How to Make a Pallet Longboard in 5 Simple Steps

Longboard are one of the favorites of many youths today. However, owning a longboard for yourself is sometimes beyond the reach of some young people.

There are also many people who would like to have their own longboard which is unique and individual style.

That is why today I would like to introduce to you step by step on How to make a longboard so that you can do best longboard for yourself and satisfy your passion.

Step 1: Creating The Basic Frame for The Longboard Body

Make a Pallet Longboard

Use a wood cutting machine to cut the pallet wood to the small pieces just enough to make the deck of the longboard. I use a pedal switch for more convenient operation. You can buy these pedal switches online easily.

As my experience, the pedal switch not only looks cool but is also very useful when you need to use your both hand in cutting wood.

Cut the pallet wood slowly, take a straight line to get a nice piece of wood and make it easier for the next steps.

How To Make A Pallet Longboard

Use the ruler to draw the basic line for the longboard. Then use the straight knife cutting machine to cut along the line you have drawn.


  • You can use small wheels of longboard to line the curves more easily.
  • Draw the curves base on the straight line you have drawn.
  • Make sure the line is bold enough to see while you are cutting.

Continue cutting the two ends of the longboard’s body. So the deck part has basically been formed. Place the wheel axle on top of the deck to get the hole bolted.

Drill 4 bolt holes as marked.

How To Make A Pallet Longboard

Use a wood sanding machine to grind the edges of the deck round and smooth.

Make sure the edge of the deck is finely grinded because it directly affects the look of your longboard. Of course no one wants an ugly longboard, does not they?

Step 2: Add the Wood Layers to The Deck to Enhance The Firmness of The Longboard Body

Arrange the wood layers side by side on the basic deck of the longboard.

How To Make A Pallet Longboard

Cut the sides of the wood so they can contact each other better. In this step, you can use a cutting machine or a handheld cutting machine to manipulate.

Use a pen to mark the cutting line and continue cutting them to fit the basic deck of the longboard. The straight knife cutting machine is the most affordable option for this stage.

Take advantage of the long bars to put the layers into the straight knife cutting machine. Since cutting these layers is quite dangerous, be careful as much as you can.

How To Make A Pallet Longboard

After the wood layers have been cut, use wood glue to attach them to the basic skate body. Do not forget to smooth the surface of the wood layer before using wood glue to stick better. Reinforcement them with a quick grip bar clamp to firm and durable.

Spreading the glue onto the layers, too much glue will make glue overflow from the deck and make the longboard ugly, but too little glue is not good for the adhesion of the layers. Make sure to add enough glue.

Step 3: Cutting and Finishing The Longboard Body

How To Make A Pallet Longboard

When the layers of wood have been well glued to the board’s deck, perform the final work to finish the deck part.

Use the straight knife cutting machine to cut the excess wood parts. Then continue to use the sanding machine to re-grind the board’s deck edges again util it becomes smooth.

Check the board deck again before proceeding to the next step.

Make sure the deck is finely cut and that the layers are firmly attached to the deck.

As the deck is an extremely important part of longboard, make sure to check it carefully before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Install Trucks and Wheels to The Deck

How To Make A Pallet Longboard

Drill 4 bolt holes as you did in step 1. Try installing the truck and check the deck of the board again.

We have some problems here:

# 1: The deck is too saggy
# 2: Regular nuts will not work

But you do not need to worry. We can completely overcome those problems.

How To Make A Pallet Longboard

Solution # 1: With the deck of the board, we can add more new layers to make it stronger. Always remember to smooth the surface of the layers before gluing on the board.

Apply moderate glue and spread evenly over the surface of new layers. Add a few screws so they can stick together as firmly as possible.

Continue to use quick grip bar clamp to clamp them until firmly bonded.

How To Make A Pallet Longboard

Solution # 2: We can create custom nuts by using a milling machine.

Add a little lubricant to the lathe better, avoid melting cause of heat.

Use M8X1 Tap in creating custom nuts.

Again, continue to use the sanding machine to polish the surface of the nuts we just made.
Now remove the clamps and continue to install the truck and the wheel.

Place the wheel axle and the cutter back to chisel the body of the board. Use a lathe to moderate the body of the board to fit the wheel axle.

Place the truck and draw the cutting line to make the truck placing hole. You should use a handhole milling machine to make the hole small enough to fit the skateboard’s truck.

Step 5: Finishing

How To Make A Pallet Longboard

Step by step, place the bolts on the holes you have made, install the decks carefully and put the wheels on the axles.

Now your longboard is complete. Enjoy your result now!


I used spring washers for the nuts and will also add thread locker to make sure those aluminum nuts stay in place.

To avoid that bending of the board I would recommend to build it yourself from 0.5 or 1mm thick oak sheets and you should put about 8 or 10 layers. The board will be 10x stronger.

This longboard is a heavier a bit more than the average ones.

The End

I was just show you the way on How to make a longboard with pallet wood and it’s completely DIY.

You can try it in your home, but make sure the safety in using the cutting machine and drilling stuff.

If you had any question, just comment below and see if I can help you a bit. See ya soon, my fellas.