7 Best Concealed Carry Jacket – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Hi guys! We’re glad to come back with a hot post about concealed carry jackets.

Many of you guys here may have seen action movies. And in some situations, for self-defense experts, quick and easy access to their securely concealed gun can mean death or life.

That is when the concealed carry jackets will do a good job. It will meet users’ comfort and even the strict requirements of concealment.

The problem here is: Which one will be the best?

To answer this issue and understand more about this type of clothing, we’ve done some research to do detailed reviews below. Read up on to know more!

Top 7 Best Concealed Carry Jacket 2024

1 Rothco Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jacket – Our’s Pick

Rothco Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jacket

Now, let’s take a look at this Rothco softshell jacket to know the reason why it is among the most popular concealed carry jackets out there.

It features a water-resistant polyester shell and breathable fabric for maximum practicality.

The three-layer construction can wick away moisture, deflect wind, and retain your body heat.

Besides, it is well-ventilated thanks to its fleece-lined standing collar with a detachable and concealed hood and underarm side zippers.

There’s more:

We enjoy using this item for concealing handguns due to the deep external pockets and an inner zipped pocket.

Among those, two pockets at your chest level can carry small firearms well and allow you to access them quickly. Bringing a small knife is convenient with two pockets on each wrist.

This jacket comes with different colors, so let choose the favorite design for your needs now.

There is only one drawback here. The arm pockets appear not to be suitable for your 5-inch or larger cell phones. You should consider this point when you intend to bring your phones.

This excellent casual jacket is excellent for people who need to carry small weapon outdoors or in various weather conditions.


2 Legendary Whitetails Journeyman Flannel – Runner Up

Legendary Whitetails Journeyman Flannel Jacket

The second concealed carry jacket we would show you is a product coming from Legendary Whitetails brand.

If you are having a beard or just stubble, we anticipate this product is for you.

At first sight, it impresses us by a rugged suede leather look. Don’t confuse it with your leather jacket because you will notice its flannel lining. 

This feature makes wearing it a little warmer, softer, and more weather-resistant, wherever you are working. Besides, it’s thicker than other casual shirts but still a lightweight jacket.

It can even last for years with reinforced pockets, branded snaps, and triple-needle sewing. All that it has are complete with its nice touch, a signature buck patch on its left sleeve and antique buttons.

The price tag falls in the average level for jackets of this kind. For those reasons, we think it will be worth your purchase.

This item’s sizing is designed larger for added layering. We would recommend ordering one size down so that you will get a better fit for your size.

Rough-and-ready guys that enjoy the rugged look will love this every day and for-any-purpose jacket.


3 Rothco 3 Season Concealed Carry Jacket – Best Sustainability for All Seasons

Rothco 3 Season Concealed Carry Jacket

Another brilliant option for concealed carries is this Rothco 53387. It has a plain-looking appearance, which makes it stand out.

You can use it for both right and left-hand carries for ideal weapon retention.

The waterproof outer shell of this CCW jacket has 100% durable cotton while the inside features soft polyester materials for maximum comfort.

How about the built-in pockets?

There are two inner concealed pockets on two sides where their hook and loop design provides more efficiency and quick access to items.

Plus, four other mag pockets come with loop closure technique. The tricot zippers on their front will offer maximum safety for gear storage.

This two-layer jacket with extra padding will help you carry large full-size firearms with less printing. Buy it soon to get the best experience!

The Velcro strip which holds pockets together seems to be a bit small. We think it should be more significant for the best holding ability.

It is ideal for those who enjoy a versatile and casual jacket or need a military, outdoor, tactical, and survival clothing. It is light for use in all kinds of weather and all year round.


4 Condor Summit Zero Soft Shell – Best Value For The Money

Condor Men's Summit Zero Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket

If you are seeking a lightweight and durable jacket which comes at a reasonable price, let consider this Condor waterproof jacket.

It will even help you feel warm without weighing your body down.

For keeping your essential gears protected and organized, its 4-way elastic design comes with numerous zippered pockets, which includes two slash high-rise pockets.

Two shoulder pockets have patch panels, which allows you to customize the jacket.

The jacket is also a great combination of durability and comfort thanks to the YKK full-front zipper and easy-grip zipper pull.

Plus, the underarm zippers will control temp and enable air circulation for not overheating. Its stowaway hood will also protect the head from rain and wind if needed.

Well, to get increased articulation, breathability, and full-range motion while in the field, don’t hesitate to choose this polyester fabric model.

The collar of this version of the jacket is a bit stiff due to the hood is non-detachable.

This jacket is perfect for those who are working in such law enforcement, tactical scenarios, or outdoor duties. They can continue their patrols and different responsibilities with incredible protection.


5 Condor Alpha Tactical Fleece Jacket – Best Reinforcement

Condor Men's Alpha Tactical Fleece Jacket

Would you like a military-inspired jacket with sturdiness and comfort? Then, don’t miss this tactical version from Condor!

The brand fully crafts it with polyester and reinforces the exterior with ultrafine fleece, which gives us a nice feeling.

The shoulders, collar, and forearm comprise abrasion-resistant, high strength nylon.

Notably, the pockets are everywhere and the right size. The inner pockets will offer an excellent place for your concealed items.

For more storage, it packs a vertical chest zippered pocket, patch panels as well as two slash pockets.

It also features an adjustable waist drawstring and a full front superb zipper that comes from the jacket’s collar to bottom. With this comprehensive design, you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear.

Besides, its sleeve cuffs have wrist gaiters with thumbholes for a right fit. Now, it is available in different colors and doesn’t require any special ironing or machine wash. Give it a try soon!

One negative thing is the non-elastic waistband, which may cause difficulty when zipping up. You had better get a size larger than your regular size to avoid that point.

This item will give you comfort, and warmth for casual wearing or layering in different outdoor activities or seasons work in such harsh conditions.


6 Condor Phantom Soft Shell

Condor Phantom Soft Shell 602

One more excellent concealed carry jacket in our suggested list is this Phantom shooting jacket.

We have to say that, when concerning daily performance, it’s hard to fault Phantom products.

It features lightweight and breathable fabric. The material contains numerous microscopic pores which are smaller than raindrops but many times bigger than water vapor molecules.

In mild winters or dry conditions, this sleek tactical item will help you stay you dry in a downpour thanks to the above pores.

What’s more, the internal fleece and triple-layer construction will wick moisture, prevent water from going through, and even circulate your body heat.

Also, the underarm zippers will increase ventilation for more comfort.

There are also pockets which will allow you to carry gears and reach inside for them at ease.

For example, the chest and sleeve pockets will let you store many items, such as handguns, phones, iPods, wallets, and more.

This model requires some special cleaning notes such as not bleaching, ironing, and dry cleaning. You should wash it in the low temperature and use low heat for tumble dry.

This right daily item will be suitable for shooters of various disciplines, military, law enforcement, and security guards who need a high-quality jacket.


7 Tru-Spec 24-7 Softshell Tactical Jacket – Best Lightweight Concealed Carry Jacket

 Tru-Spec Men's 24-7 Tactical Softshell Jacket

The final candidate in today’s list is this Tru-Spec softshell jacket.

The brand is among the famous suppliers of military and law enforcement clothing in the USA.

The primary materials are spandex and flexible nylon, which make this jacket a comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof tactical item.

It also comes with concealed carry pockets including two sleeve pockets, two fronts ones as well as two zippered backside pockets for more storage space.

Here, two front pockets have two-way zippers for easier accessing the gear from the bottom or top.

Plus, its side seam zippers will allow quick access to the torso or duty belt.

It doesn’t have any hood but features waterproof zippers, velcro cuffs, and flexible waist cord to protect your body from many weather elements like wind and rain.

The design will provide enough capacity for holding your holstered firearms or even ballistic vests. This point is quite fascinating, right?

Take it into your consideration now! It will surely exceed expectations.

Some users may find the sleeves of this tactical jacket a bit longer than they expected.

This outerwear is an enjoyable brand of several residents. It will be perfect for any law enforcement and military personnel and will adapt to various temperatures and environments.


What Features Make a Best Concealed Carry Jacket?

Now, you know basic things about concealed carry jackets, don’t you?

Arms companies make and model CCW jackets after outwear, but use contemporary features and materials to update them.

And those good-looking, attractive jackets look like your ordinary jackets and will assist in concealed carry for women and men.

Plus, they often come with magazine pouches and holsters to keep handguns in place, without drawing any attention to you. Nobody knows whether you are carrying gears or not.

In urgent cases, wearing CCW jackets helps to keep yourself safe by allowing easy and quick access to the firearm.

So to become well-designed Concealed Carry Weapon jackets, they need to cover these following main features:

  • Well-fitting
  • Waterproof, and windproof
  • Convenient for your draw
  • Versatile and durable enough to withstand all weather conditions
  • Flexible and breathable for your easy moving
  • Secure with adjustable cuffs
  • Insulating for keeping the body warm
  • Ideal with various pockets for documents like concealed carry permits, magazines, and many other essentials
  • Available with glove-friendly and strategically-placed zippers

How to Find The Right Concealed Carry Jacket

Here are some aspects that you should notice to buy the best CCW jackets:

Size of The Gun

Your good coat should be able to conceal full-sized firearms or full-sized pistols.

For instance, they should offer ambidextrous carry along with at least two pockets for your concealed carry guns, one on every side, and each side is deep and fit enough for a full-size firearm.

In particular, for the HK USP .45 with its double stack, you should choose baggy jackets or oversized outdoor photo vests.

If you bring the small .40 Glock 23., you should wear suits or something that is less baggy.

Method of Carrying

Paddle Holster, OWB-Hip Carry – OWB

In this case, there is a distinct disadvantage of concealed carry. It can be easy to expose your handgun, even in front pockets. Here, a loose, long jacket can do the tricks.

Besides, you can use safari or photo vests. Those multi-pocketed, thigh-length vests are perfect concealed carry garments. They are thick enough to hide bulges and long enough to disguise holsters at your waistband.

Paddle Holster, OWB-Behind the Back – OWB

Here, you should wear loose, long blazers or jackets. If possible, ask your tailors to add three or four inches to your jacket’s waist measurement.

Another solution to your hip-carry issue is moving your holsters to the lower part (small) of the back.

This way will remove the case of unbuttoned jackets that brush back and reveal the pistol. Suits or sports jackets with an extended cut in their rear will be the adequate concealment in this situation.

Shoulder Holster

When using shoulder holsters, you should select tight-fitted jackets to prevent your concealment holsters from ruining the fabric.

Tailoring for shoulder holsters, you should add two or three inches to the waist and chest. Why? Because the firearm barrel may extend down to the waistline.

Blazers or suit jackets angles back to the shoulder are also perfect choices. An open-front jacket allows easy access the handgun and users can close its cover garment to hide their the gun.

Sheath Holster IWB (Inside-the-Waistband)

The benefit of this method is that users only need to hide their gun’s handle but not the full gear.

The method requires tailored large trousers, loose T-shirts and jackets with an extended back which can be draped over your gun’s butt or untucked. 3-piece suits or waistcoats are also best for IWB carriers.

Pocket Carry

The effectiveness of this method depends on the largeness of your pockets, the thickness of their lining, and their styles.

You should wear jackets that have huge patch pockets with flaps. The lining should be thick enough to conceal your gun well. There should be numerous average-sized CCW pockets for extra storage, too.

Belly Band

When wearing belly band holster under your loose clothing, you have to lift your garment.

In this case of this method, your outerwear, including CCW jackets, should have the proper length for secure hiding and drawing your handgun. The garment with textured prints or weaves will also prevent printing.

Weather Conditions

The aim of CCW jackets is serving as good hiding options. They should have the proper functionality and give users the best comfort throughout the year.

Hence, selecting the best-concealed carry coat also requires some following considerations:

  • A lightweight one with breathable materials and the removable interior liner will be ideal
  • Smart design with false buttons (Velcro or magnets closures) is a bonus
  • The specific coat that can offer warm enough for severe winter seasons and comfort for fall or spring
  • The jacket shell with capabilities of preventing moisture and weather elements.

Final word

With amazing compartment and other impressive features, CCW jackets will help you hide your weapons from any plain sight. You will find it easy and quick to gain access to your gears, too.

So, if you have got the concealed carry license from your state or region and are considering efficient clothing for carrying your concealed gears, don’t hesitate to pick up the best-concealed carry jacket.

We hope our informative post will make your decision easier. Thanks for visiting our site! Don’t forget to share it if you find it helpful! See you soon!