7 Tips You Must Know for a Successful Camping, Hiking Trip

It is summertime, which means it is the top of camping season for a lot of us. I use little tips and tricks when I am out camping and hiking. The things that I want to share with you guys, they are much like a compilation of 5 quick little tips and tricks that are helpful or useful for camping.

They could be for car camping, or family camping for the most part, although they are cross-applicable for backpacking, hiking or other outdoor pursuits.

1. Dry your clothes faster

When you are out camping, you may want to rig up some cloth line to dry your clothing on. And the tip that makes you easier involves some little bread bag clips. They are just excellent light weight small clothes’ pins.

So instead of just happen to hang your clothes over the lines, which apparently means you double them up on themselves and takes them longer to dry out that way, use the handy bread bag clips as clothes’ pins to make the job easier.

2. Make your cooler … cooler for longer

The next tip revolves around the cooler. There is always the case that when you are going for a trip that lasts from 5 to 7 days, you will get your cooler fully loaded with food. It never fails that a couple of days into the trip, everything will start to melt and end up with all that water in your cooler and soggy food.

So one way around that you should pre-freeze them at home 2 – 5 bottles of water depending on the volume of your cooler. In fact, they are going to stay frozen for a long time and the bonus is that when they finally melt, you are going to have a fresh and clean drinking water

3. No more taking a spill over the tent’s guy lines

Is it just me or we literally cannot count the amount of time we have stumbled over the tent’s guy lines?

Never fails that when you are doing something the camp at night, or you get up in the middle of the night, and that guy line is just waiting for you, it’s a trap every time. Now one method that can help you is using a good old-fashion tent foil.

What you will do is to take a small square of it and one end of it around the guy line and allow a part of it to just going to drape down.

What that does is undoubtedly catching a larger amount of reflective surface whether that is from your flashlight, your campfire or even the moon is a highly reflective surface and it will probably keep you from breaking your neck.


4. Set up the fire pit nicely

Another trick that I would like to share actually resolves around the campfire. As a matter of fact, this one is very simple.

When you are setting on the fire pit, you will like to put some flat, stable rocks, and what that allows the campers and hikers to do is when you are cooking directly over your fire or boiling up some coffee.

When they are done with heating up, you can just transfer to a nice stable flat surface, yet It’s still near the fire where can keep the content nice and hot.

5. Ease the pain with a paste

For the final tip, we are going to talk about how to deal with those of the most dreadful creatures that you are going to encounter when you are in the outdoors. No, we are not talking to grizzly bear here, the mountain lion, the rattlesnake, we are talking about the dreaded mosquito.

They may make you absolutely bonkers when you are out in nature, and I’m telling you there is really no way to avoid them.

One tip that I found for getting relief from the itch and sting associated with the mosquito bites is a good old toothpaste. You should use a paste rather than a gel to be effective.


You directly apply a small dab of the paste onto the affected area, onto the bit skin, and you will get instant relief from the pain and itch associated with the bite. Just a really helpful and useful method for dealing with those pesky mosquitoes.

6. Prepare for the worst

No matter what the weather says, you just need to prepare for the worst. Make sure you have prepared for rain, so you want to bring rain gear, you want to make sure you bring the tarp, and also, this is important, bring an extra tarp to put your tent on top of so that water does not seep through and making waking up soaking wet.

7. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

When you are planning your first trip, There is car camping, which means it is easy, you are just going to pull your car up into the campsite, and all your gear will be in the car, so there is not a lot of carrying around to do.

It also means that if you forgot something or want to run out and get some bacon or coffee, you can always hop in your car and go to the nearest store and buy it.

If you are primitive camping, then that means you are going to be hiking all of that stuff in on your back. So just don’t make it so that in your first trip you hate camping, make it so that you challenge yourself more and more as you go.

It takes a lot of tips and tricks to keep things running smoothly when you go camping or hiking. But as you go more and more, your accumulated experience will help you out.

What do you think about the tips and tricks offered above? Hopefully, you find them helpful and do not forget to apply them in your upcoming camping or hiking trips.

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