Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Review

Kayaking is undeniably one of the coolest watersports.

It allows you to experience the calming water sensation and at the same time, indulge in the wonders of nature. This recreational sport requires a specific equipment called kayak which varies in size, function, and design.

Today we will give a thorough review on one of the best personal kayaks out there.

Our Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 review offers you a comprehensive outlook as to the kayak’s great strengths as well as its setbacks.

About the Sun Dolphin Brand

Sun Dolphin is a famous brand known for manufacturing kayaks from newbies to more experienced ones.

Most experts prefer the more expensive kayaks. Originating from the United States, the company focuses more on recreational kayaks having exquisite designs and excellent features.

There are two sub-types under the recreational category – sit-in kayak and sit-on-top kayak. Furthermore, Sun Dolphin also have kayaks for fishing purposes.

Product Specifications

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Review

  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Height: 13 inches
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 250 lbs
  • Cockpit dimensions: 35 x 17 inches
  • Material: Molded Polyethylene (Fortiflex®)


Advantages and Disadvantages at a Glance

Before proceeding to the detailed review of Sun Dolphin Aruba 10, here are its pros and cons:


  • Large and spacious cockpit area
  • UV-stabilized high-quality polymer
  • Adjustable padded seat with high back support
  • Dry storage compartment located behind the seat
  • Adjustable foot and thigh braces
  • Hull design is optimum for tracking and maneuverability
  • Applicable for all ages
  • Comes with shock cord deck rigging
  • With carrying handles for easy transporting


  • No drain plugs
  • Cockpit might be too large that water might flow in
  • Limited storage


Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Review

Aruba 10 belongs to the recreational kayaking type and is a great equipment for any water enthusiast who likes to go solo.

Since it’s designed for leisure activities, Aruba 10 suits well on lakes and rivers. You have the option of going fishing with it, too.

This kayak is popular both the beginners and professionals alike. Its price is neither too cheap nor too expensive; compromises just the right qualities you’ll surely love.

Furthermore, kayaking with Aruba 10 is not limited to adults only, it’s also an excellent choice for children.

Features of Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

Sun Dolphin’s Aruba 10 is packed with features that you don’t want to miss out.

Below are some of the features of this recreational kayak which helped it become one of the bestselling solo kayaks out there.

1. Type

Aruba 10 is sit-in type kayak that has comfortable seating. Sit-in types are also called cockpit types because of their wherein the lower body beginning from the hips are inside the hull.

This is specifically designed for users who don’t like being wet quite much. Paddlers feel more secure when using a sit-in kayak because they normally have greater weight capacity than others.

2. Construction and Design

The material used to construct the Aruba 10 is the Fortiflex’s high-density polyethylene.

It’s a high-quality material that promises durability and the ability to withstand the harmful UV rays of the sun.

This UV inhibition ability is common among all of Sun Dolphin Kayaks. It will ensure that the kayak will retain its vibrancy even under the hot sun.

It’s not easy for the water to leak in because the polyethylene is very sturdy, guaranteed to last for a long time.

Furthermore, as plastic kayaks are usually rotomolded, therefore, the Aruba 10 has a significant amount of impact resistance.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Review

3. Transportability

Being made out of plastic, the Aruba 10 is expected to be lightweight. It has a weight of 40 pounds, and its portability is not a problem at all.

Carry handles are attached to its body so you can easily transport it from the carrier of your car to the shoreline.

4. Tracking and Stability

Aruba 10 has a flat bottom which makes the kayak stable even when paddling on higher waves than the usual.

Due to its design, it has great balance, and so, you can easily paddle around on a lake or a river without fearing of being capsizing.

Another great thing about the kayak is its narrow bow and stern. Tracking on the water is not by pushing the bow but instead, it slices the water to move forward.

There’s no need to always hold on the paddles. When you aren’t using them to push the kayak forward, they are secured with a leash to protect them from sliding out of reach.

5. Cockpit

As this is a sit-in kayak, the cockpit is one of the most important things to consider to ensure the paddler’s comfort while on the water.

For Aruba 10, it has a padded seat with a backrest. It’s one of the primary pros of cockpit types over the sit-on-top kayaks.

When you’re not paddling, you can rest on your back to relax from the strenuous activity and go at it again after you’ve recovered.

The padded seat is indeed adjustable to cater to the changing height and preference of the user.

The Aruba 10 features adjustable foot braces which aim to accommodate various individuals be they a child or an adult.

This flexibility is one of its strength points as to why this kayak is quite popular. Of course, there are the protective thigh braces to ensure your safety and comfort while riding Aruba 10.

The anchorage of your lower body parts makes you exert extra power to participate in kayak races.

6. Storage

The cockpit of this recreational kayak is spacious enough, so there will be no chances of being trapped inside when there happens to have a collision.

Sliding in and out is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. The space around your legs and the back of the adjustable seat serve as storage space to place your gear.

Moreover, the dry storage compartment which is located behind the padded seat is to protect important things from being wet when kayaking.

But, to make things more secure, it’s better to wrap your stuff in a plastic bag before putting them into the hatch.

Aside from the usual storage, there’s a water bottle holder located at your front. The location makes it easy to reach when you are getting thirsty.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Review

7. Capacity

Perhaps, one of the best points of Aruba 10 is its large weight capacity. You can load your fishing gear and any other relevant things like food into the storage spaces because of the 250-pounds limit.

8. Color Scheme

Upon buying the Aruba 10, there are six bright colors that you can choose. These are red, blue, orange, ocean blue, green, and pink.

They are all vibrant in daylight so they’re fairly easy to spot from a far distance.

9. Warranty

Sun Dolphin’s Aruba 10 has a limited lifetime warranty that you can use to your advantage.

10. Price

Aruba 10 is proved to place great value on your money. Its price ranges from $250-$370 depending on which dealer you bought it from.

This recreational kayak belongs in the medium price range making it affordable to some users without worrying about the quality. This makes it good to be an entry-level kayak.

Setbacks of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

Though there are a whole lot of features to enjoy, it can’t be avoided that all products have their drawbacks.

For Aruba 10, they are minimal and can be controlled as long as you follow the user’s manual. The first setback you must note is when or when not to use this recreational kayak.

As Aruba 10 is considered a basic boat, it’s not good to paddle on rough waters, like the sea. It can handle the impact by collision on most kayaks but the wave impact is a whole new level.

Thus, I recommend using the kayak on flat water only.

Aruba 10 is designed for one-man use only. It’s not preferable to have another passenger even if the combined weight is less than the maximum weight capacity.

It’s obvious enough to see that since the boat is lightweight, unnecessary movements could rock the boat.

Safety Measures to Follow

Kayaking is a great and comfortable water sport to do, but you will have to follow some regulations to make things safer.

Before kayaking, check the condition of the water where you would spend time in and learn when the boating hours are.

The Aruba 10 is highly not recommended for night kayaking. It is not equipped with horns nor lighting equipment to ensure the occupancy of the rider.

The hull of the kayak can be slippery when it’s wet. To solve this problem, always make it a habit of wearing your slip-resistant shoes.

Ergo, proper gear must be worn when you’re kayaking.

This safety precaution is common to all kayaks. You must never stand on the kayak when you are already on the water.

Things won’t go well, and the kayak would capsize. When it does capsize, though, do your best to surface and stay with the boat rather than away from it.

The latter action is proved to be more dangerous.

Care and Maintenance

To make the kayak still good-looking don’t store the boat on its hull. Store it on its side instead.

Another thing to note is not to allow the water to accumulate between the deck, hull, and freeze.

Lastly, placing the boat on 4×4’s and sawhorses will guarantee the kayak’s formation of dents in its hull.


To gauge the functionality and performance of a product, you will have to check the reviews eventually.

We’ve compiled some of the most helpful reviews which will make you know more about the Aruba 10 based on real-time user experience.

One user commented that as a beginner, they experienced a good riding experience with Aruba 10.

It handled water currents very well, and its pointed prow cut through the water nicely. They observed that they rode faster than their peers who had more expensive kayaks.

The Aruba 10 wasn’t affected negatively by the winds and crosscurrents, so they highly recommend it for cruising and paddling.

Another customer commented that the Aruba 10 was one of the inexpensive kayaks to start with to get into kayaking. He experienced that the tracking ability of the kayak was impressive.

He commented that people who complained about going in circles were rather the user’s error and not the kayak’s.

Also, he found that the kayak was so lightweight and easy to carry with the front and rear handles. Finally, he testified that you wouldn’t get disappointed in buying Aruba 10.

Lastly, a user reviewed about the positive things of the kayak. It was a great recreational kayak.

The features enumerated by the manufacturer were true to life and they weren’t a bluff. The Aruba 10 was a good example of sit-in kayak and would recommend it to everyone.

However, Aruba 10 wasn’t spared with some negative reviews. There are observations the cockpit was rather large that when they paddled through; some water got in. It was also hard to drain the water out.

Some also complained the kayak couldn’t think much of a beating when used on rough waters or for upper-level rapids.

There are claims the kayak tended to crack from too much abuse at its bottom, making it a wrong decision to cruise around with that water condition.

Lastly, there are also observations that the storage compartment located at the back of the seat wasn’t that good in making things dry.

The shut door wasn’t watertight, so it is recommended to put your stuff in a Ziploc bag.

Moreover, when the water gets into the cockpit, the drain plug didn’t easily drain the water out.


Aruba 10 is best recommended to enjoy most of your kayaking activities. Its features are well synchronized to make the best out of your paddling experience.