclosed.

Instead of letting it move around loose, the magnet will secure it to prevent accidental damage to the firearm and potential negligent discharges.

Stronger magnets may even allow you to carry a long gun such as a shotgun or rifle in your car!

By suspending them out of sight and in proper position, this will not cause any alerts or danger signals but gives you access to a superior weapon.

This is a great option for preppers and hunters alike.

The gun magnet in the car is great and offers many options, but make sure you know your local laws.

Get a concealed weapons permit if your state requires one, and always store your firearm in your vehicle in accordance with the laws of your area.

Do this, and you will have no problems carrying safely and successly.

In Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most logical places to store a firearm. It’s where we sleep and are most vulnerable, so we naturally want to protect it the most.

A magnet allows you to store your firearm in many places in the bedroom so you can be ready at a moment’s notice.

Many people keep a firearm in their nightstand, where they must open the drawer and reach for it (it’s more difficult than it seems from a position laying down in bed – try it for yourself!).


Getting creative with this creates many more possibilities.

A magnet on the side of the bed allows you to store your firearm where it can be easily reached by one hand from a sleeping position.

No trying to open a drawer and grasp for a firearm while somebody is trying to enter your room – just reach down to your natural position and draw!

Attaching it to nearby furniture will work also, as well as other parts of the bed – such as behind the headboard.

Here it is very well hidden, but ready to go immediately. Under the bed is another great option.

A magnet on the bottom of the bed allows the same benefits of immediate access, but will easily go unnoticed.

Being that it will be secured off the bottom of the floor, it would likely escape notice even by somebody who is searching under the bed.

The gun magnet could also be used to secure firearms which are normally stored in unsecure places in a bedroom – such as the infamous sock drawer.


The furniture in your house offers an endless number of opportunities for concealing your firearms around the house, or even your place of business.

Starting with, where do many of us spend much of our day? For at least 8 hours, many of us are sitting at a desk or another workstation doing our jobs.

Here we spend much of our day, focused on our work and not expecting anything to go wrong.

But unfortunately, being hard at work doesn’t change the reality of evil people in the world threatening us.

Putting a magnet under your desk is a great place to start.

Nobody expects a normal office worker to have instant access to a firearm, and this element of surprise is your advantage.

The magnet under the desk allows you to access your firearm with your hands unseen, ready to use it when the opportunity presents itself.

The magnet could also be placed inside any of the individual drawers of the desk, ready for access without sliding around loosely.

The dining room table and the living room coffee table are two more places where we found ourselves every day – especially if we have families and eat around the table with them.

The closet is another place where this can come in handy.

Guns are frequently hidden in closets, and thieves know this – closet shelves are one of the first places that they will look when they hit a house looking for valuables.

A magnet here keeps the firearm ready to react to an attack on the home.

Proper planning with your family will establish that everybody knows where the firearm is and has a plan to access it, increasing your chances of success.

On The Wall

Finally, magnets can be stored in any room of the house by just picking a convenient location on the wall.

Your imagination is the limit on all of the places you can conceal a gun with a magnet inside your home by simply sticking it to the wall.

The front door is one place that many people feel they need to secure.


Did you know that most home break-ins start with somebody knocking at the door with a seemingly normal request?

Once you open the door, unseen assailants will rush it to gain entrance.

Even if you are not somebody who opens your door to strangers, this is one of the first places that contact is likely to happen and one of the first places where you can lose control of your house.

A magnet on the wall by the front door puts you in a position to keep control of a potentially dangerous situation.

A gun magnet changes the playing field, though, allowing you to pick the location.

Hide a magnet behind a pile of hanging jackets or blankets, and you’ll always know where it is, but the thieves will have a tough time locating it!

Closets are common “panic rooms” for families to meet in case of emergency.

Putting a magnet on the wall of your closet allows you to keep a firearm in ready condition in your panic room, ensuring that you will have a way to defend yourself when you reach it (much better than waiting for the cops to arrive).

I’m sure you can think of many more places where you would be able to have access to a firearm around the house.

In the bathroom, the study, the garage – anywhere that you identify a home safety need.

You can also use other wall-mounted accessories to your advantage when looking for a place to mount your gun magnet.

For instance, it could be placed behind a painting, lamp, curtain, or other common household item to obscure it from view.

In this way, you will feel much better knowing that it will be very difficult to find and will be more secure from theft.


Investing in the best gun magnet allows you to do more things with your gun in terms of storage and accessibility.

With the ideal products featured above, it all boils down to your decision of finally selecting one.