Best Glock Trigger: Finding One that Suits You

Glock is popular for making well-loved handguns worldwide.

Aside from aggressive marketing, the popularity of its handguns can also be attributed to their high level of reliability, functionality, and accuracy.

Such is the main reason why you can see it being used widely by the police, military, and private citizens from different parts of the world.

While the Glock continues to receive great feedback from this users, not all of them are in love with the original trigger that forms part of it.

In some cases, you may need to look for the best Glock trigger in the market depending on your specific shooting style.

It’s because you may need some modifications on the trigger of the most universally recognized and popular handgun today.

How Does a Glock Trigger Work?


In comparison to other firearms and guns, the Glock makes use of a simpler trigger mechanism.

All that you have to do for it to work is to push it. Simply put, the Glock trigger cocks the striker then works in releasing the safety pin.

Each time you push the trigger, the action will disengage the trigger safety, which refers to the tool that pushes the gun’s safety pin upwards.

You can then expect the trigger to travel back while hitting the disconnector and pushing back then striker at the same time.

The trigger bar, which hits the disconnector, prompts it to drop and cause the striker to leap forward. This results in your weapon starting to fire bullets.

Top 4 Best Aftermarket Glock Triggers

1 Overwatch Precision Tactical Trigger – A Great Solution for Hardcore Tactical Purposes

Overwatch Precision Tactical Trigger

The Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger is definitely the perfect choice for anyone searching for a hardcore trigger for tactical purposes.

It is beneficial in the sense that it minimizes pre-travel while also improving the feel when you are holding the trigger. It also works well for users with a smaller stature.

You can use it to replace the factory trigger included in your Glock handgun while enjoying a much better quality.

You’ll find it as an excellent choice in case you own a Glock 42 or Glock 43. It is compatible with 9mm and 10mm handguns.

One issue that you might encounter with this tactical trigger, though, is the fact that it does not seem to work that well for beginners.

It’s crucial for you to have enough training prior to operating this trigger. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any decrease in the pull weight.

Still, this tactical trigger is impressive because of its overall quality and the fact that it’s compatible with everyday carry guns.

It guarantees a more consistent placement of the trigger finger because of its small indexing hook. It also lets you do self-correcting and straight rearward press.

It can guarantee a crisp and clean break and a reduction in over-travel by decreasing the pre-travel without putting the safety features of the firearm at risk.

Furthermore, it makes use of a sturdy aluminum material and combines this with especially hard coatings, which helps you be fully prepared in whatever situation you and your Glock are in.


  • Ideal for hardcore tactical purposes and for users with smaller stature
  • Compatible with Glock 42, Glock 43, 9mm, and 10mm handguns
  • Features a small indexing hook
  • Made of tough and sturdy aluminum material
  • Significantly reduces pre-travel


  • Not that suitable for beginners without proper training
  • The pull weight is not decreased

2 Lone Wolf Adjustable Trigger – An Easy to Adjust Option

Lone Wolf Adjustable Trigger

In case you are after a trigger, which promotes ease of adjustability then you’ll never be disappointed with the Lone Wolf Adjustable Trigger.

It is totally easy to adjust even when the trigger is installed in the handgun.

What’s good about that adjustability is that it is paired up with its low sales price, making this option really worthwhile to check out.

It makes use of 6061 billet aluminum for the construction of the trigger shoe. A sturdy Allen head screw is then used in holding it together.

It is comfortable considering the fact that it has a nice radius. It’s also equipped with a nicely polished trigger bar, which does not come with any friction.

One possible flaw is that it takes more time to assemble for those who are not yet trained in using the best aftermarket glock trigger. You may also find it challenging to adjust the over-travel just in case it’s still in the frame.

Despite the minor flaws, the quality and adjustability of this trigger are still among its strongest points.

It lets you shoot more comfortably than when you’re using the factory trigger because of the built-in flush sitting safety lever and large safety spring.

It also works for almost all purposes, including sports shooting, self-defense, and hunting.

Furthermore, it is capable of significantly decreasing the rate of pre-travel.


  • Makes use of the sturdy aluminum for its overall construction
  • Completely easy to adjust
  • Features a nicely polished trigger bar without any friction
  • Promotes a more comfortable shooting experience


  • A bit time-consuming to assemble for beginners and inexperienced users
  • Adjusting the over-travel is a bit challenging

3 Glock Gen 4 Trigger with Trigger Bar – A Highly Flexible Choice


The flexibility of the Glock Gen 4 Trigger with trigger bar is one of its most endearing qualities, making it one great choice for the best aftermarket glock trigger.

It is designed to be flexible in the sense that you can expect it to be compatible with various Glock models, including the models 17, 22, 31, 34, and 34.

Expect it to fit the .357 Sig Sauers, and .40 Smith and Wessons, too. It has a smooth face, which the majority of shooters prefer.

Furthermore, it fits the majority of pistol shooting requirements, including competition, self-defense, and tactical.

It’s also a perfect choice just in case you want to have a smoother experience when shooting with the help of a trigger, which compliments well with your Glock’s overall appearance.

However, one potential downside is the fact that it is not actually built to enhance your shooting style.

It is just designed to give you a more flexible choice for your guns and let you enjoy a more comfortable and smooth experience when shooting.

Even with such issue, you’ll still be one hundred percent satisfied with this Glock trigger because it has plenty of features while still being offered at a budget-friendly price.

It has a high-quality and durable construction, too – thanks to the fact that it makes use of the steel material, which promotes a durable performance for the long term.

In addition, it is aesthetically pleasing considering the fact that it possesses an elegant look.


  • Designed to be flexible, fitting a wide range of Glock models and other firearms
  • Durable steel construction
  • Aesthetically pleasing as it has an elegant design


  • Not built to enhance your shooting style

4 Agency Arms Drop-in Flat Trigger – Designed for the Large-framed Glock


Another option that you have for the best glock trigger is the Agency Arms Drop-in flat trigger designed for the large-framed Glock.

One of its most endearing qualities and features is the fact that it guarantees a smooth travel overall. It also guarantees an incredibly crisp and short reset function.

It makes use of aluminum for its trigger body and trigger bar, which is known for being a long-lasting material.

What’s good about this drop-in flat trigger is that it also lets you choose between black and gray when it comes to its finish.

It also features special and smooth dimensions that let it fit the Glock perfectly without issues.

In addition, it guarantees a smooth pull every time you are using this trigger.

While there are numerous things that make this product a remarkable glock trigger, it also has a drawback – and that’s mainly its cost.

It is because it’s currently offered at an expensive price. It’s worth its price, though, as it lets you make use of a glock trigger guaranteed to be of top-notch quality.

Another potential benefit that you’ll surely enjoy about this glock trigger is the fact that it prevents it from slipping or causing you to misplace your fingers as it has a curved bottom edge.

This results in a great functionality and high level of accuracy. It also boasts of its ergonomic design, guiding your finger to the right place.


  • Makes use of long-lasting aluminum
  • Prevents slipping or misplacing your fingers
  • Special and smooth dimensions used to fit the Glock perfectly
  • Features an ergonomic design


  • Expensive

How to Choose the Best Glock Trigger?

Now that you know how the glock trigger works, it’s time to familiarize yourself about the different factors that can really contribute in your final buying decision.

Here are some crucial factors to assess and check out prior to buying:

1. Construction Material

Remember that the whole gun and the whole operations and activities that it will have to go through will let them undergo difficult situations.

Shooting is always linked to the exposure to harsh environments and elements. That said, it’s necessary for you to find a glock trigger capable of handling such situations.

Check the specific material/s used in constructing the glock trigger. It should be based on a material capable of resisting stress and withstanding the harsh elements and environments.

It should also be able to resist impact. If possible, choose one constructed out of the sturdiest and the most shock-resistant material.

In this case, you can choose metal or steel.

2. Ease of Use

Another factor that’s really crucial to consider is the user-friendliness of the trigger.

You don’t want to use a trigger, which is too complex to use that you will constantly need the help of a professional gunsmith for installation and repair, do you?

With that said, you have to choose a Glock trigger, which is easy enough to install that you can do the whole process yourself. That way, you won’t have to spend too much time and effort getting it to function.

3. Overall Design

How the Glock trigger is designed also plays a major role in the level of satisfaction that it can offer.

In this case, check the overall design and construction of the product you are planning to buy. You have to assess the feel and smoothness of the trigger.

Avoid an overly serrated one as it runs the risk of leaving you with bruises and blisters. While it looks elegant, it’s not that smooth and can cause discomfort.

If possible, go for smoother triggers so you will have a soft, comfortable, and smooth feel once you start using it.

4. Supported Models

Another important factor you have to assess before buying is the model supported by the glock trigger.

Note that you can’t expect the trigger to work based on your preferences if it is not compatible with the model you are using.

Check the type and model of gun that you have, so you can pick the most compatible trigger for it.

Also, do not fail to spend time reading and understanding the manufacturer’s product description of the trigger. Such will give you an idea about the models and generations it specifically supports.

5. Operation & Performance

Remember that one major reason why you would like to change the trigger of your Glock is to ensure that it will deliver an excellent performance overall.

With that in mind, check the kind of operation the trigger model can perform.

Look for one guaranteed to deliver a better trigger action than the original one. It should have a crisp performance as well as a reduced pull distance as such will let you shoot more efficiently.

If possible, check how fast it resets as its speed will make it easier for you to continue making use of the handgun.


If you consider all the qualities and features of each of the products mentioned above, it’s safe to say that the Glock Gen 4 Trigger with Trigger Bar has an edge over the others.

Aside from its flexibility, it also continues to receive great reviews for its overall quality and durability.

The fact that it’s easy to use plus it’s offered at a reasonable price also makes it a good buy.