Best Ladder Stand – Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guides

If you are a hunter, the best ladder stand is a must-have item for a successful hunting session. A supportive tree-stand not only improves your visibility, but it also helps you stay undetected by anything on the ground.

It is quite easy to find a ladder stand that meets the standard requirements of quality. However, you need not only quality but also comfortable and supportive features. And it is not like a walk in the park to find a suitable tree stand for you.

So, let us help you to level up your hunting experience with the best ladder stands below.

Top 8 Best Ladder Stand Reviews 2024

ProductSeat SizePlatform SizeWeightHeight
Guide Gear 2-Man 12′ Tower Tree Stand18" x 12"57.5" x 57"145 lbs12"
Rivers Edge RE651 Ladder Stand Lockdown20" x 15.5"30" x 20"94 lbs19' 6"
Rivers Edge RE628 17′ Jumbo Jack26" x 15.5"30" x 26"78.9 lbs17'
Rivers Edge RE631 Relax Wide Ladder Stand23" x 14.5"23.5" x 12"54 lbs15' 2"
X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk Ladderstand39" x 17"42" x 34"122 lbs20'
Summit Treestands Steel Ladder Stands25" x 14"25" x 32"83.6 lbs18'
X-Stand Treestands The Duke 20' Ladderstand22" x 16"18" x 26"79 lbs20'
Guide Gear 16' Swivel Ladder Tree Stand22" x 13"32" x 32"85 lbs16'

1 Guide Gear 2-Man 12′ Tower Tree Stand

Guide Gear 2-Man 12' Tower Tree Stand

If you are looking for a tower tree-stand for two, this is the right one for you.

With the spacious and 2-man design, this tree stand offers you a great hunting time with your partner.

Imagine you and your wife staying high up the ground and having an enjoyable time together.

Or maybe you will want to take your kids on the hunt and teach them how to use the bows.

This tree stand is also suitable for a novice hunter with his teacher on a training course or even a big guy who wants more space.

Made from high-quality steel, this stand can offer you several years of service. It also features two arm-padded chairs that can swivel up to 360 degrees for both the front and rear sight.

The roomy platform also allows you to move around and choose the best position. And the 4-side shooting rail comes with thick pads that can give you more support in your shoot.

However, for professional hunters, the height of only 12’ might not be good enough for their visibility. If you want to go hunting in a forest with many high trees, this stand might not be the ideal choice for you.


2 Rivers Edge RE651 Ladder Stand Lockdown

Rivers Edge RE651 Ladder Stand Lockdown Tall

This Rivers Edge tree stand deserves a thumb-up for not only the safety design but also the easy installation.

With the bark-biting stabilizer and two criss-cross straps, your ladder stand will be secured from the bottom to the top. It is also safer for you to climb up and deal with the installation.

A tool-less joint-locking system, along with octagonal tubes, offers you a sturdy ladder for quiet and safe entry and exits. The third ladder also adds extra stability to climb.

Another fantastic feature of this tree ladder stand is the flip-up seat that gives you an ample area to stand up and make a shoot. The mesh shelf below the seat also offers extra-large space for your bags and items.

The height of 22’ also allows hunters to have better visibility. Besides, the removable shoot rail also gives hunters the flexibility to shoot even they are sitting or standing. It also helps in bowhunting since hunters do not need any fence to support.

However, the only drawback of this tree stand is that the shooting rail doesn’t have any pad to support the quiet shoot. The weight of this stand also makes it less competitive to other stands.


3 Rivers Edge RE628 17′ Jumbo Jack Ladder Stand

If you are looking for an extra-room tree ladder stand for one, this Rivers Edge RE628 is a wise option you should consider.

With the capacity for 1.5 people, this ladder stand is suitable for big guys and even men who are looking for a spacious stand. The expansive flip-up seat, along with the well-padded arm, will bring you the best comfort for all hunting day.

The platform of 30” x 26” offers you ample room to stand up. It also has enough space for you to leave your items around conveniently.

Besides, the footrest and an extensive shooting rail offer you the comfort in your sitting gun shoot. The rail has a thick and large pad for you to lean on.

But what if you demand a bow hunting, and you are afraid that the rail will prevent you from making a good shoot? Don’t worry, since you can adjust the rail and enjoy the spacious area to draw your bow while standing.

The only thing that might make this ladder stand a mess is the tricky assembly and its vague instruction. Many people complain about their problems in installing this stand, especially with the seat. So, once you purchase this stand, make sure to have someone to ask for help during the installation.


4 Rivers Edge RE631 Relax Wide Ladder Stand

Rivers Edge RE631 Relax Wide Ladder Stand

The Rivers Edge RE631 stands out as one of the most comfortable tree ladder-stands in the market.

As its name suggests, this ladder stand can help you relax during hunting hours. The ergonomic design of a backward-leaning backrest and thick pads at the arms offer you all-day comfort for the long hunt.

Moreover, the more extensive design also creates extra room for you to play around. Along with the padded shooting rail, the footrest is enough for you to sit comfortably.

If you want to use it in your archery season, you can remove the shooting rail without any hassles. Then you will have more than enough space to bend your bow.

Another unique thing about this ladder stand is that it has two cross beams under the seat to strengthen the stability of the stand.

However, this ladder stand seems to be inferior to the other competitors from the same manufacturer. Since the footrest is smaller, it might be inconvenient for you to bring along your stuff. Moreover, the installation of the seat requires experiences and skills to finish.

Thus, make sure to stick with the instruction and ask for help if needed.


5 X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk Ladderstand

X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk Ladderstand

Do you want to take your kids on your hunting and enjoy the wonderful father-and-son time?

If your answer is yes, this X-Stand treestand might be an excellent choice for you.

This is a 2-man design with two comfy seats along with many additional features for the best convenience.

The first on-point feature of this stand is the well-designed seat with seat cushion and large backrest for many comforts. It also features thick-padded armchairs and the special cup-holder that can help you store your drink or keep your phone safe. This stand also comes with two accessories hooks for your bags or weapons.

The next thing that I love about this treestand is the revolutionary Safety System from the manufacturer. The jaws make the treestand rock-solid and well-attached to the tree at ease of installation. X-force expanded metal and HeliX oval tubing also provides added sturdiness and strength as well as silencing.

Moreover, this treestand features comfortable footrest and adjustable well-padded shooting rail for comfort in a long hunt. The roomy platform also allows you to stand up and make a shoot with your bows.

However, the only disadvantage of this stand is the heavyweight.

Many users reported that they need at least two adults to set this stand up and move it around. Plus, the instruction might be tricky in some parts. So, better call your friends for some help.


6 Summit Treestands Steel Ladder Stands

Summit Treestands Steel Ladder Stands

The common problem that you will encounter with the ladder stand is installation.

However, this Summit Treestand is one of the most easy-to-set-up products that requires no technical knowledge to put it together.

You can quickly move and assemble  this tree stand since it is not so heavy. The installation steps are showed clearly in the instruction. Follow the guide, and you can set it up in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, this ladder stand can stand the weather effects with a new brown powder coat.

It is also sturdy and secure with durable metal flanges to hold the ladder section and two sets of teeth to grip the tree. Thus, it can offer you several years of service without any maintenance.

If you love gun hunting, this stand offers you a great experience with a comfy cushioned seat and high enough gun rest. The backward-bending backrest allows you to sit comfortably during the long hunt.

It is also a wise choice for bow hunting since it has a large platform and flip-up seat for extra standing space. You will find it easy to draw a bow and make your shoot.

However, many users reported about the grating noise it makes while they move in the stand. Even flip the seat up cause the noise. Thus, that might attract attention and scare the deer away.


7 X-Stand Treestands The Duke 20′ Ladderstand

X-Stand Treestands The Duke 20' Single-Person Ladderstand

From the renowned manufacturer in ladder stands, this X-Stand The Duke Stand can bring you full features and extra comfort during the hunt.

This stand is the ideal stand for professional gun hunters with a sturdy and stable structure.

It features the X-force expanded metal and HeliX oval tubing for additional strength. It is also well attached to the tree with the steel jaws.

This stand comes with a detachable shooting rail that allows you to adjust the height of the rail. The thick pad also reduces the noise while repositioning your riffle.

It also features a comfy footrest so that you will have a sturdy base to lean yourself forward and take a shoot.

Many people might think this stand is not for bow hunting. But they are wrong. You can flip the seat and the shooting rail up and enjoy the spacious space for your bow.

However, this ladder stand cannot satisfy the hunting fans since it needs at least three men to build it up. Although it comes with an instruction DVD, people find it tricky to set up the stand.

Moreover, some customers also complain about the quality of the straps.


8 Guide Gear 16′ Swivel Ladder Tree Stand

Guide Gear 16' Swivel Ladder Tree Stand

If you are familiar with a one-person ladder stand with only a seat and a small platform, why don’t you look for something special?

This Guide Gear Swivel Ladder Stand will not let you down with its unique design.

Unlike any other stands, it can help you to aim in any direction no matter which side the buck is coming from.

You can position yourself from a 360-degree swiveling seat. Thus, left, right, straight, or any direction, you still find an excellent angle for a shoot.

And if you want to stand up, the wide platform offers you more than enough room to move around and find the best position.

Besides, the 4-side pad can provide you with a silent and sturdy base to place your gun.

Made from steel, the sturdiness of this stand is trustable. It can stand up to 300 lbs and offer many years of use.

However, it is not recommended for novice assembler to deal with this stand. It requires skills and experiences to set up the ladder as well as the seat and stand.


Types of Ladder Stands

If you are new to ladder stand, making a decision might be a little bit hard for you. Why don’t we take a look at different type of ladder stands before deciding which one is suitable?

Ladder stands come in two different types: one-person ladder stand and two-men ladder stand.

One Man Ladder Stand

With the design for a single person, this stand can provide a hunter with anything he needs for enjoyable hunting time.

Since this stand is for one, it is lightweight and easy for a person to assemble it himself.

In general, a single person ladder stand is higher than the one for two. The height of the ladder can help the hunter have good visibility to seek for a buck while the stand offers a spacious room for a hunter to take aim and make a shoot.

It also features a seat and comfortable backrest for the best comfort while the hunter is waiting for his prey.

Two Man Ladder Stand

Unlike the one-person ladder stand, the double-man stand allows you to have a partner involved in your hunting games.

It features a ladder to climb up and the seat that is large enough for two people without any discomfort. It is also sturdier and stabler to accommodate two men.

You can take your wife on the hunt and enjoy husband-and-wife time together. Double-man ladder stand is also suitable for you to take your kids into the wood and teach them how to hunt.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Ladder Stand

Not only do you need to know about types of ladder stands, but there are more things you should also consider for a good purchase.

1. Comfortable Backrest

During your hunt, you will spend most of the time awaiting for your prey.

What if you are on a long hunt and your uncomfortable seat keeps on tiring you? You can never make a good shoot.

Since then, a comfortable backrest is the first thing you need to pay attention to.

You should choose the one with a thick and soft pad, or else you will suffer the back pain the next day.

2. Platform Size

For both bow hunting and gun hunting, platform size is critical in a tree stand selection. The platform figure indicates the room you have for anticipated use.

Especially in bow hunting, you should consider the stand with enough platform to stand up and take aim. The flip-up seat for more space is also a worth considering option.

If you want to carry your items with you, you should take a look at some stands that have the extra-large platform.

3. Footrest

Another factor that affects your comfort during the hunt is a footrest.

A good stand should feature a footrest. Since it not only prevents your foot from hanging in the air but also avoids fatigue and tiredness.

Moreover, a footrest also prevents foot slip and other accidents as well as offer more secure for you on the stand.

4. Handrail

Handrail or commonly known as shooting rail or gun rest is an additional item to enhance the security of the ladder stand. It will help the hunter feel more secure and safer while standing high above.

A gun rest with added pads also help reduce the noise while repositioning your rifle. It also absorbs shock when you make the shoot.

However, the shooting rail might be difficult for bow hunting. So it is best to choose a ladder stand with adjustable or removable rail.

5. Height of the Stand

The primary purpose of a ladder stand is to enhance the visibility of the hunter. Since then, the height of the stand is a critical matter that you should carefully consider.

Generally, the higher the stand, the better the visibility. Tall ladder stand can put you up higher above the deer’s sight, and the less you will get caught by the prey.

However, the taller stand will be heavier and more bucky for transportation. It is also required more than one person to assemble.

6. Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a crucial thing that is also a matter of safety.

In general, the weight capacity of the one-person ladder stand is 300 lbs. With a two-person ladder stand, the weight capacity is 500 lbs.

Based on your weight, the type of ladder stand should be carefully observed. It is also recommended for a big guy to purchase a double-man ladder stand for the best safety.

7. Safe

The best hunting season must start with the best sturdy and safest tree stand.

That is why safety is a must-concern problem when you want to buy a ladder tree stand.

The must-remember thing is that a safe stand never comes without a safety harness. You should take a careful look at the safety harness and other safety features such as straps or jaws to ensure the stand is safe enough for you.

8. Easy To Install

Last but not least, the installation is an important matter.

Most tree stand requires skills and experience to assemble. However, with the help of the manual, you will find you how to put up the stand.

Also, you should ask for help if needed since many vague instructions make it hard for novice assemblers to set up the stand.


What Is The First Step I Should Do To Set Ladder Stand Up?

The first step you should do to put up a ladder stand is choosing the right place and the right tree to place your stand.

The place depends on your personal preference and which animals you are hunting.

Moreover, the tree is an essential factor to consider. You should choose a robust tree that can handle the weight. Avoid the dead or hollow one since they cannot stand the weight of you.

Which Is The Safest Device To Use While Climbing To a Ladder Stand?

Climbing up the ladder is the most dangerous step. Thus, to avoid injury, you should wear a full-body harness.

This device can not only protect you from being hurt in a fall but also give you more courage in climbing. It also balances the pressure in your whole body that will not cause any discomfort during the climb.

What Are Advantages Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand?

A high stand not only offers you better sight, but it also helps you stay undetected from the deer. Since then, it can bring you the best comfort in your hunt and can help you silently take the prey a nap.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the fantastic scenery of the forest from the overhead view.


All in all, I hope that this article can help you to choose the best ladder stand for your hunting season coming up.

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