Essential Deer Hunting Gear You Need To Have

Deer hunting season is just around the corner, and you would probably start preparing for it. Anyone who loves hunting knows the importance of a good deer hunting gear that includes a best binoculars for hunting.

It will not only make your experience easier and hassle free, but also you can have fun without stressing too much.

There are some essential items, which should definitely be included in your hunting gear inventory. You can also prepare a checklist to make sure that you are taking all the important things with you for avoiding any problem in future.

We have prepared a list of items which you must take along with you. Going unprepared for deer hunting can spoil the whole excitement you have been waiting to happen.

Also, reaching the place and realizing you left something behind can also be such a spoiler. We want you to be proactive and remove that pain of wasting an entire day because you left that one thing behind.

How much Does a Deer Weigh?

Some of the essential items that should definitely be included in your hunting gear are:

1. Gear rope – Having a good gear rope is imperative when you are going for deer hunting. You can use it for securing things and can help in dragging the dead deer. A thick nylon rope of 20 to 25 feet should suffice your purpose.

2. Rain cover – You need to have a rain cover because you never know when it will start raining and one thing is for sure, you do not want to get damp and spoil the fun. A rain cover will keep you and your gear dry.

3. Handsaw – Handsaw is ideal for trimming the lane, which you will be using for shooting. It will improve your visibility and help you locate the deer clearly. You can use a small shear instead of a handsaw for trimming little leaves and branches.

4. Headlamp – A headlamp will come handy when it gets dark, and you decide to return to your vehicle. A combination of a bright LED light and a dull red light would be sufficient for you.

The dim red light will also help you in moving without getting noticed. Deer generally trace your movements, become suspicious, and force it to be careful. You need to be discreet.

5. Binoculars – Binoculars are one of the most vital hunting equipment possessed by deer hunters. You cannot treat them as an optional item, and you should take it compulsorily along with you.

Binoculars generally come with features, such as 7*40, where 7 represents the power magnification strength.


For example, number 7 means that the image will appear 7 times more stronger. The number 40 represents the diameter of the lens in millimeters.

A binocular with higher diameter permits maximum light in the frame. Good hunting binoculars have a proper diameter as it also provides you with a wider view of the horizon.

While using binoculars, patience is the key. Don’t scan the area real fast. Take your time.

6. Water and snacks – clean drinking water is necessary when you go for deer hunting. Also, you can use that water to rinse your wound if you ever get hurt.

You can also use the same bottle for peeing after it gets empty. You should carry few snacks as well with you in case you to subsidies your hunger pangs.

7. Toilet paper – This is sort of a no-brainer. You never know when you will feel the urgent need to relieve yourself. It is better to prepare for nature’s call.

8. Magnetic compass – A magnetic compass is like your personal GPS and it does not even require power. Further, you can use it where the area is dense with trees, and your GPS is unable to get proper satellite signals, which may create havoc for you and put you under tremendous pressure.

9. Extra cartridges – Carrying extra cartridges can help you in the case of any emergency. It is better to be ready in case any contingency arises.

10. Power bank – Remember, your phone battery can have only limited span of life. In few hours, it can get exhausting. It’s better to carry a power bank along with you to charge your phone when the need arises.

It will help you in using your GPS and want to call someone if you have to use it. You need your phone if you get hurt or facing an emergency and are unable to drive, you can call for emergency help by using the phone.

11. Deer call – A deer call is a whistle type of device which when blown makes a sound similar to a deer. It will help in catching a deer’s attention. Deer is generally good at hiding, and it might take hours before you spot one on your lucky day.

A deer call will improve your chances of catching a deer. However, it might not help you every time; it is a safe bet to carry one with you on your trip.

12. Extra cloth – You should always keep with you an extra pair of a hoodie, a cap, a shirt, and boxers.

13. Mosquito repellent cream – We cannot stress on this enough. The last things you do not want to experience are mosquito biting and fall sick. Apply the cream in proper quantity before stepping out for hunting. Also, try to wear full sleeves clothes when you venture for hunting.

14. Knife – A knife is an important part of your deer hunting gear. You can cut leaves and tiny branches with it. You can also cut the rope with it.

It is not necessary to carry that huge kitchen knife with you. We do not recommend you to carry it with you. Carrying a small but sharp pocket knife would be sufficient for your purpose.


It is advisable for you to carry the things mentioned above if you want to have a good deer hunting experience. Deer hunting requires lots of time, effort and patience.

If you want a good hunting experience, going unprepared is not an option for you. You do not want to reach the spot and then realize that you left behind something important and cursed yourself there.

Trust us when we say this, it can be quite frustrating. It is better to check everything once before you start to leave for your hunting expedition.

To prepare best, before venturing for hunting, prepare a checklist and make sure you have all the hunting gadgets along with you, especially your hunting binoculars that are essential for a memorable hunting experience.

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