9 Best Concealed Carry Vests – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Having a gun or not having a gun, it is a question?

In my opinion, you should have a gun as long as you use it for self-defense. More importantly, make sure that you have undergone proper training, licensing, and followed gun ownership rules.

And keep in mind: DO NOT show off your guns in public or you might hurt others and even yourself. In some states, it is even against gun laws. In other words, you must conceal your weapon securely.

Here I suggest 9 best concealed carry vest options to do so!

Best Concealed Carry Vest 2024

1 Legendary Whitetails Men’s Canvas – Best Trail Concealed Carry Vest

Legendary Whitetails Men's Canvas

First and foremost, this vest is designed to provide you with comfort on wearing. The body of 100% soft-washed cotton canvas is durable enough to hold up well with scrapes and scuffs.

Hence, I strongly recommend the Legendary Whitetails Men’s Canvas Cross for heavy-duty activities such as trail huntings.

Exciting enough, the quilted lining is filled with 100% polyester fabric to add extra warmth to your body in harsh weather conditions while still remain lightweight to ensure your comfort.

There are two exterior spacious snap-closure pockets available for keeping items such as ammo, trail cameras’ lenses, or batteries.

Some people wonder whether the vest is suitable for concealed carry. Then, yes! – But for small guns only. The soft cotton is  bendable, yet the manufacturer forgets the fastening piece of fabric used to secure the weapon.

Storing a large gun in the pocket might tell the police, “I am carrying a weapon. Just come and catch me.”

Anyway, the vest is worth your investment due to its quality. Remember not to dry clean or iron; then it can last season to season.


2 M-BOSS MOTORCYCLE APPAREL-BOS13517 – Best Budget Motorcycle Vest


The classic leather vest is among the most favorite clothing of riders because of its light, water-resistant and durable materials.

Not to mention, the bold design adds a stylish look to your appearance, especially when you are on your riding gears.

Now that you are searching for motorcycle vest that can handle your concealed carry as well,  look no further. This BOS13517 is the right choice in terms of price and quality.

At under $50, the  cover is made of 100% genuine leather. You can expect the vest to withstand against rain, dust, and wind. The polyester lining adds more protection when you are riding at very high speed.

However, as many leather materials, the scratches show quickly. So remember to take care and clean the vest frequently. Moreover, the garment smells somewhat petroleum on arrival.

As other concealed carry vests for men, the vest features 2 inside pocket and 2 gun pocket to keep your gun secretly in public.


3 Rothco Plainclothes Concealed Carry Clothing – Best Photographer Vest

Rothco Plainclothes Concealed Carry Clothing

This is a concealed carry vest  which features a lot of pockets – up to 26 pockets from small to big ones, I might add.

Feel free to bring along a bunch of things for daily carry or even for traveling purposes.

For example, you can keep cash, travelers’ checks, or passport in the internal pockets.

The outside pockets provide a large room for a camera, maps, walkman, cell phones, and many more.

The most exciting thing is, there are two concealed carry pockets with two mag pouches on each side to store a handgun without creating any printing.

And know what? You can access the gear around your waist or even in your pants’ pockets with the two-way zipper.

That the vest is designed with the lightweight cotton, along with mesh lining, makes it comfortable in cool weather. However, you might feel hot in summertime.


4 Alipolo Vest Mens Fish Vest – Best Comfortable Conceal Carry in Summer

Alipolo Vest Mens Fish Vest

As its name suggests, the vest is designed with the fishing activities in mind. Hence, the manufacturer uses cotton fabric, along with polyester-mesh lining, to keep your body at a comfortable temperature even when you are outside for hours.

I also like the sleeveless design. Not only does it create a decent look, but it also allows you to move your arms and your whole body more easily.

Moreover, there are 16 pockets both inside and outside of the vest, in which you can store your weapon secretly.

At its cost, this vest is surprisingly good in terms of comfortable cotton material and concealed carry design.

However, the fabric somewhat fades in color after washing. You had better contact the manufacturer to know the best cleaning practices.

Not to mention, the size is based on the Chinese rules. I find it quite challenging to figure out which size to choose. For your information, I am an American.


5 Bluestone Safety Concealment Vest – Best Design for Quick Draw

Bluestone Safety Concealment Vest

BlueStone Safety Products is proud to manufacture custom bearing vests for Law Enforcement & Security.

Thus, the product quality is what you can rest assured about. The Concealment Vest model is no exception.

Crafted with cotton outside and poly lining inside, the vest follows the style of a photographer clothing with extra concealment features. The thick cotton is good at hiding the guns from others.

There are two gun pockets on two sides; each has an elastic retainer to carry two compact handguns all way up to the full-size pistols.

Many users like the Bluestone Safety vests because of their smart design to optimize the drawing speed.

The angled entrance is close to the front zipper top to take the gun out in seconds without opening your vest.

The only thing I want the manufacturer to improve is, the vest looks too rigid for casual carry. Whenever I wear it out, people ask whether I am a cop.


6 Rothco Lightweight Professional – Best Compact Concealed Carry Vest

Rothco Lightweight Professional

Vests with multiple pockets are helpful to carry your guns, ammo, and other stuff.

However, they are favorable for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or hunting.

If you wear them daily, people might immediately think, “What in the world he tries to hide in such pockets?

Hence, Rothco introduces the Lightweight Professional Concealed Carry Vest that has a compact design without the unnecessary bulk: 2 chest pockets, 2 lower pockets, and 2 inside pockets.

Exciting enough, the interior pockets are spacious to fit a full-size 1911 or m&p 45.

However, the price is a little higher than other vests with similar features. It makes sense for such a branded product.

All in all, simple and lightweight design makes this vest suitable for casual wearing, especially in hot conditions. You can even store it in your handbags.


7 5.11 Tactical Men’s Covert – Best Softshell Concealed Carry Vest

5.11 Tactical Men's Covert

I have not bought 5.11 Tactical Men’s Covert Vest, but already tried my friend’s. Good overall!

Made of 100% poly and softshell, the vest is both lightweight for daily activities and great for concealed carry thanks to multiple layers of poly fabric.

My friend calls 5.11 jacket as 3-season clothing (not for summer) as it works excellently to keep body heat and protect you against water, moisture, and wind.

Feel warm and comfortable for hours outsides without worries about concealed carry.

The internal chest pockets have room for a Ruger LCG handgun so you do not have to worry about any suspicious printing.

And, thank the manufacturer for the zippered pass-through pockets which make it easy to access the holstered sidearm. Not to mention, the sleeveless design ensures there is nothing to get on your way in urgent cases.

The only thing to improve is the zippers. It goes down the front without a stop. If not carefully, the zipper can come off the garment. Also, you need to pull the vest overhead when taking it on and off, which is quite inconvenient.


8 Blue Stone Safety YKK Zippers – Best in Quality and Design

Blue Stone Safety YKK Zippers

Yes, I like Bluestone Safety for its high quality. I have several vests of this brand in my wardrobe, say the YKK Zippers.

This vest is built with the durable cotton and polyester as the Concealment Vest (I just review it above.)

Even better, it is the upgraded version with robust 1050 denier Cordura fabric. It conceals your weapon even better.

And, the smart design for quick drawing is always what to praise about Bluestone Safety vests. The large inner gun pockets are available to fit subcompact handguns.

More notably, they are elastic so that you can hold and take out your guns securely and quickly.

It features many extra pockets and magazines, from inside out, to hold up your weapon, bullets, and daily stuff. Get all the way at hand!

The boring style of this product is somewhat disappointing. It is fine if you prefer a durable and high-quality vest rather than a fashionable one.


9 Rothco Ultra Force Black Ranger – Best Rugged Concealed Carry Vest

Rothco Ultra Force Black Ranger

The vest looks big at first, doesn’t it?

In fact, the fabric must be thick and durable enough to protect you from cold or sharp objects in nasty conditions, for example, in the wood or construction sites.

However, it is not too heavy since it is crafted with lightweight polyester and cotton materials.

Most importantly, the vest features the best places to hide your weapon.

There are many pockets which are large enough to accommodate guns at different sizes (up to 6x – I might add.)

For your surprise, there is a hood inside of the vest collar (though you do not see it in the image.) Nevertheless, it is somewhat flimsy, thin, and small.

This heavy-duty concealed carry vest is the last for today, but definitely not the least attractive one.


Different Styles of Concealed Carry Vests

The most crucial use of the concealed carry vest is to hide your handgun secretly so that others will not figure out that you are bringing a weapon along.

Meanwhile, it must be designed for your easy access to the gun.

But know what?

Not all concealed carry vests are the same. In contrast, they have different styles as fashionable clothing.

Concealed Carry Motorcycle Vest

If you travel a lot on big gears, I bet you have a full wardrobe of cool motorbike vests.

However, you might not know the vest is a handy place to conceal your short gun, especially during a long ride across the country.

Many of you might take out the vest, thinking “Are you kidding? The gun is too obvious at a glance!!!”

The concealed carry motorcycle vest tells a different story. Resembling standard motorcycle vest, it features spacious interior pockets for comfortable and secure concealment of handguns.

Photographer Concealed Carry Vest

The photographer vest often features big pockets to organize your camera and all gears, as well as accessories in one place so you can keep them secure and access them quickly.

When it comes to photographer concealed carry vest, it looks exactly like the photo vest.

It is often made from polyester, cotton, or both with a number of external pockets for hobby equipment.

Besides, there are often extra internal pockets, ammunition, tactical gear, and so on for safety purposes.

Rugged Concealed Carry Vest

If you are hunters or construction workers who usually work in harsh situations, you must have at least one rugged vest. It is essential to protect yourself from sharp objects and even the cold in winter.

And exciting enough, the rugged concealed carry vest is designed with two purposes: a normal heavy-duty vest & a secret place to hide your gun.

There are often concealed pockets on each side of the front zipper so you can take out the gun quickly.

Meanwhile, the pocket panels are sewn into armholes and shoulders to disperse the gun and clips’ weight.

Soft-shell Concealed Carry Vest

If you ask me what is the least suspicious vest to conceal your weapon in broad daylight, then I recommend the soft-shell vest.

Made from multiple layers of fleece or polyester fabric, the vest is lightweight for camping, hiking, biking or running.

These layers retain the body heat, block wind, resist water, and wick moisture so that you will feel warm and comfortable in cool weather.

More importantly, there are loop fields and mag pouches inside to store a firearm, handgun, and additional ammo.

Western Concealed Carry Vest

Have you ever watched any Tom Cruise’s films?

If yes, you might remember how wind and dust he is in western vests, especially when he takes out the guns and shoot the crimes. Don’t you?

In fact, the western concealed carry leather vest is popular for hunters and cowboys, who want both convenience and cool look. It fits well with western shirts, jeans, and cowboy boots.

You can also wear them casually, as long as you like this style. However, please note that there is less capacity for a concealed weapon than others.

Materials of Concealed Carry Vests

Besides styles, the materials  of the concealed carry vests are also important. From my experience, tougher materials hide guns better while soft ones make you more comfortable thanks to their zoned ventilation and breathability.

Which to choose depends on where, when, and for what you wear the concealed carry clothing.

Here are several common materials for your reference.

  • Genuine cowhide: The genuine cowhide is technically leather which is premium in quality. However, the high price tag makes you think twice.
  • Denim: The denim seems fashionable. However, it is not very comfortable in nasty weather. Not to mention, it dries slowly.
  • Cotton fabric: Cotton is common fabric, but not all cotton vests are the same. For example, soft cotton is lighter and better at breathability – ideal for summertime. However, it is easy to bend and expose your gun.
  • Polyester: Softshell vest is recommended to protect your gun and yourself from rain, dust, and wind. It is often made of the water-resistant and light polyester.
  • Leather: If you are riding a lot, a leather motorcycle vest is definitely your favorite. This is the toughest material which is both water-free and dust-free. It also does not bend easily, so your weapon stays safe.

Last Verdict

I have completed the best concealed carry vest review for today. If you still hesitate whether to buy concealed carry or not, then you should make a decision now.

Having a concealed vest ensures your safety in a dangerous situation. Not to mention, it is under the gun laws.

Best choices are available at your fingertips so you do not need to look any further. Consider what your favorite style is and what fabric is favorable in terms of seasons and your working conditions.

Before you go, just like or share so that I know this post is useful for you. Thanks in advance.