7 Best Car Holsters for Driver Pistol Carry

Let’s face the fact:

It’s not easy to bring a gun outside with your car. You have to consider many aspects: the laws, permission, and safety in advance. For the laws and permission, let you check the information yourself.

I am here to help you deal with gun safes. When traveling with your gun by car, you have to invest in the best car holster which will hold your gun in place, prevent unexpected accidents, make sure quick access, draw your gun smoothly.

If you haven’t had any idea in your mind now, please let me help you to choose the best one.

7 Best Car Holsters for Driver Pistol Carry

After searching and visiting some websites, I see there are a lot of great products like pistol pocket car seat holster.

But, I listed the top seven car holsters in 2024 below based on the general demands of most people.

1 RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount

RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount

For gun mount, power is the key to hold your gun.

If you choose a product with a weak source of power, it is useless, no matter how beautiful it is, how many accessories it is attached, how much lower the price is.

The outstanding feature of RYMMES is a significant source of power.

Specifically, only two screws are enough to keep your gun in place tightly.

This way is ideal for those who don’t want to damage their car by drilling too many holes.

This magnet has the highest rate on the list of the most powerful gun magnet on the market.


According to reviews of several readers, and my testing experiences, it holds up to 45 pounds of many firearm types: shotguns, pistols, revolvers, magazines, even rifles.

In spite of the highest quality soft rubber, it is made from premium neodymium, Please careful it can hurting you when putting your fingers between two magnets.

In sum, this tool deals with nearly all weapons if you use correctly as follows:

For heavy guns, you have to use two pack side by side. In my case, I use one magnet in the car and two ones for a rifle on the wall.


2 Tuffy W/Flow-Thru Console

 Tuffy 317-01 Insert for 2015-Current F-150 W/Flow-Thru Console

What you get from this product is a sturdy feature.


The console is made from plastic material, and the lid is steel, so the whole model has a good structure.

Furthermore, this design is weatherproof, so there is no need to worry about extreme conditions.

An ample space, plus a durable powder coat finish allow you to store more things than only one gun, for example, the small items like a watch.

How to install this product is simple and easy, even you have the help and support of the installation videos. But it requires you to drill into your car to use screws.

Can you sacrifice this thing?

If yes, this choice is a great solution.

For the drawback, you don’t have a lot of options for installing position because it’s fixed in place.

The installation only takes you about five minutes, and it requires you the following tools: a Philips screwdriver, a hex wrench, a 12mm socket, and ratchet.


3 Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount

Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount

In case you need to reach your gun quickly and easily, but don’t want to attract the attention of the casual observer, Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun is what you are looking for because this car holster is installed on your car seat where isn’t visible.

Some people think that this design isn’t firm, so their gun may fall out of the blue.


This product is designed with a durable metal frame and heavy nylon, securing two hooks on the underside of your car.

It is not only easy to reach but also quick to mount without requiring any tool (about five minutes).

Some users complain about the tightness of the product, meaning the Gum Creek is looser over time.

Does this product suit your car?

The good news is that it fits most vehicles. In case yours are not, the manufacturer sells an adaptor.


4 Depring Concealed Carry Holster

Depring Concealed Carry Holster IWB OWB Car Holster

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a car holster, I strongly recommend this perfect budget option.

The package includes a holster, a metal clip, two retention straps, and two strap mounts.

What’s more?  It’s very durable thanks to the strong 800D nylon material, protecting it away tearing. With your careful maintenance and care, your life doesn’t hassle.

As advertised, it has a lot of outstanding features, but not all of them work well. Let’s see the facts:

The attached metal clip and strap mounts allow you to mount anywhere to move in and out of your car. Yes, that’s right.

However, when you need this holster for car or truck to use your gun outdoors, it requires you to attach it inside or outside your waistband.

Its bulky and uncomfortable material, as well as its stitching, may poke at you always.

Remember that this product works well for subcompact and compact handguns. If you use it for medium and large guns, it may be pretty hard to keep the holster in place when you draw your firearm.

In the case of the use of the proper gun, it can hold your firearm tightly while drawing it smoothly.


5 Quick Access Barrel Fitted Mount

BLU LINE Quick Access Gun Mount Holster

If you hate complicated car holsters, let the simplicity of Barrel Fitted Mount blows your mind and changes your life.

Quick Access Barrel Fitted Mount is one of the easiest-to-use products. You can quickly and easily mount your handgun inside your car without damaging the inside of the gun.

However, this design requires the support of sticky tape or screws to mount it into your car.

Could you have the heart to drill holes into your car or tape it?

If your answer is yes, pay attention to the following things to mount accurately:

Although the bar is very thin and it needs a very small amount of space to mount, your handgun should be chambered bigger than .22. If not, harming the inside of the barrel is possible.

Last but not least, you can choose where in your car to mount this car holster.

This means that you want to display your gun proudly or hide it somewhere, it’s up to you.


6 COJO MFG. Gun Holster

COJO MFG. Gun Holster

COJO MFG. Gun holster features high flexibility. It means that you can mount these vehicle holsters into most vehicles, even including UTV, ATV, and golf cart.

Mainly, this design suits more than 500 different pistols, whether it is small or big, light or heavy.

Of course, the primary function of COJO is to use in your car, but it’s also very useful to apply at home.

Here is the way to use it outside:

You will attach the holster into your belt by a reversible 180° clip. Depending on your preference and habit, you will wear it in your left or right side, and inside or outside of the belt.

It’s fine to confidently show or hide your gun away from the view of other people since you are allowed to choose where to install this car holster: under the steering wheel, under a dash, inside the center console, on the side of the console, or in the glovebox.

The installing way of this product requires screws, so make sure that you can accept drilling some holes into your car.


7 Highway Holster’s Seat Belt Fastened Holster

 Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount

If you already have a belt clip style holster at home, Highway Holster’s seat belt fastened holster is an economic investment.

Let me tell you the reason:

When installing this holster into your seat, you can feel secure to use in your car, and when combining it with your belt, you can keep your gun with yourself while moving outside.

What’s a convenience!

Despite a high price, this car holster comes with an adjustable arm that is appropriate for any vehicle.

It is a smart purchase, right?

However, your vehicle needs open access to the seat-belt to mount as well as a small space between the center console and the seat for mounting. Make sure that your car can meet these requirements.

When it comes to visibility, this isn’t an ideal solution because it is installed right next to your seat. Anyone who stands from outside can see your gun inside.


Can I Carry a Gun in My Car?

This depends on specific circumstances. If you are Idaho, you can carry a gun in your car even without a permit.

On the contrary, people in D.C are not allowed. To be sure, you should check with the laws regarding the transportation of gun in your state.

The concealed carry permits in some states can apply in other states. You had better check your local law to know whether or not where you live is in this circumstance.

In case you need to transport a gun to another state in your car, remember to check with their local laws also. In sum, The majority of states require you to unload your firearm when carrying it in your vehicle.

In some places, you are compelled to disassemble and store the gun in the trunk, a safe area, or chest.

You need to show your permit,  you can carry your open, concealed, unloaded, or loaded gun in your car in other places such as Texas, Kansas, Arizona, and Alaska.

Columbia, New Jersey, New York, or California have strictest laws on gun carry.

Types of Car Holster

One of the car holster types

There are many different styles of holsters applied for particular circumstances, even some of them are designed for specific cars. Keep in mind this thing:

The vehicle particular holsters are limited in the placement.

Console Vault

The inside space of the console vault is large enough to store not only your gun but also other small items such as your wallet, watch and similar items.

Although it is attached to the pocket in your console without modifying, there are many different console vaults. You will find out a suitable one for sure.

Don’t forget to buy a lock as well.

Are you interested in a barrel key or combination lock?

Feel free to pick up one!

Steel Holster

Some police equipment companies supply this holster style. Unlike console vault, steel holster is pretty obvious. Thus, I don’t recommend this choice for those who want to hide their gun.

What this type of handgun holster can do is to mount through your car to store your handgun safely.

In particular, it comes with amazing mounting options which allow you to secure your weapon in other places such as under a desk or to a bed frame.

Seat Straps

The design of the seat strap is easily accessible because you will wrap it around the seat and your gun will be in front of you, no matter how its variations are.

To get out, you must move your leg over it. So, there is no worry that you may forget your gun in the car.

Magnetic Mount

Many people are skeptical that how a “refrigerator magnet” can hold a gun up.

Although it seems unbelievable, IT CAN DO IT, even holding the gun tightly.

It’s okay to mount a magnetic mount anywhere with some screws.

Though you can’t completely hide it as how a console vault can do, it is less obvious than steel holster and seat straps.

What’s Make A Great Car Holster?

Now, please take a look at a car holster! Which outstanding features can make a great and effective outcome:

Easy to Mount

Even a newbie can mount a good car holster easily. The different types of holster fit the different types of surface.

Consider your specific circumstance to purchase a proper product which takes less your time and effort for installation.

It’s essential to check its function as well. After installing, make sure that you can easily conceal your car holster.


You might not want to meet the following case:

A curious passersby, co-occupant, or burglar sees it and takes it away.

Quick Access

Anything can happen out of the blue, so quick access plays a vital role in protecting yourself. A good car holster must meet the two following features regarding access: a proper draw and easy accessibility which help you reach the quickest response time.

Secure (Doesn’t Fall Out)

A car holster which can keep your weapon in place is essential and vital.

If your gun drops out of the holster while off-roading, driving on bumpy roads, or over potholes, it may cause expected accidents or damage to your gun.


Not all firearm is designed with a safety locking mechanism, so the best car holster makes a significant contribution to keeping safe.

The holster holds your gun in place, but you can easily pull it out of the hiding place.

Start Your Safe Trip!

I am interested in RYMMES Gun Magnet for some reasons.

You can mount it anywhere with its flexibility. Gun magnets offer lots of unique ways to secure and conceal your firearm conveniently with instant access.

Have you found out the best holster for car? Can your choice of the best car holster satisfy your demands?

Don’t forget to let me know your ideas and experiences by leaving your comment below.